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We Compared Forbes’ 2016 Highest-Paid Actors and Actresses Lists: Prepare to Feel Your Blood Pressure Spike

The fine people at Forbes have made their calculations (we like to imagine them shifting around abacus beads with lightning speed) and the results are in: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has topped 2016’s highest-paid actor list. The erstwhile wrestler made a small fortune ($64 million) this past year thanks to his roles in the Fast and Furious and San Andreas.

Coming in second was Jackie Chan, who amassed $61 million, owing in part to his producer and investor roles in Chinese films like the upcoming action-thriller Bleeding Steel. Matt Damon’s $55 million earned him the bronze, while Robert Downey Jr., who’s held the number one spot for the past three years, fell to ninth place with a paltry $33 million earned. The Iron Man’s salary was dwarfed by that of Tom Cruise ($53 million), Johnny Depp ($48 million), Ben Affleck ($43 million), Vin Diesel ($35 million) and Shah Rukh Khan (slightly above $33 million). Khan’s fellow Bollywood superstar, Akshay Kumar, rounded out the top ten list, having raked in $31.5 million. (more…)

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Caroline Trentini Breastfeeds Her Newborn Baby on Vogue Brazil’s September Cover (Forum Buzz)

The September issues have proved anything but ordinary. From Kendall Jenner sweeping up the cover of American Vogue to Irina Shayk going blonde and stealing the spotlight on Vogue Russia. Now, in an even more dramatic turn of events, Vogue Brazil decides to follow in the footsteps of ELLE Australia by giving us a breastfeeding Caroline Trentini. Photographed by Zee Nunes, the Brazilian beauty poses on two different covers for September 2016. One presents Caroline showcasing her baby bump at seven months pregnant, while the second shows her months later cradling newborn baby Benoah.

Vogue Brazil September 2016 : Caroline Trentini by Zee Nunes


Best September covers this year, anyone? “This is truly breathtaking! Caroline looks so beautiful in this soft light and gorgeous location. I also love how her child’s red hair picks up the colours of the oranges in the background. Stunning work!” hailed an overjoyed Nepenthes the moment the covers broke.

“Absolutely beautiful!” described an elated VogueDisciple93. (more…)

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Britney Spears Didn’t Sing Much on This Week’s Carpool Karaoke and It Was Still Glorious

In true Britney Spears form, the pop icon seemed to lip sync her way through much of last night’s Carpool Karaoke session — and don’t anyone give her flack for it. Britney comes from a time when plaid mini skirts were everything, our young, idealistic souls believed marriage rarely turned out Toxic and the words “Oops!…I Did It Again!” could be applied to any repeated action.

Sixteen years later, we live in a world where skirts are noticeably more toned down, Britney’s stopped believing in the idea of marriage but is ready, willing and able to raise five kids with the right guy and “Oops!…I Did It Again!” has no meaning at all (“I think it’s just a song” she tells Late Late Show host James Corden). Though much has changed, Britney Spears will forever lip sync occasionally. It’s the only figment of stability we have left.

Happy Britney Spears Day! We’re Celebrating with 17 of Her Best Denim Looks ]

The beauty of Brit is that she doesn’t really need to stun her audience vocally in order to captivate us. Her timeless lyrics (“Womanizer, woman-womanizer/You’re a womanizer/Oh, womanizer, oh”), clever use of props (snakes, water bottles and red markers alike) and mesmerizing dance moves more than get the job done. Where song fails, personality triumphs.

Watch the full clip above for some late-nineties-to-early-aughts throwbacks, lightning fast outfit changes, discussion of the newest trends in S&M (naturally) and some very talented backup singing by one Miss Spears, whose knack for performance you can again appreciate during this Sunday’s VMAs.

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Selena Gomez’s Vogue Australia Cover for September Disappoints Across the Board (Forum Buzz)

We half-expected to see Lily Donaldson on the cover of Vogue Australia this month after the magazine had been teasing us nonstop with behind-the-scenes tidbits via Instagram. But Aussie Vogue has completely blindsided us with its September cover girl. Making her second Vogue cover appearance in 2016, Selena Gomez was photographed by Emma Summerton and the one-time face of Louis Vuitton wears the brand in the shot. But our forum members can’t help but feel Vogue Australia has sold its soul to the devil with this cover.

Vogue Australia September 2016 : Selena Gomez by Emma Summerton


Forum members aren’t a happy bunch. “Wasn’t there talk that it’s probably Lily Donaldson by Sebastian Faena for the cover? I’d have preferred her over Selena,” sobbed a disappointed KateTheGreatest.

“Selena Gomez on a cover. Yawn. She’s wearing LV. Yawn. Why we follow her? I don’t. I really can’t stand her. She’s so fake. I really wish Lily was on the cover,” echoed RanThe. (more…)

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Amy Schumer Said the Met Gala Felt Like a Punishment (Even Though She Got to Meet Beyoncé)


Met balls

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

Amy Schumer and the fashion industry just don’t mix. She couldn’t stand it when one of its major glossies labeled her plus-size, she abhors how retailers treat curvy shoppers, her Freaky Friday swap with Anna Wintour proved near-fatal (walking in stilettos near sharp-cornered furniture is an accident just waiting to happen) and she has no time for the pomp and circumstance of the Met Gala.

Much like Gwyneth Paltrow and Tina Fey before her, who’ve called the exclusive red carpet event “so un-fun” and “a jerk parade,” respectively, Schumer dissed and dismissed the Gala in a recent interview with Howard Stern. “I guess I should be grateful I was invited or something, but yeah, it felt like a punishment. It’s not me and I don’t like it,” she willingly admitted. “We’re dressed up like a bunch of fuckin’ assholes.” (We wonder how Alexander Wang, who dressed Amy for the Gala, took that observation.)

See Every Look From the 2016 Met Gala Red Carpet ]

“It’s people doing an impression of having a conversation. I don’t like the farce,” she elaborated, adding, “I left not the second I could; I left earlier than I should’ve been allowed.” (more…)

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Irina Shayk Goes Blonde for Vogue Russia’s Gorgeous September Cover (Forum Buzz)

Our forums sure do have a love/hate relationship with Irina Shayk. The Russian bombshell has had a breakout year so far, landing Givenchy advertising campaigns and fronting covers for the likes of Vogue Germany and Vogue Japan. Irina now takes to the cover of her native Vogue Russia as the title bestows upon her the honor of gracing the September edition. Captured by photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, Irina does what she does best and vamps it up on the cover as a sultry blonde.

Vogue Russia September 2016 : Irina Shayk by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott


The cover left our forum members pleasantly surprised. “This is actually a gorgeous cover! The windblown effect works. Her expression, albeit sleepy, works. And I love how she seems to be embracing herself – the vulnerability factor I always love,” MON praised immediately.

“Wow, it’s actually really impressive,” confessed Katya in amazement. (more…)

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