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Would You Pay $30,000 for Jewellery Designed by Nicole Trunfio?

Nicole Trunfio

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Right now we can think of at least a dozen things that $30,000 could go towards instead of a new piece of jewellery. A new car, the long overdue renovations needed on our houses, groceries for a whole year, or, well, anything really.

But this way of thinking has’t stopped renowned Australian model Nicole Trunfio, who has put her high status to good use by creating a 92-piece jewellery collection that pretty much no one can afford. However, she insists it’s worth so much more than what it’s retailed for.

Trunfio Universe

Launching her new jewellery label, Trunfio Universe, this week with prices starting at $550 and ending at $30, 221, Nicole told Sydney Confidential, “Our price points should be double than what they [are] … I have cut out wholesaling so we can have an online business so that people can access it.” 

The top model continued, “The quality is up there with Cartier and we are half the price of them. I want people to buy it so they can see the quality.” While there is no denying the range was created in the highest of quality by the artisans of the House Of Cerrone, we are wondering if there will even be a market for Nicole’s range.

Lust over it here.

[Via Sydney Confidential]