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L’Officiel Thailand Releases Extremely Tasteless May Cover (Forum Buzz)

Are the people behind L’Officiel Thailand actually ignorant about the scandal the Native American headdress at the Chanel Paris-Dallas show spawned? We can't imagine what prompted them to recreate the look for the May 2014 cover, starring Thai model/actress/singer Araya A. Hargate, who's also a L'Oreal spokesmodel. “Paris Dallas Now in Bangkok” reads the tag on the cover, which was posted on the tFS forums today. The featured outfit is stated to be from said Chanel collection.

L'Officiel Thailand May 2014

image credit: via the tfs forums

“I've never seen anything this tasteless,” commented jeffandtheworld, who posted the cover. And indeed, this cover image bears the potential to offend a lot of people. And not just because of the tacky layout. At this point, the excuse that you didn’t know any better just doesn’t cut it anymore, and this seems like a very insensitive move by whoever approved this cover. What are your thoughts? Comment below or voice your opinion in the forums, here

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Diane Kruger Spotted Carrying Chanel’s $3,800 Broke Art Student-Inspired Canvas Backpack

Diane Kruger Chanel Backpack Runway

Image: Imaxtree (left) / Getty (right)

Like everyone else on the Internet, we don't typically question Diane Kruger's style choices, but we're just not on board with her latest accessory pick. For the past two weekends in a row, the actress has been photographed carrying one of the notorious graffitied backpacks which first appeared on the runway at Chanel's Spring 2014 show.

The item first crossed our bullshit detector in January, when it was profiled in a back-of-the-book feature in Vogue. Two things we noticed:

  1. The backpack was inspired by broke art students, not a group we typically associate with the Chanel brand. From Vogue: "Picture a young art student spray-painting the blank canvas of a classic backpack and then personalizing it with loops of haphazardly woven ropes and heavy chains — just the kind of punk appropriation Karl Lagerfeld employed [in this instance.]" 
  2. And indeed, nothing is more "punk" than the $3,400 retail price. As in: "You just spent $3,400 on a stenciled piece of canvas, you've been PUNKED!"

And get this: the price tag on Kruger's backpack is even higher than what was originally reported — on Chanel's website, the item is listed for $3,800. But according to InStyle, it's still kind of worth it?  

"The price," writes Instyle's Andrea Cheng, "[is] hard to stomach or even justify. But in the flesh, the backpack boasts hand-painted graffiti, has the famous interlocking C’s haphazardly stamped across the front and sides, and is embellished with multicolored rope and carabiners that’s reminiscent of days from summer camp. There’s genius in this crazy creation." 

If you say so.


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All The T&A in Rihanna’s Lui Magazine Spread (NSFW)

Earlier today, we spied an image of Rihanna's forthcoming Lui magazine spread via Rihanna fan twitter account @RihannaDiva. And it looks like the singer's "nosy" fans have once again compelled her to release additional photos from the spread, which are as racy as you can get. She posted five high-quality photos of the shoot to her Twitter page today, and yes, she is half-naked in all of them.

Rihanna seems to be right in her element through this Mario Sorrenti-lensed spread, letting it all hang out in either a bikini top or bottom, exposing glimpses of her naughty bits to grateful viewers. In addition to gratuitous T&A (not that we're complaining), there is also a lot of tan line action going on. The singer's bronzed physique is interrupted by prominent swimsuit-shaped patches of paler skin. It's no wonder Rih took off all her clothes—how else was the "Pour it Up" singer supposed to get an even tan?

The photos are still NSFW, which, we imagine, is exactly how Rih Rih likes it.

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Jil Sander Names Rodolfo Paglialunga as Its New Creative Director

Rodolfo Paglialunga is the new creative director at Jil Sander

Image: Getty Images

Musical chairs is kind of the fashion industry's steez, and no other brand can play the game like Jil Sander, whose founder has left and returned to the company a total of three times. This October, Sander announced she was stepping down yet again as creative director, after having returned to her post in February of 2012, when Raf Simons was reportedly "unceremoniously dumped" from the label.

Today, about six months after Sander's final departure, the brand has announced that Rodolfo Paglialunga will take over as creative director for the label, with his first collection set to bow this September.

The Italian designer is an alum of Prada, where he served as womenswear design director from 1996-2006. He was named creative director at Vionnet in 2009, where he stayed until the fall of 2011. “He is the most fitting designer to write the new pages of the Jil Sander story,” said Jil Sander CEO Alessandro Cremonesi. “He has the right characteristics and the experience to evolve the Jil Sander brand in a new direction while respecting its essential traits.”

This appointment couldn't come a moment too soon, as Jil Sander's been eyeing the U.S., Japan and Asia at large as points of expansion in 2014.

Paglialunga is predictably stoked about his new position. “I’m deeply honored to have the opportunity to take on this role. I have boundless admiration for the brand as I strongly believe in its pure vision and values,” he told WWD. “My aim is to carry forward the fusion between sophistication, luxury and innovation and bring the house [to] the next level.”

We can't wait to see what he churns out.

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Terry Richardson Photographs Mariah Carey for Wonderland Mag: ‘Why Are You So Obsessed With Me?’

mariah carey in black lingerie for wonderland magazine photographed by terry richardson

Image: Facebook/WonderlandMagazine

Wonderland Magazine has just posted its Summer 2014 issue cover, which stars Mariah Carey dressed in an opulent all-black lingerie get-up (an embellished bra-and-panty set, sheer stockings, garters, an open robe and shiny leather gloves). She clutches a long strand of pearls and a flute of wine. Carey was photographed by Terry Richardson and I wouldn't be surprised if the accompanying caption — "Why are you so obsessed with me?" — were meant to be as much about him as it is about the superstar posing on the cover. Richardson hasn't been a popular guy on the Internet for the past couple of years, but he's certainly been ubiquitous. 

In the forums, tFSers are not impressed: "When is the Fall 2014 issue coming out?" asked subway 123

"When you think things couldn't be any worse…" wrote Stavros.

Kuli trendy questioned the styling: "Is she trying to be one of the VS's angel..? Come on Mimi…"

What's your opinion? Join the discussion here.

With additional reporting from Mark E


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How Does Chanel Spokesmodel Kristen Stewart Really Feel About Karl Lagerfeld?

Earlier today, Chanel officially dropped its Métiers d'Art Paris‐Dallas collection campaign; as announced late last year, the ads star Kristen Stewart and were photographed by designer Karl Lagerfeld.

kristen stewart chanel paris-dallas campaign karl lagerfeld

Image: GraziaDaily

In an interview with the British publication Grazia Daily, the actress spoke at length about how "amazing" it was to shoot a Chanel campaign with Lagerfeld.

On the red carpet, Stewart has been known to exude a strong don't-give-a-f*ck-about-fashion vibe (lots of hoodies and slouching and scowling), but she's maintained strong ties to fashion brands and designers over the course of her career. In fact, her relationship with Nicolas Ghesquière was legendary: "I will totally run away with you," she reportedly told the designer when he was fired from Balenciaga (Stewart did not actually cut ties with the house, and remained the face of the brand's Florabotanica fragrance after Alexander Wang came on board). 

kristen stewart chanel paris-dallas campaign karl lagerfeld

Image: GraziaDaily

Whether or not things are still warm and fuzzy between Stewart and Ghesquière, the actress is certainly throwing some of her love in Lagerfeld's direction. Maybe she gets a commision on each Lagerfeld-related compliment as part of her Chanel contract? 

From the Grazia interview:

  • "When you meet him, he's the opposite of intimidating, he is everything that my experiences taught me about true artists which is that they do what they do because they love it and they need to do it and they have fun doing it." 
  • "Everything today [on the set] was like breathing, it was so easy and he knew as soon as he saw what he wanted, it was like 'done!' It was effortless and he's awesome and he's so sweet."
  • "It always felt like a privilege to wear Chanel and to be around Karl who is an artist that, for me, constantly inspires. He manages to never stop moving forward while remaining completely quintessential."
  • "The idea of Karl, what he has accomplished, the role he has created for himself in the arts and in society. The only intimidating thing about him really is that scary unapproachable facade which is something people project onto him I think. Because when you meet him or you have the opportunity to watch him work or in my case 'work with him' he is so awesome."
  • "Basically and obviously, he is so much more than a fashion designer; he is a true renaissance man, one of the greatest artists of our time."
kristen stewart chanel paris-dallas campaign karl lagerfeld

Image: GraziaDaily


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