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Watch Cara Delevingne Make Faces for Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara

I always feel kind of like a sucker when I write up a post praising an ad — which is, after all, simply a vehicle to get me and you to buy stuff of dubious value  — but I don't want to have to justify why you should watch the Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Mascara commercial (oy) starring Cara Delevingne, embedded below. Whether or not you approve of the British model's hyped up It girl status (or her "caterpillar-like" eyebrows), I bet you can imagine how well her goofy sense of humor and facial plasticity (or whatever … she makes silly faces) works in a beauty ad. When I initially heard about this Cara D. / YSL contract, I even made this joke: "I will buy ten tubes [of the brand's mascara] if they let her make funny faces." I'm glad I followed that hilarity up by saying, "Actually, no I won't," because otherwise I'd be 300 mascara dollars in the hole. 

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Lara Stone Gets Hair Antlers on the Cover of i-D

Lara Stone

Image via TFS Forums

Lara Stone joins models Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss on one of i-D's Spring 2013 covers [via the Forums]. Some of you probably have mixed feelings about her sleepy weird wink, but I think we can all appreciate the sparing use of face-Photoshop (see, even models age! Mortality is still a thing) and also the space hair antlers on display.

I'm not even joking (not really) about the hair, this is my dream style! I am going to go to the drugstore this evening to buy flat bobby pins and cheapo hairspray and I am going to WOW you with a tutorial. I mean, that's not a promise but we are going to talk about what you and me and everyone we know can do to get this look and you can walk around with it and be basically the coolest people in the world. ANTLER ARMY it is happening. 

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Rita Ora Fronts Superga’s New Campaign

It was only a matter of time until the British Superstar Rita Ora started getting snapped up as the face of fashion brands. Not only does she rock her own cool style but she’s also BFFs with model of the moment, Cara Delevingne. You can’t constantly hang out with the UK’s answer to the next Kate Moss without getting noticed within the fashion scene.

Rita’s latest role is fronting Superga’s UK Spring/Summer 2013 advertising campaign, which is set to officially launch soon. Superga has also just announced that Rita picked out all of the shoe styles herself for both the campaign’s photo shoot and video, which are currently available to buy on their site here. Rita made some really cool choices that would genuinely fit in well with her own style where she usually combines hot bodycons, bold prints and trademark trainers. The pieces include several with an edgy metallic finishes which would be the perfect way to rock that smart casual look.

Rita has, of course, taken the place of British style icon Alexa Chung who’s stepped down from being the face of Superga to devote her full efforts to work commitments in the U.S. Rita was also recently papped at London and Paris Fashion Weeks, so maybe she’s also secretly looking to steal Alexa’s Style Icon award that’s been bestowed upon her for three years in a row by the British Fashion Council. Surely Alexa can’t walk away with it for yet another consecutive year?

One of Rita’s most memorable looks from LFW was at the Burberry Prorsum show where she rolled up in an über sharp blue suit, complete with a Queen Delevingne T-shirt underneath. Who’s to say whether it was a cry for publicity or a genuine display of support for her friend, but either way, the outfit definitely helped to seal her fashion credentials that bit more. 

Images: WENN, Will Alexander/

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Abbey Lee Kershaw Stars in a Wildly NSFW Music Video With Her Band Our Mountain

Abbey Lee KershawAbbey Lee Kershaw hasn’t been very visible in fashion over the last two seasons, but she’s a little too visible for YouTube’s liking in the new music video for her Brooklyn-based band Our Mountain.

The exceedingly NSFW video for the band’s new single “IV Horses” was taken down last week for breaching anti-nudity policies. Apparently YouTube was unconvinced that four people standing completely naked in front of a camera with a fully-functional zoom feature for two minutes and 52 seconds fit the description of artistic content. Facebook seemed to be on the same page, pulling down the accompanying picture and suspending the band's accounts. 

Frontman Matthew Hutchinson wrote YouTube appealing the decision and the video is now back up for you to watch here — unless you are in the presence of colleagues or small children, in which case you should definitely not do any such thing (here is a nice picture of the unfathomably indie foursome hidden by horse heads and conveniently placed captions if that is indeed the case).

According to Hutchinson, “This work is the focus of human anatomy, the use of nudity contained in this piece is film art not pornography nor any other provocative medium. The following images are honest reflections of the material and physical structure of human organisms. We are all two types of human, male vs. female, these are our bodies.”

In the wise words of one Facebook commenter, “You had to know that was going to happen.” And considering the band’s initial response was to send out a thanks via Tweet for making their website more badass, it seems the words “art” and “publicity stunt” are often interchangeable. 

Also, I know the point is to show the body in all its vulnerable glory, but can’t that first guy do something about his toenails?

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Link Buzz: Cara Delevingne’s New Beauty Contract With YSL; Anna Wintour Is a Weird Boss

  • Cara Delevigne has signed on to be the new face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's new Baby Doll mascara. I will buy ten tubes if they let her make funny faces. Actually no, I won't. But whatever. [BellaSugar]
  • Do you have a BAG CRUSH on Anne Hathaway due to her Stella McCartney bag collection? Omg, who are you and what have you done to your human soul? I only crush on cats and boys. [FabSugar]
  • Hey! Cos (the boutique-y European H&M offshoot) is coming to the U.S. which is good news for anyone that likes nice things but doesn't like financial insolvency. [Fashionologie]
  • Parisian brand American Retro (founded, hilariously, in 2002) is collaborating with Russian designer Alexander Terekhov on a capsule inspired by Oz: The Great and Powerful. [Refinery29]
  • Anna Wintour had her first meeting with the Condé Nast editors in her new role and it was weird and confusing and no one really understands what's happening which is, I'm guessing, exactly how Anna likes it. [WWD - subscription not required]

Image via WENN

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‘Let’s Go Shopping!’ — Watch the Trailer for Sofia Coppola’s ‘The Bling Ring’ Starring Emma Watson

Here's the trailer for Sofia Coppola's upcoming film The Bling Ring, starring Emma Watson, Leslie Mann and Taissa Farmiga. Based on a true story, The Bling Ring follows a group of image- and fame-obsessed L.A. teenagers who (awesomely) spend their free time burglarizing celebrity homes.

It seems like it should be impossible to mess this movie up, but given how much of the trailer consists of bad dancing and close-up shots of Watson's tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth, this film seems less like a sharp, watchable satire about American materialism and preoccupation with celebrity, more like a CW show. 

The Bling Ring's slated limited release date is June 14th. 

The trailer:

Image via screenshot

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