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Olivier Rousteing’s New Nike Collab Is Most Definitely #Goals

Rihanna’s latest Puma Creeper colorways are out any day, Raf Simons and Adidas just wowed us with the perfect metallic Stan Smiths for summer and, while Nike’s newly-dropped Air Presto Ultra Flyknits are the stuff of our athlesiure dreams, it seemed as though the sportswear giant was falling a tad behind on its celebrity collaboration slash fashion sneaker game.

That is, until Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing took to Instagram yesterday to tease his upcoming NikeLab collection, out June 2. The social media-savvy fashion wunderkind and Kardashian favorite follows in the footsteps of Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, who’s ideated several lines for the Swoosh. Tisci’s most recent collection, NikeLab x RT: Training Redefined, is a masterful two-part release featuring pieces in the Italian designer’s signature black and white color combo, along with stunning floral and kaleidoscope prints — but we can’t get our hands on it until July. (more…)

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Listen Up Brands: Aerie’s Sales Have Been Thriving Since It Ditched Photoshop


This is a healthy body too.

A photo posted by barbie ferreira not nox (@barbienox) on

While pollsters scramble to figure out what exactly it is that gets us millennials to shell out our cash, Aerie’s got us consumers all figured out. The solution, in fact, is quite simple: When it comes to bodies, don’t lie to us — show us the non-digitally altered truth. Show us a spectrum of healthy sizes, so we really believe you’ve got our best interests at heart.

While many fashion brands are merely surviving, Aerie, American Eagle’s lingerie sub-brand, is thriving. Two years ago, it nixed the use of airbrushing in its ad campaigns, a self-love movement that would come to be known as #AerieReal. Since then, the brand’s sales have soared steadily. Numbers don’t lie: The brand is now reporting a whopping 32 percent increase in sales in the first fiscal quarter of 2016.

To put this figure in perspective, during the first fiscal quarter of 2015, the brand saw 12 percent sales growth. By the end of the year, overall sales had increased by 20 percent. In short, 2016 is shaping up to be a stellar year for the swimsuit and lingerie peddler. (more…)

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Iselin Steiro Looks Like a True Supermodel on Vogue Paris’ Stunning Summer Cover (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Paris has been favoring a younger generation of cover stars lately (much to our dismay) with the odd social media personality thrown in for good measure. But it’s our pleasure to see an actual top model on the cover once again. As the magazine unveils its latest offering to see us through June and July, our forums welcome the sight of Iselin Steiro (who has a strong relationship with the magazine and was long overdue a cover). Shot by Mikael Jansson with styling from Anastasia Barbieri, the team took things to the South of France so Iselin could soak up some rays in an all-black outfit looking like the true supermodel she is.

Vogue Paris June/July 2016 : Iselin Steiro by Mikael Jansson


Members of our forums loved it. “What a striking image! I don’t even mind that there’s no eye contact between the cover girl and the reader because everything else is in place. I love the colours and minimal use of text,” immediately approved Srdjan

“This feels like a breath of fresh air to be honest. The past two covers felt like it didn’t happen. Completely forgettable. This, however, is stunning!” said MON. (more…)

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See This 17-Year-Old’s Insane Transformations Into Iconic Hollywood Characters

Annelies Maria Francine shares a lot with Audrey Hepburn — Belgian heritage, a passion for mid-20th century fashion, killer bone structure, a vivid imagination and, if her 38.6k Instagram followers (at time of publication) are any indication, a promising career already budding in her teens.


Bonus picture of me wearing it! #romanholiday #audreyhepburnlookalike #audreyhepburn #Friends_of_Faces_and_Style

A photo posted by Annelies van Overbeek (@bewitchedquills) on

The 17-year-old student, currently studying history at the University of Leuven, has big dreams of making it in the world of fashion and modeling, and a work ethic to match. Her first order of business? Creating an Instagram account in which she deftly transforms herself into the notable faces of Hollywood’s Golden Age and beyond — including, of course, the Roman Holiday starlet. (more…)

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Cara Delevingne Works Saint Laurent’s Heart-Shaped Fur on the Cover of W Magazine (Forum Buzz)

Cara Delevingne’s last notable appearance on a major fashion magazine cover was for Vogue back in July 2015, so we guess a cover in 2016 was to be expected. After a brief hiatus from the world of modeling in order to focus on her acting skills (and a couple advertising campaigns in between), Cara is on the cover of W magazine’s June/July 2016 issue to coincide with the release of Suicide Squad, her latest film role. Returning to the cover for a third time, Cara was shot by Mario Sorrenti and stepped up to the challenge of making Hedi Slimane’s heart-shaped Saint Laurent fur look somewhat wearable.

W Magazine June/July 2016 : Cara Delevingne by Mario Sorrenti


The cover left our forum members divided in their opinions. “I rolled my eyes really hard when I read the title but the cover surprised me in a positive way. It’s a fantastic use of the Saint Laurent heart-shaped fur, I couldn’t have imagined it would look this appealing,” commented dodencebt.

“What a strong cover, I feel that these days W is horrible, but this cover is fantastic!” Miss Dalloway complimented shortly after. (more…)

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Are People Reading Too Much Into These ‘Whitewashed’ Snapchat Filters?

Snapchat is under fire for filters that whitewash users.

Image: @erisolsies/Twitter

In today’s edition of news we can hardly believe is news: politically incorrect Snapchat filters. You would think that, following an April 20 debacle involving a face-altering algorithm designed to make users look more like Bob Marley (skin tone included, sigh) the social media platform would’ve learned its lesson. However, the app has once again come under fire for racially (and otherwise) insensitive feature-warping.

When Snapchat users select the app’s “beautifying” and “Coachella” filters, a disturbing sight meets their gaze. Pounds disappear from faces. Eyes shift into doe-like shapes. Cheekbones become more chiseled, noses more narrow. Bumps and blemishes are Photoshopped away — as is skin pigmentation. It’s implied that you are now a more stereotypically socially desirable version of your former self, despite the fact that your natural beauty has been whitewashed away. (more…)

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