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Chanel, Dior, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Fendi: Spring 2014 Campaigns Leak to the tFS Forums


The Spring 2014 campaigns are here, kind of. Last night, ahead of all the official online releases, tFS Forum member Northern Star (perfect handle) scanned and shared several major Spring 2014 campaigns from his Feburary Issue of Tatler. Notable ads were from Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Giorgio Armani and Prada*. 

So much fashion, so much spring. For a second, you might forget how cold it is outside:


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Us Weekly Cover Spoof: Time to Look at More A-Holes



Originally created by the Tumblr LiarTownUSA, which features graphic designer Sean Tejaratchi's devastingly crude Internet commentary in Photoshop form, this Us Weekly cover spoof is worth a look. If you're a tabloid skeptic, the copy might resemble the internal monologue running through your head when you're looking at one of these covers. Except my internal monologue doesn't use the word "assholes" quite so much. 

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Link Buzz: Cameron Russell for Elle UK; Fashion Trends Fashion People Fell For

  • Image: ELLE UK

    Image: ELLE UK

    Model and activist Cameron Russell (perhaps best known for her famous "Looks aren't everything" Ted Talk) appears on the cover of Elle UK. [Forums]
  • Marc Jacobs 'road tests' a fur coat from the Prada Spring 2014 runway in Saint Barts, where its is currently 75℉. [Telegraph]
  • Does wearing a leather jacket seem self-explanatory? Itz not. [FabSugar]
  • More details about the Target credit card breach: Pin numbers were stolen. [WWD]
  • Racked asked some fashion people to talk about the fashion trends they gave into in 2013. [Racked]
  • No one mentioned penguin nail art, which is a shame because it's adorable. [BellaSugar]

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Such a Rebel: Miley Cyrus Has Mohawk for Fashion Magazine



LOVE mag has just released a teaser cover for Issue #11, due out in March, which will apparently feature Miley Cyrus. I sort of begrudge LOVE for setting me up to talk about its Miley coup twice, but I guess that considering the pop star's current status as a permanent trending topic, vying for two rounds of pre-release hype is a smart move on the part of the publication. I just hope teasers don't become the norm. 

Still, this one was photographed by David Sims and shows Miley styled with a blood orange mohawk and matching rollneck sweater, her ear tattooed with the word LOVE. Whether or not the tattoo is fake, it's done in a 'stick and poke' style which, together with her punk-inspired hair, plays up the celebrity megastar's rebellious image. Of course, I question whether a true rebel would be caught dead posing on the cover of a fashion magazine, cool haircut color-coordinated with her turtleneck, lips tense with emoootion but I guess that's just Miley being Miley.

Over in the forums, Melencholybaby suggests that Cyrus was possibly also photographed for the publication by Mert Alas & Marc Piggott, and might appear on the final cover in a wholly different guise. Though that's unconfirmed, Alas did post a couple photos of Cyrus (with bleached brows) to his Instagram and hinted that they were shooting for LOVE.  


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Kim Kardashian’s New Arty Birkin, Gifted By Kanye, Isn’t a Hit With the Critics

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Kanye West's Christmas gift to Kim Kardashian is the most reviled thing on the Internet today: A gigantic Birkin customized with an original painting by George Condo, the American artist who created the cover art for Kanye's Twisted Fantasy album. It reportedly costs $40,000 for the Birkin alone; whatever Kanye paid the artist is unknown, but we can safely assume it was a staggering sum. 

After papparazzi snapped her carrying the bag on the street (photos here), Kardashian went on Instagram to explain herself — using hashtags, naturally: "#HandPaintedGeorgeCondo #HermesBirkin #OneofOne #ChristmasPresentFromYeezy"

Instagram commenters didn't even try to temper their glee: "Didn't think a Birkin could look like poop." "This is the ugliest bag I have ever seen, no class. Oh, that's right … Money can't buy that!" "This shit is demonic! U devil whore.. kanye clearly has said that he's sold his soul to the devil." 

Elsewhere on the Internet, NBC's online outlet asked New York Magazine's art critic, Jerry Saltz, to weigh in: "I love Birkin bags; the painting on this one is grotesque. George Condo has made good work. This painting or cartoon stinks. For the last few years he's been making knock-offs of his own work, getting weaker and weaker. When it comes to how to handle a great bag, this is clueless. No one should pay more than ten dollars for this monstrosity and travesty of a great bag."


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