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Get the Animal Print Trend on the British High Street

This spring, fashion is channeling its animal instinct with leopard, zebra and snake prints, which featured prominently on many catwalks like Stella McCartney. If you’re loving this Spring 2013 trend as much as we are, you’ll love our pick of the high street’s spring animal print pieces.


The weather’s improving, so you need to start investing in some dresses — and why not do it whilst staying on trend? Above, from left to right: ASOS is currently stocking an amazing blue and green mix snakeskin print dress by the Australian label Bambam for just £38. If you’re more of a classic leopard print kind of girl, play it safe in New Look’s brown leopard print dress for £40. Or, try on Boohoo’s Bella zebra print dress for size. It’s a steal at only £18, and this tropical animal print is the perfect way to bring a classic and flattering tea dress up to date for this season.

If you want to test out this trend in a more subtle way, do the obvious and opt for some animal print accessories. Accessorize (above, from left to right) currently has a gorgeous snake frame bag for £32, or if shoes are your poison, Topshop has a fab pair of summery wedges in on-trend leopard print, £60. For those of you who are partial to a good snood, head over to River Island, as they currently have a cool zebra print version for £16. There’s so much animal inspiration all over the high street that you’ll literally be spoilt for choice!

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Dogue: Vogue Is Going to the Dogs, In the Good Way

Image via LittleMonsters/KevinHarte

Unfortunately, Dogue is not a real thing, as in a magazine you can have and hold, but it has been bouncing around the Internet for the past couple days. Unconfirmed, but I believe the original creator  of what will surely be a harbinger of many new fashion dog memes (thinking it's time to retire the cat thing, right?) is Lucy Snowe

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The ‘True Blood’ Season 6 Trailer: Alcide Still Shirtless

The other day I was in the grocery store feeling slightly dejected about life: "It's cold outside," I thought. "And even when it gets warmer, it'll be cold again like this next winter. And again the following year. And on and on like that in perpetuity, the only respite being eventual death." But suddenly I thought, "Oh! True Blood must be coming back soon!" and near-instantly my spirits lifted (it helps that I ferreted a ripe avocado out of the mostly unripe avocado pile). 

True Blood season 6 premieres on Sunday, June 16. "It's the beginning of the end," someone says about vampire war, probably, in the trailer below — but really they're talking about life. 

[via HBO]

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Courtney Love Tops Her Saint Laurent Campaign With a Commercial for NJOY Electronic Cigarettes

I just posted about Courtney Love's new ads for Saint Laurent, but there's no such thing as "too much Courtney Love" (unless, she's over at your house and refuses to leave) and I can't resist this fantastic new commercial she did for NJOY electronic cigarettes [via Fashionista]. 


Related: Courtney Love for Saint Laurent: "OMG What Did I Miss? Is It 1993 Again?"

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Courtney Love for Saint Laurent: “OMG What Did I Miss? Is It 1993 Again?”

Images via Dazed Digital

Late last week, we considered an ad image of Marilyn Manson for Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent Mens. It gets worse (or better, depending on your perspective, I guess): the Manson ad is part of a larger campaign called "Music Project" which also features Courtney Love (above), Ariel Pink and Kim Gordon. In the Forum thread dedicated to the campaign, Vitamine W was the first community member to react the images: "OMG what did I miss? Is it 1993 again?"

The campaign was announced by Dazed Digital, which offered only the most tenuous connection between Yves Saint Laurent's storied past and Slimane's "Music Project": In 1971, Saint Laurent did the clothes for Mick and Bianca Jagger's wedding. Thus, the new creative director is not, as it might appear, simply indulging his own tastes for black-and-white photographs of aging rockers, but furthering the brand's cultural legacy and its strong ties to the music community. 

Frankly, I like Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love — like, a lot — but Slimane's got to have a screw loose if he thinks this is actually an appropriate campaign for YSL ugh, Saint Laurent. Are we really supposed to look at pictures of Love crawling on the floor, dressed in glam-grunge, and think, "Wow, that is the work of a visionary!" Okay: visionary of a horse that's already been beaten to death. It isn't even funny

[Dazed Digital via TFS Forums]

PreviouslyThe New Face of Saint Laurent Mens? Marilyn Manson

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Link Buzz: Crazy Hats at Russian Fashion Week; Lindsay Lohan Is Late to Stuff

  • Russian Fashion Week has a lot of hats, taste issues. It's like my own personal bad acid flashback. [Fashionologie]
  • Emmy Rossum wears metallic heels, a fitted blue Temperley London frock. I like her because she's of the type that should have bangs, but she doesn't actually. [FabSugar]
  • Reese Witherspoon is a brunette now. I've been a brunette forreeeveer, it's a good scene. [BellaSugar]
  • Rachel Bilson is on the cover of Cosmopolitan, promoting her continued existence. [DailyStab]
  • Lindsay Lohan kept Entertainment Tonight waiting for seven hours and then refused an interview because she can do what she wants, get over it. [AmyGrindhouse]
  • Red blush! I love it. [SheFinds]

Image via Getty

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