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Honest NYC Barbie Perfectly Captures Our #FirstWorldProblems


I have no words for what’s happening to me right now. #pleasesendhelp

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Devastated by the sudden loss of Socality Barbie? Meet your new obsession: Honest NYC Barbie. The new Instagram account, created by Andrea Romano of Mashable, finds a city-dwelling Barbie grappling with #firstworldproblems as only she can. Barbie faces an avalanche of sidewalk trash, trips down the subway stairs and gets unintentionally drunk at brunch with bottomless mimosas — all catastrophes New Yorkers must regularly contend with.


Bottomlesssss bruuuuunncchhhhhh.

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Like Socality Barbie, Honest NYC Barbie takes aim at the overwhelming need to portray a “perfect life” on Instagram. But instead of recreating ‘perfect’ Instagram photos in satirical fashion, Romano just shows us the downside to NYC living that no one ever talks about. She takes a classic symbol of idealism and disrupts it with real-world complications. And for that, we love her.


Ha! Not today, falling pile of trash! Not today!

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