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This ‘Desperate Man’ Needs a Date to Taylor Swift’s Sydney Concert

Taylor Swift tickets up for grabs

Photos: WENN, YouTube

So many of us want a ticket to Taylor Swift’s “1989” tour because of either her voice, dem daddy-long-legs or those guest acts, and now there is a special guy who really wants to grant that wish for you in a mutually beneficial deal. 

Sydney-based Norweigen Marcus Helge Larsen desperately needs someone to accompany him to the pop star’s sold-out Sydney concert this month, posting a video to YouTube in a bid to find the perfect date as “time is running out”.

After moving to Sydney from Norway two months ago, Marcus both heartbreakingly and adorably admits that he’s yet to find friends in his new hometown, someone who he could take to the concert. He received the two tickets from friends back in Norway. “The idea was that I could bring my new girl or my new best friend that I would meet in Australia. The problem is, I still haven’t met them,” he explains in the video.

He emphasises the loneliness by applying some kind of moisturiser on his back with a boomerang, because those are the problems us single folk face, and taking selfies with the local wildlife like peacocks and kangaroos, explaining that they are the only mates he’s found.

Watch the video for yourself which is tragically brilliant, and hit up Marcus for some Swifty bonding at We just might email him ourselves, actually…