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This ‘100 Years of Beauty’ Video Is the Most Powerful Thing You’ll Watch Today

If you obsessively watch every video spanning 100 years of beauty, you’re not alone. It’s fascinating to see how beauty trends in Men’s Hair and Women’s Makeup change over time. And who could pass up the opportunity to witness that evolution in under 2 minutes? But according to costume blogger Karolina Żebrowska, the viral 100 years videos are missing a crucial element. They fail to capture the reality of what women endured in each historical era. “To be frank, it was supposed to be just another ‘Beauty Through The Decades’ video,” she said. “I saw lots of them already, but they all have seemed to show beauty standards in a very stereotypical and pop-culture way, so I wanted to do a more historically accurate one. As I was doing some research, I became more and more aware that beautiful faces and fashion we see on the photos, ads and fashion plates are just an idealistic version of reality. So here’s to reality.”

The reality isn’t as pretty as the picture-perfect 100 years of beauty videos we’re used to seeing but it is deeply powerful and moving. Check out Karolina Żebrowska’s compelling take on passing beauty trends above.

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