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Study: Netflix Can Save Your Love Life


What is it about “tacos” that you don’t understand?

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We all knew “Netflix and Chill” was a phenomenon but now we have the data to prove it. Netflix conducted a recent study on the intersection between users’ viewing habits and their relationships. They surveyed 1,0008 Americans between 18 and 39 years of age, and the results were exactly what you’d expect.

Approximately 58% of people bond with their significant other over Netflix. Roughly 72% of respondents would rather have a Netflix and Chill session than go out on a casual date. About 50% of respondents view sharing a Netflix account as an indication that things are getting serious. And Netflix show preferences can actually make or break a relationship: 27% said show compatibility is important, 13% said they would ask someone out if solely based on the shows/movies they prefer, and 25% find people more attractive based on their favorite programs.

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Forget Tinder: Netflix is the way to find and keep your next partner. No judgment if you rush and buy a subscription before Valentine’s Day.

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