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This Trick for Office-Friendly Rainbow Hair Is About to Change Your Life


Fun …… Always @notanothersalon what’s going on today ! #colour #bright #allthecolours

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Technicolor tresses are all the rage, but as much as we value self-expression, so too do we value hair that complements our natural skin tone and doesn’t have the fine people of HR breathing down our necks. Full-on unicorn, watermelon, pastel and rose gold locks, while beautiful, just aren’t feasible for everyone. But now, thanks to our friends over at Cosmopolitan, we’ve caught on to a new trend that allows us, hair-wise, to have our polychromatic cake and eat it, too.

Carla Rinaldi, colorist extraordinaire at London’s Not Another Salon, has come up with a way for us all to have kaleidoscopic hair on the DL. Observe: (more…)

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Victoria Beckham ‘Does The Same Face Every Time,’ Posing on UK Vogue’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

Victoria Beckham is just one of those personalities who our forums don’t mind seeing splashed across the cover of Vogue — and she’s certainly got a few cover appearances under her belt by now. Making a return to the cover of British Vogue for the fourth time, Victoria looks undeniably fantastic in a statement Hugo Boss wool coat as she poses with her arms above her head — a VB signature. Photographed by Lachlan Bailey and with styling from Kate Phelan, Victoria also sports her highly-anticipated makeup collection, a collaboration with Estée Lauder. But our forum members can’t help but think they’ve seen this pose too many times before. 

UK Vogue October 2016 : Victoria Beckham by Lachlan Bailey


“The same face.. every time,” discredited niknak the moment the cover surfaced. 

The cover also seemed very familiar to VogueDisciple93: “Is this a reprint? I am sure I have seen this image before.” (more…)

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Hear Vivienne Westwood Make Her Rap Debut on a Song About Climate Change

vivienne westwood mic righteous 2016 source supplied landscape

Vivienne Westwood, Mic Righteous; Image: Courtesy

British fashion designer and businesswoman Vivienne Westwood has made her rap debut on a song about climate change, austerity and the mainstream media.

Teaming up with UK MC Mic Righteous, Westwood has contributed a spoken word piece called ‘Intellectuals Unite Climate Revolution’ to Mic Righteous’ song ‘Be There, in which she gives her assessment on the current state of migration, perpetual war and the world’s changing climate. The song also features a chorus from the singer Tone.

All royalties from Westwood’s ‘Intellectuals Unite Climate Revolution’ piece will go to the charity Refugee Council, and ‘Be There’ will feature on Mic Righteous’ album Dreamland, which is set for release on October 26.

Stream the track in full, below.

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Steven Meisel Delivers Four Different Covers for Vogue Italia’s Blockbuster September Issue (Forum Buzz)

Gone one month and back the next: that’s the unfortunate scenario we’ve come to recognize with Vogue Italia and Steven Meisel. Meisel brought his A-game with the title’s July cover story but then the magazine followed up with a disappointing August cover lensed by Steven Klein. Rejoice that this is the month of Meisel because we need a respite from September issue mediocrity. Pleasing us to no end, Meisel created four multi-covers, featuring Frederikke Sofie, Kiki Willems, Bella Hadid and Lulu respectively. Photographed in the studio for a moody, dark and industrial-inspired fashion spread, the cover girls are joined by a whole host of other faces — and it is most definitely a must-see.

Vogue Italia September 2016 by Steven Meisel


Vogue Italia September 2016 by Steven Meisel


Members of our forums were quick to descend on the thread. “Looks promising!! I love it when Meisel goes dark and industrial. Cannot say I’m keen on the collage effect, it’s simply not suitable for a cover,” Benn98 commented immediately.

“Classic Vogue Italia. I like it,” added MyNameIs. (more…)

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Watch: Hit Up a Hedonistic Outer Space Dance Party With Kate Moss (and Charlotte Tilbury)

Adidas used Kate Moss’ likeness to bring us back to the 90s, an era when everyone wore Gazelles, pay phones were still a thing and the only device breaking up the monotony of treadmill exercise was the Discman. Charlotte Tilbury, on the other hand, has teamed up with artist and director Antoine Wagner to bring Kate and ourselves way, way into the future, to a time when trips to “hedonistic” dance parties in outer space are quotidian and perfume bottles moonlight as flying saucers, but one thing remains the same: the Scent of a Dream muse is still the galaxy’s coolest model.

To promote the launch of her first fragrance, now available on and at select Nordstrom locations, Tilbury and Wagner created a dazzling 360-degree virtual reality film. Starting today, shoppers at those same brick-and-mortar Nordstroms can enter Tilbury’s perfumed, celestial world and dance alongside Kate Moss and her campaign co-star Nathan Mitchell with the help of Samsung Gear’s Oculus headsets. (more…)

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Is Tom Ford’s New Fragrance Campaign with Mica Arganaraz Steamy Enough? (Forum Buzz)

Tom Ford is certainly used to grabbing a few headlines with his racy fragrance campaigns, whether it’s Gigi Hadid going completely naked at the beginning of her now blossoming modeling career or the controversial ad released in 2014 featuring a nude Cara Delevingne, which ultimately got reviewed by the Advertising Standards Agency after numerous complaints. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that his brand new campaign for Black Orchid contains nudity (albeit not that much of it). This time around, it’s Mica Arganaraz’s turn to bare all for photographer Nick Knight, as she replaces Cara as the new face of the floral-spicy scent.

Tom Ford 'Black Orchid' Fragrance 2016 : Mica Arganaraz by Nick Knight


A handful of our forum members were expecting more. “This isn’t doing anything for me, AT ALL. It’s as dull as her Alexander McQueen campaign. It looks like a very cheap reproduction of Viktor & Rolf’s Antidote. Nearly two years down the line and I still don’t get the appeal of Mica Arganaraz,” slated Benn98.

Also not a fan of the casting was zacatecas570: “And again that HIDEOUS hairstyle. I’m done with Mica. Bye!” (more…)

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