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MINKPINK’s Global 2013 Campaign Features an (Almost) All-Australian Cast and Lots of Face Jewellery

MINKPINK has just released a 2013 Global campaign to celebrate its launch into the U.S. market, providing enough inspiration to last you through approximately 25 Coachellas without ever repeating the same outfit twice.

Lending their bindi-adorned faces to the campaign are two of our favourite Aussie models, Montana Cox and Rachel Rutt, while kiwi Zippora Seven lends the crew some love from across the ditch. Sydney fashion photographer and person with the coolest name ever, Elvis Di Fazio, and stylist Pip Vassett of Yen cred comprise the rest of the dream team. And if you watch the campaign video you can get a further dose of summery all-Australianness courtesy of Sydney indie rock duo Palms.

Visit their website for a list of stockists, because while you can’t be these girls or (most likely) befriend them, at least you can now channel their insouciant 90s vibes no matter which side of the equator you’re on.


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The New Face of Saint Laurent Mens? Marilyn Manson

Stylist and designer Nicola Formichetti posted the above photo to Tumblr earlier today. Yes, that is what Marilyn Manson looks like posing for Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent lens. 

The shock rocker and legendary French fashion brand make strange bedfellows, and I expect that some of our readers might be particularly resistant to what has seemed like a total disavowal of Yves Saint Laurent's established schtick in service of Slimane's unapologetically Slimanish (esque?) vision. Whether you feel that way or not will correspond exactly, I think, to how you've felt about the other decisions the new designer has made since taking over at the label. If you haven't liked Slimane rebranding Saint Laurent and relocating to L.A., if you haven't championed his collections, this ad probably makes you a little queasy. (I totally get it, I just had some deviled eggs.) If you're in that camp, the best way to preserve your sanity in the coming years is to let go, move on, detach whatever emotional stuff you have invested in the most recent iteration of (I can't believe I'm not technically allowed to call it this) YSL



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Forever Unique’s Latest Collection: Selected

Looking for a party outfit but you’re stuck for ideas? Well, look no further than the luxury label Forever Unique that’s just launched its stunning new Selected collection. If you’re looking to invest that little bit extra for a special occasion, then this new range would be perfect for you, as prices range around £200 to £800, and you can choose between cute party skater style dresses or full on glamorous gowns. It’s such a diverse mix that there’s a piece for almost any celebration.

The collection was curated by top fashion stylist and InStyle Magazine Fashion Director, Amanda Bellan, and contains 13 must-have pieces. It only launched at the beginning of the week, and pieces are almost already sold out. It’s being described as Forever Unique’s most trend-led and fashion-forward collection yet, and we couldn't agree more. The Frenchie Sequin  £165 (below left) or the Felicity black, £550 could easily be the outfit of choice for our fav celebs to wear on the red carpet.

Forever Unique’s Latest Collection: SelectedForever Unique’s Latest Collection: Selected

The Lacey nude, £220 (below left) or the Bessie black £220 (below right) are great examples of the collection’s less glamorous pieces that would work perfectly for a night on the tiles yet ensuring that you still look stylish.

Forever Unique’s Latest Collection: SelectedForever Unique’s Latest Collection: Selected

The entire collection is available to buy online, so check out their site and make your wish list now!  

Images: Snow PR

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Hudson’s Bay Says “Yes” to Kleinfeld Bridal

I love reality wedding shows, who doesn't with such stellar titles as Four Weddings, Rich Bride Poor Bride, Bridezillas, and the creme de la creme of them all, Say Yes to the Dress? The latter TLC show takes place in Kleinfeld's 35,000 square-foot bridal store in Manhattan and, until now, many blushing brides were creeping past the border for the same Say Yes to the Dress experience.

With exclusive rights to the brand in Canada, Hudson's Bay — who recently rebranded with a new logo and name — will open a 20,000-square foot Kleinfeld flagship in early 2014.  Brides will now have access to expert bridal consultants and the same scope and breadth of designer gowns available at the New York Store.

"This is a thrilling day for our team at Kleinfeld," says Ronald Rothstein, Co-Owner of Kleinfeld Bridal in a press release. "We are the largest luxury bridal retailer in the world and look forward to bringing the finest selection of exclusive designer wedding gowns to Hudson's Bay."

Along with dresses, Hudson's Bay already popular bridal registry will be expanded to offer brides an unmatched addition to its current line of gifts, home and lifestyle products. A wise move given the current Canadian wedding industry is worth an estimated $750 million.

But what of the dresses themselves? If you ever watch the show then you'll probably know that wedding gowns range from $2,000 to $30,000, however, in Canada they'll start closer to $1,500. Kleinfed's most expensive gown was an $80,000 custom-made one, making the targeted $1000 in sales per square foot completely attainable (in contrast, Hudson’s Bay generated a mere $133 per square foot in 2011).

Still, as the betrothed prepare to lace themselves into fitted Kleinfeld bodices, this is what I really want to know: Will the new Canadian partnership come with its own pack of cameras waiting eagerly for a shopper to say yes to that dress? Gawd I truly hope so. 'Till TV ratings do them part.

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‘Before Midnight’: Checking in on Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke’s Relationship

I don't know who you are and what you've been doing for the past two decades, but I've been living a personal life loosely structured around ideas about romance I acquired from Richard Linklater's 1995 film Before Sunrise, about a chance encounter between French student Celine (Julie Delpy) and American tourist Jesse (Ethan Hawke). Because it was basically the best movie ever made, the director reunited the actors for a sequel nine years later, Before Sunset. It was delightful.

Still more delightful: now it's getting its own sequel, Before Midnightdue out in theaters on May 24.

The trailer is below. I wish I could eat it, roll around in it, bring it with me as a plus-one to events. Could someone please send me a review copy? 

[h/t Slate]

Image via WENN

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Here’s Beyonce’s Vogue UK May Issue Cover

So here's Beyonce's Vogue UK May Issue cover. Yes, despite all evidence to the contrary (that electric blue sequin skirt lends credence to the fashion truism that "the Spice Girls did it all first") this is not of Nineties vintage. 

The Beyonce backlash has been lashing hard ever since the release of the megastar's HBO documentary special, Life Is But a Dream, which disappointed even many of her diehard fans. That's not surprising: once you perform at the Superbowl, there's really nowhere your career can go but down, even if only for a bit. This is all to say, I don't think this cover will help matters. 

It's worth noting that this is Beyonce's second recent appearance posing front of the book for the Vogue family. She's currently on the March Issue of the American edition, looking a little waxy, sure, but that's par for the course given the publication's hardcore Photoshop habit. 

[tFS Forums via GlossyNewsstand]


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