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WATCH: Cara Delevingne Flexes Her Acting Chops in ‘The Face of an Angel’ Trailer

Cara Delevingne‘s acting career continues to go swimmingly. The model will appear in the Pan movie this summer, has already been cast in 2016’s Suicide Squad and has a bevy of other credits under her belt. Now, we get a look at the burgeoning actress in a trailer for her latest film, The Face of an Angel.

The movie focuses on the documentary filmmaker and reporter covering the Amanda Knox trial, looking to make a buck from the high-profile case. Delevingne is set to star alongside Kate Beckinsale and Daniel Brühl, as Melanie, a student tour guide. The movie is slated to hit theaters June 30, though it appears the U.K. release will be much sooner, coming March 27.

From what we can see, Delevingne seems to serve up quite a satisfactory performance but of course, we’re going to have to see the whole movie to get the full effect of her acting skills.

Watch Delevingne do her thang in the trailer above.

[h/t The Cut]

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Kidult Tags a Parisian A.P.C. Store with the N-Word

Kidult has struck again. The fashion-conscious graffiti artist has targeted what appears to be A.P.C.‘s 112 Rue Vieille du Temple shop as ground zero for his latest tag and it’s bound to cause quite a stir. In bright pink spray paint, the entire storefront is covered in the word “niggas.”

This latest tag is obviously in reference to A.P.C. Creative Director Jean Touitou’s comments during his menswear presentation in January, where he dubbed a few looks he created in collaboration with Timberland “Last Niggas in Paris,” citing the shoes as a “ghetto signifier” and the reason behind the unfortunate nomenclature. Touitou said the n-word several times during the presentation and Timberland subsequently ended its partnership with the label due to his comments. Touitou has since apologized for the incident.

On the side of the A.P.C. store, Kidult adds a footnote of sorts, offering a definition of the word: “Latin adj. ‘niger'; Contemptuous, offensive, and racist term for a black person.”

Kidult tweeted images of this latest work this morning, captioning this piece “‘White privilege’ X APC Modern Slavery.” It is certainly quite a statement and jarring to see the word sprayed across the storefront for everyone to see. But we expect that’s the point of the tag.

We reached out to A.P.C. and will update once the company responds to our request for comment.

[via @therealkidult]

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Sam Frost Turns Down The Bachelorette Australia Role

Ready to roll • #kookaiAW15 Dress by @manningcartell

A photo posted by Sam Frost (@fro01) on

Sam Frost has turned down an opportunity to be The Bachelorette for 2015, as she “couldn’t think of anything worse” than going back to a show which so publicly humiliated her the first time around.

Sam, who was proposed to on national television only to be dumped by the time the finale aired, told The Daily Telegraph, “I have (been asked) and I turned it down.” She continued, “The Bachelor was 2014 and I just want to move forward. I couldn’t think of anything worse than being The Bachelorette to be honest.” (more…)

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Courtney Act Teams Up With General Pants Co. for Mardi Gras

Courtney Act

Photo: WENN

With the Mardi Gras parade hitting Sydney this weekend, it’s safe to say Sydneysiders are well and truly in the spirit. The rainbow pedestrian crossing mightn’t be there this year, but there’s so many other ways the city is showing their support for the LGBT community and the celebration of equality.

Take General Pants Co., for example, which has enlisted Shane Jenek and his drag alter-ego, Courtney Act, to appear in its MidCity and Oxford Street store windows for one week from today, March 6. This is the first time General Pants Co. has changed their displays to support the Mardi Gras, pushing the statement, “We’re proud of our genes too”. (more…)

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Jesinta Campbell Is Setting Everyone Straight on Her Bali Nine Execution Views

Jesinta Campbell in Dion Lee dress

Photo: Getty

Television presenter and model Jesinta Campbell spoke up about the Indonesian Bali nine execution on the Today Show yesterday morning, and divided the audience with what she had to say. Keyboard warriors were quick to get in a tizzy over her comments, but the pageant queen’s not shy of biting back and setting the record straight.

“It breaks your heart because you can’t help but feel about their families and they are two human beings at the end of the day,” the former Miss Universe contestant said on the Today Show panel.

“But like a lot of Australians believe as well, unfortunately Indonesia has these rules and if you break them these are the consequences,” she continued. “It’s so sad. I do not agree in the death penalty but that’s their law.” (more…)

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Vogue Netherlands Delivers Another Multi-Girl Cover (Forum Buzz)

It has become apparent that magazines have gotten themselves into a habit of either producing multiple covers or giving us multi-girl covers. For April, Vogue Netherlands delivers a trio of fresh-faced beauties: Ine Neefs, Julia Bergshoeff and Maartje Verhoef. Photographed by Alique, the models huddle together wearing a mixture of Louis Vuitton, Dior and Prada.

The cover has certainly captured the attention of our forum members. “They all look great, it’s a lovely cover that will come alive in print. Excited to see Maartje get it,” enthused Miss Dalloway.

GivenchyHomme was quick to express his excitement: “This is fabulous. I love all three of them!”

Also showing support for Dutch Vogue was MyFavorite: “Awesome cover. I like how the styling matches the font colors, and all three girls look beautiful, soft… lovely.”

“Easily their best, most appealing, and most inviting cover to date. THIS is how simplicity is and should be done. Surprisingly, this is also the best multi-girl cover I’ve seen so far! This even beats out that Vogue Japan cover,” added MON in agreement.

“They all look lovely and I like the styling, I just wish that the layout wasn’t so amateur. I don’t like how the colors blend with the background making the words hard to read, specially their names,” shared kokobombon, shifting the mood of the thread slightly.

HeatherAnne certainly wasn’t a fan of the cover and exclaimed, “Terrible, as usual. A generically posed, over Photoshopped, too closeup picture that is dull as dirt.”

Are you a fan? Share your opinion with us and await the content of Vogue Netherlands’ model issue here.

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