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Diane Keaton Wears Own Clothes, Proves Boss Status in Vanity Fair ‘Hollywood Issue’

Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue 2016

Vanity Fair has just released its “Hollywood Issue” for 2016, and in a sea of poofy ball gowns and shimmering sequins there’s one woman who truly stands out: 70-year-old boss-lady Diane Keaton.

Posing alongside the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett and Helen Mirren, The First Wives Club star has sparked a social media frenzy thanks to her unique, sleuth, IDGAF style, wearing a top hat, polka-dot scarf and heavy coat, dominating the Annie Leibovitz shoot even though it kind of looks like a solid photobomb.

Vanity Fair has confirmed that Diane got away with wearing her own clothes, something almost unheard of for cover shots, with photographer Annie revealing that Diane already just looked that good when she rocked up for the prestigious shoot. 

Besides, this isn’t Diane’s first Vanity Fair rodeo. As style director Jessica Diehl so simply put it: “Sometimes, when you get somebody like that, who has taken so much time to hone her personal style, you’re almost an idiot to try and improve upon that in five and a half minutes.”

Diane Keaton on Vanity Fair

Word. This cover just wouldn’t be the same without Diane’s upstaging. 

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