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Jourdan Dunn Gives Us Major Donna Summer Vibes on ELLE Brazil’s October Cover (Forum Buzz)

ELLE Brazil doesn’t play when it comes to featuring supermodels on its covers. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley dominated the September edition, Karlie Kloss is a regular, and we still remember vividly Bella Hadid‘s knock-out of a cover back in January. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see Brazilian ELLE embrace Jourdan Dunn as its latest cover girl, who gives us major Donna Summer vibes on the October 2016 issue. Photographed by Mark Abrahams, the British beauty works an outfit from Louis Vuitton — and we just love it.

Elle Brazil October 2016 : Jourdan Dunn by Mark Abrahams


“Donna Summer realness!” exclaimed a delighted SpeakThatDDunn, kindly posting the cover for us to fuss over.

“So true. Love it,” replied a more than satisfied rubydon. (more…)

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Here’s a Serious Silver Lining: Acne Sufferers Appear to Age More Slowly

According to new research, people who suffer from acne tend to have longer telomeres and are therefore genetically #blessed with more age-resistant skin.

Image: Getty

Your zits deserve an apology for all those times you cursed their existence. According to new research published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, people who suffer from acne are actually genetically #blessed. Apparently, those annoying, persistent blemishes indicate that you probably have long telomeres in your white blood cells.

What, you ask, is a telomere? Telomeres are a protective component of DNA strands. The length of a cell’s telomeres can determine its lifespan. As we grow older, our telomeres deteriorate, shorten and become less effective at safeguarding our cells against aging. Thus, the longer your telomeres, the slower your overall aging process. (Research also suggests that long telomeres may help protect against cancer, so that’s something.)

In the study, scientists at King’s College examined the length of white blood cell telomeres in 1,205 twins, a quarter of whom had struggled with acne. They discovered that those who’d been plagued by zits in the past were more likely to house genes with longer telomeres. So, while high school may not have been so kind to them, 20 or 30 years down the road, they’ll get their comeuppance in the form of fewer wrinkles and younger-looking skin. (more…)

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Vogue Brazil’s Latest Cover Is a ‘Waste of Supermodels’ Isabeli Fontana and Alessandra Ambrosio (Forum Buzz)

Two Brazilian bombshells on the cover of a Brazilian fashion title sounds like a match made in heaven, but Isabeli Fontana and Alessandra Ambrosio prove it to be a recipe for disaster on Vogue Brazil’s newly-unveiled October 2016 issue. The duo pose up a storm, full of smiles and laughter as they play around before the lens of photographer Mariano Vivanco. The cover, unfortunately, failed to excite our forum members, especially after a set of breathtaking covers featuring Caroline Trentini last month.

Vogue Brazil October 2016 : Isabeli Fontana & Alessandra Ambrosio by Mariano Vivanco


Members of our forums weren’t afraid to voice their disappointment. “I guess last month was just a fluke, back to the corny mess it is,” disapproved Marc10, the moment the cover dropped.

“There are two of them? Looks to me like it’s a double take of Alessandra. Anyway, this is not a cover image at all, it looks edited in haste. And I loathe what they’re wearing,” slated an unforgiving Benn98. (more…)

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Karlie Kloss Gives Us Three Gorgeous Covers for Vogue Mexico’s October Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Mexico has featured relevant models by the names of Taylor Hill and Andreea Diaconu on recent covers, and now the mag adds heavyweight Karlie Kloss to the prestigious list. Returning to the title for a second cover appearance, Karlie looks cozy in an oversized gray sweater as she poses on the studio floor for photographer Chris Colls. Thankfully, the current face of Versace is actually recognizable this time (yes, we’re looking at you W Korea).

Vogue Mexico & Latin America October 2016 : Karlie Kloss by Chris Colls


Two alternative cover shots (below) accompany the main image, but was the right one chosen for the spotlight? Our forum members think not. “The black and white cover is the strongest, it should’ve been the main one. It looks like something Peter Lindbergh would shoot. There’s so much power in her eyes, so beautiful,” KateTheGreatest championed.

“The B&W cover is BEAUTIFUL, one of her best portraits in my opinion. Why not just make that one the only cover? The other two are kinda blah,” added marsnoop2. (more…)

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#ShareTheLove: Liv Tyler, Poppy Delevingne and More Are Puckering Up for a Great Cause

Much like her sisters Cara and Chloe, who are on the front lines of the fight against gynecological cancers, Poppy Delevingne has hopped on the social awareness train. Six days ago, the Solid & Striped collaborator posted a photo of herself smooching fellow British model Erin O’Connor — not because she’s unhappy in her marriage, but in the name of the #ShareTheLove campaign.

Organized by international non-profit organization DKMS, #ShareTheLove seeks to fight and raise awareness for blood cancer. Much like the ALS ice bucket challenge, the social media-housed endeavor relies on people posting an attention-grabbing photo of themselves, captioning said snap with the designated hashtag (in this case, #ShareTheLove) and nominating a friend or two to keep the charitable chain going by locking lips and/or donating. (more…)

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Kendall Jenner to Haters Everywhere: #BeCoolBeNice

As a member of one of the most closely followed — we’re talking social media spectators, commissioned camera crews as well as pestering paparazzi — families in the history of everything, Kendall Jenner is no stranger to scrutiny and, in turn, criticism. Fortunately, the Vogue cover conqueror has become a pro at brushing it all off. (Case in point: When her ballet-inspired video for Vogue España provoked the ire of the dance community, the 20-year-old supermodel simply disabled the comment function on all targeted Instagram posts. Boom. Problem solved.)

Now, in conjunction with her latest cover, this one for biannual indie magazine Garage, the thick-skinned reality star has partnered up with Be Cool Be Nice, a new campaign promoting kindness and respect online. (Side note: Where does she find the time?) (more…)

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