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WATCH: Krav Maga Master Pia Mia On How To Punch Properly

Pia Mia shows us some Krav Maga

Aside from an enviable dinner-table voice and a swagger style to beat, 19-year-old Guam-native Pia Mia teaches Krav Maga, an Israeli form of self defence, so we got the “Touch” singer to teach us a little somethin’ somethin’ about the practice.

After chatting to theFashionSpot about koalas and her personal style, Pia showed us the proper way to create a fist shape before you punch during boxing for impeccable fitness or to defend yourself in dangerous situations.

She found it a little tricky to do with her lengthy nails getting in the way, but you can get the gist of it with her simple rules in the video below. While it’s probably the perfect opportunity to warn you away from messing with this crooner, she’s actually the sweetest thing ever, who we can safely assume wouldn’t hurt a fly.