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Why Did UK InStyle Choose Such an Unflattering Shot of Chloë Grace Moretz for the June Cover? (Forum Buzz)

Chloë Grace Moretz is one of a handful of actresses that just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to shooting a decent magazine cover (we’re looking at you Emilia Clarke). First American Marie Claire styled her into oblivion back in February and now British InStyle fails to capture her in the best light. Chloë goes casual on the cover for June 2016, wearing an embellished denim jacket over a simple white tee with her hair untouched as she smiles for photographer Tung Walsh.

UK InStyle June 2016 : Chloë Grace Moretz by Tung Walsh


Forum members weren’t afraid to call out InStyle on this horror of a cover. “That shot does not do her any justice at all! She’s a gorgeous woman, and this…” questioned a less than impressed MON, ranting the moment the cover came to light.

“Ouch. What a bad shot of her!” complained an appalled honeycombchild. (more…)

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Watch: When It Comes to Sunscreen, This Video Will Scare You Straight

Two related studies conducted in 2014 showed that, when it comes to sunscreen use, people are motivated more out of fear of cancer — and losing their looks — than they are by statistics. In light of this finding, we’d like to present Exhibit A: portrait photographer Thomas Leveritt’s 2014 video How the Sun Sees You. Prepare to feel immensely guilty about every instance in which you’ve forgotten to wear sunscreen. Since the day you were born. As Starcadian’s remix of Freedom Fry’s “Summer in the City” mocks you, proclaiming in ethereal vocals, “What you see is what you get.”

The project documents men, women and children of all ages as seen through an ultraviolet lens, which detects the sun’s UV rays as they reflect off of skin. In so doing, the camera reveals freckles, age spots and other blemishes (not necessarily caused by sun exposure) not visible to the naked eye. Participants (especially those who obviously eschewed sunblock) received a humbling preview of possible coming attractions. Kids appeared just the same under the unforgiving light. (more…)

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Marion Cotillard Returns for Her Sixteenth Christian Dior Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Marion Cotillard has practically traveled the earth for Christian Dior since becoming affiliated with the brand back in 2008. She’s gone to the top of the Eiffel Tower, taken in the dramatic skylines of Shanghai, London and New York, and now the actress returns to Paris for the Spring 2016 campaign. Along with photographer Peter Lindbergh, the French actress takes a stroll along the Seine to showcase the latest ‘Lady Dior’ handbag collection, all while making us want to take a trip to the French capital.

Christian Dior 'Lady Dior' Hanbags S/S 2016 : Marion Cotillard by Peter Lindbergh


The campaign failed to resonate with the majority of our forum members, however. “I like the first shot (above) a lot, but overall it looks more autumn than summer to me. The bag in the second shot (below), is that a multi-colored plait on the sling? How odd! It’s so out of place there,” said Benn98 the moment the adverts came to light.

“Yes, it’s totally not summer. The camel colors in the first pic are great, it’s a pity they used a bag with a ugly strap in the second pic. If they had used a more elegant bag there it would have been much better,” pointed out Nymphaea. (more…)

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Old Navy’s Interracial Ad Broke the Internet


A photo posted by Grace Mahary (@gracemahary) on

Remember three years ago, when a Cheerios commercial featuring an interracial family attracted so many ignorant remarks on the brand’s YouTube page that General Mills opted to disable the spot’s comments section? (Even though, overall, reaction to the ad was highly positive.) Well, the Internet trolls have reemerged from their xenophobic caves to once again attack an awesomely inclusive ad.

To promote its #ThankYouEvent, Old Navy tweeted out a photo Sunday afternoon of a gorgeous interracial family (helmed by basketball-wielding badass model Grace Mahary) sharing a moment in their affordable fashions. Cries of miscegenation — a term coined during the American Civil War in a pamphlet entitled: Miscegenation: The Theory of the Blending of the Races, Applied to the American White Man and Negro, we should mention — lit up the Twittersphere, while champions of the ad rose up to shut down the haters. Unsuprisingly, #OldNavy started trending. (more…)

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Kate Middleton Crowned UK Vogue’s 100th Anniversary Cover Star! (Forum Buzz)

Our forums have been waiting for British Vogue‘s momentous 100th anniversary edition to drop for what feels like an eternity, with names like Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen being thrown around as possible cover stars. In a surprising move, Kate Middleton takes to the front cover for the very first time, following in the footsteps of Princess Diana who covered the magazine on numerous occasions. In her first official shoot for the magazine, the Duchess looks poised and relaxed wearing comfortable attire in the English countryside, flashing a warm and inviting smile before the lens of Josh Olins.

UK Vogue June 2016 : The Duchess of Cambridge by Josh Olins


The cover was sure to generate a huge amount of buzz and that’s just what it did. “Honestly this is such a refreshing choice and such a big deal for Vogue U.K. that I can’t complain about anything. They did the 100th anniversary right, I really can’t imagine a better person for it,” applauded dodencebt.

“I’m so thrilled about this, I’m speechless!! Yahoo!!” exclaimed an elated Handbag Queen. (more…)

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One-Minute Workouts May Be All You Need, Says Science


Beyoncé said don’t hurt yourself – gonna second that #StretchItOut #HBFIT #tgif

A photo posted by Hannah Bronfman (@hannahbronfman) on

If you prefer lying on a beach to sweating through Kayla Itsines’ bikini workout — or can’t imagine having the time to do either — this one’s for you. A recent 12-week study by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario suggests that in 60 seconds’ time you can reap the same cardiovascular and insulin sensitivity benefits as you would after 45 minutes of moderate exertion — the key is to grind like hell for that one minute. Call it the go-hard-then-go-home method, patent pending.

Experts have touted the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for nearly half a century. HIIT consists of a short but extremely draining burst of exercise — essentially to the point of muscle failure — followed by a light exercise or rest period, followed by another grueling if brief phase, and so on and so forth until you’re either the Rock or vomiting on AstroTurf.

Various studies have expounded the benefits of interval training over extended workouts, with the suggested time of intervals growing ever shorter. In a world where, essentially, no one feels they have enough hours to devote to the gym, HIIT methods have taken off. While the one-minute interval seems almost too good to be true, the scientists at McMaster University, veterans to the study of interval training, were sure to cover all (well, most) of their variable bases. (more…)

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