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Come Look at Michelle Obama’s Vogue Cover!

At around midnight last night, Vogue's highly anticipated April 2013 cover appeared on the publication's Facebook page. Michelle Obama, photographed by Annie Leibovitz, wears a dark cerulean Reed Krakoff dress with eggplant paneling. And salmon pink lipstick. Against an apple green backdrop (really enjoying the process of identifying colors at this stage in my life).

She looks niiiiice. She looks basically exactly like she always does — that is, like our awesome First Lady. What am I supposed to do here, do you want me to talk about her hair? Okay: It's not great but it doesn't really change the way I feel about the person whose head it's on. Also, not a fan of her eyebrows but who cares? They're FLOTUS eyebrows. Any ordinary person that goes out and gets their eyebrows shaped like Michelle Obama's needs to find another eyebrow style icon. Do you get called upon to host dinners for heads of state or present awards in front of millions of people? If not, your eyebrows don't have to be plucked into a rigid line of perfection.

Images via TFS Forums

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Myleene Klass’ New Swimwear Range for Littlewoods

British style icon, Myleene Klass, has just released yet another fab collection for the retailer Littlewoods, but this time it comes in the form of swimwear. A shocking first for the lady whose celebrity rocketed subsequent to that iconic white bikini which she wore whilst appearing as a contestant on the reality TV show I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here!

The British weather may be extra cold outdoors but at least Myleene’s tropical beach themed line can help to cheer us up and look forward to our own hot summer getaways. The range is comprised of 25 pieces and there’s something for everyone as the styles vary between bold prints, curvy cover-ups and on-trend separates such as striped skirts. Leopard print is set to be a big trend this spring, so the animal print bikini (below) would make the perfect addition to your holiday wardrobe, with the bottoms costing £17 and the top £22.

Myleene’s red ruffle bikini (above) is a super easy way to get on board the ruffle trend. As with the leopard print suit, the bottoms cost £17 and the top £22.

Other Must Haves

Myleene, of course, still has her main clothing line at Littlewoods, to which she’s just added a few new gorgeous pieces which range between casual daytime girly dresses to full-on vamp numbers. Two of the best have to be her bird print tea dress £74, which you have to admit encompasses the typical Kate Middleton daytime shape, and her red sweetheart bodycon dress £74 that screams Kim Kardashian.

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Vancouver Has It All: Fashion Week Lineup and Christian Dior Exclusive

West coasters rejoice as there's some great news coming out of Vancouver this week. First and foremost, Vancouver Fashion Week has just announced its lineup of more than sixty local and international designers, all of whom are going to showcase their latest Fall/Winter 2013 collections at the forthcoming Canadian sartorial revelry.

The five-day event begins March 19 (coinciding with Toronto's World Mastercard Fashion Week) and will be attended by buyers, diplomats and nearly 150 fashion journalists from all over the world. Over 18 foreign designers like Beijing-based Liu Lu, Lila Nova from Athens and South African born Jacob Kimmie will showcase their award-winning feminine and edgy styles on the runways. Local names like Shelley Klassen of Blushing Boutique and students from LaSalle College will also feature their latest creations.

The glamorous soiree will be opened with a spectacular runway presentation by Vancouver-based haute couturier Boboli boutique. If you haven't already nabbed your tickets, you can still purchase them directly from

Of course, since it's impossible to attend both Toronto and Vancouver Fashion Week, forward-thinking Vancouverites have done us the courtesy of hosting a live stream of all their shows, just so that fashionistas outside of BC can experience the best of both worlds.

In other Van news, the rainy city will soon be the home of the first free-standing Christian Dior women's clothing boutique in Canada, and one of only a handful in North America. The store will be on the southeast corner of Alberni and Thurlow Streets in Downtown Vancouver, housed in the Carlyle retail complex.

To date, Christian Dior currently has three shop-in-store accessory boutiques at Holt Renfrew stores in Vancouver, Toronto (Bloor Street) and Montreal, but no free-standing space of its own. Its past attempt at a ready-to-wear shop-in-store at Toronto's Creeds department store resulted in closure after Creed went bankrupt in 1990.

Chanel, De Beers and Tory Burch are also seeking a plot in the vicinity, however, as has been pointed out by Retail Insider, this means these luxury retailers will be sharing their space with a 12,000 square foot dollar-store tenant called Dollar Tree. Hey, it's always nice to mix your luxury goods with frugal finds!

Images via Vancouver Fashion Week

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Releases 2013 Schedule

With less than four weeks to go until Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia moves into its new home at Carriageworks, organisers have released the official schedule. And the venue switch isn’t the only change afoot.

This year’s event will be opened by Camilla and Marc in honour of their 10-year anniversary. Jayson Brunston and Aurelio Costarello will also be celebrating milestones of 10 years and a whopping 30 years respectively, while MBFWA mainstays Bec & Bridge, Alex Perry, Romance Was Born, Maticevski and Manning Cartell will be making a return to the catwalk.

But, with MBFWA touted as a springboard, it’s the fresh additions to the lineup that look to be particularly worthy of all the long lines and uncomfortable heels. A number of newcomers we’ve already had our eyes on for a while, including the Lady Gaga-approved Phoenix Keating and moody sister label Serpent & The Swan. Sydney girls Rachelle Sinclair and Fay Ogunbadejo of Kahlo will be bringing their brand of androgynous luxe to presentation space The Box, and Vanishing Elephant will no doubt draw a strong following to their TBC off-site show.

So who won’t be showing? Interestingly, not a single brand represented by boutique agency MCMPR is to be found on the preliminary schedule. This includes Gary Bigeni, Yeojin Bae, Carl Kapp, Magdalena Velevska, Friend of Mine and Zimmermann, the last of which is swapping Sydney for New York.  

And while Josh Goot and Dion Lee pulled the plug on MBFWA just weeks before the event last year, this time they’re saving you from any delayed disappointment by not even registering.

As we revealed back in October, this year will also mark the inaugural Premiere trade show aimed at upping the number of wholesale orders placed by national and international buyers. Oh, and the food! This year you can use those hefty glass bottles of Acqua Panna water to wash down snacks from Fresh Catering instead of taking them home as doorstoppers. 

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Spring Summer 2013/14 will take place from April 8 – 14 at Carriageworks Sydney.

Photo by Getty Images

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Link Buzz: Anna Wintour Gets a Promotion; Paris Vogue Gets Something Right

  • Anna Wintour isn't leaving Vogue but as Conde Nast's new artistic director, she is about to become an even bigger deal. [Fashionologie]
  • Celebrities have unlimited resources and lots of professional help to make their nails look near-heavenly. All we can do is watch in awe. [BellaSugar]
  • What's black and white and a bag all over? I'm sorry. [FabSugar]
  • Zooey Deschanel is on the cover of InStyle, grimacing. [AmyGrindhouse]
  • Masses of fan letters addressed to Taylor Swift were discovered in a dumpster, a minor pop tragedy. [Earsucker]
  • Vogue Paris isn't bad at everything: This Malgosia Bela in Prada editorial, photographed by Peter Lindbergh, is worth your time. [DesignScene]

Image via WENN

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Don’t Worry, Selena Gomez Didn’t Tarnish Her Squeaky Clean Image in ‘Spring Breakers’

Last night, The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens hosted a preview screening of the upcoming film Spring Breakers as part of a retrospective on the work of the director, Harmony Korine.

Due largely to the movie's high profile cast of starlets (Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson) and a marketing campaign which played up a movie wardrobe that consists almost entirely of day-glo bikinis, Spring Breakers has been the subject of a dizzying amount of pre-release "buzz." 

The movie's been tabloid fodder for the past year as provocative photos from the set leaked out onto the Internet, but that's not the only factor which has fueled public interest. For nearly two decades, Korine's enjoyed a certain amount of cult celebrity as a fringe director. After writing Kids at 21, Korine went on to make a series of original and bizarre films like GummoJulien Donkey-Boy (starring the director's friend and mentor, Warner Herzog) and Trash Humpers. None of these projects ever found mainstream success, but they did cement Korine's status as an experimental filmmaker.  

Piling on to the already ludicrous combination of a teen idol cast with an avant-garde director, the film takes as its subject spring break, a hedonistic mass ritual which has been an American lightning rod ever since we saw its excesses documented and celebrated in the 90s by MTV. 

Spring Breakers hasn't opened yet, but it's already the target of an immense amount of criticism. The trailer (below) and movie posters don't misrepresent the amount of nudity and violence featured in the film. The graphic content is especially provocative given the young stars and their even younger, predominately female fan base. People that haven't even seen the movie yet have already billed it as an exploitative teen flick, made solely to capitalize on the public's prurient interest in explicit sex and senseless violence. 

I walk around with my feminist knives sharpened and am fairly culturally conservative in some respects (I, too, bemoan how our culture glorifies the blowjob and objectifies the teen girl) and yet still I can say that anyone who's complaining about the movie's "message" or lack thereof has either not seen it or is attached to a set of predetermined judgments which are at odds with the film's sense of humor and sensibility. In the latter case, that's fine; nothing has to be for everyone. 

Image via Facebook/Spring Breakers

But for anyone that hasn't seen the movie and is already condemning it, you're not doing yourself any favors. Spring Breakers is in some ways a complicated and difficult film, but it's also extremely fun to watch. It's immersive, it's engrossing. I'm worried about sounding cheesy or overselling, but these are some of the descriptive words which have been lodged in my brain since I saw the movie: beautiful, fascinating, funny, sublime, transcendant, bizarre, true, brilliant, important, special. It's like a poem made out of pop culture. It's also a kind of response to anyone who says work like Terry Richardson's is not pornography but art. I told you my reaction verges on cheesy and parts of the movie are cheesy or even borderline bad, but it worked. I'll just say this: I wish there were more films like it.

Rachel Korine (the director's wife) joins Gomez, Hudgens and Benson as one of the four bored co-eds who goes on spring break looking for adventure. After a brief period of consequence-free misbehavior, the girls are arrested and put in jail. Enter James Franco's character, Alien, a local rapper-slash-gangster (like an actor-slash-waiter but bloodier) who bails them out and shows them the dark underbelly of St. Petersberg, Florida. There are Britney Spears covers (yes, more than one), gang fights, squirt-gun hold-ups, neon pink ski masks. There is only one actual sex scene and it could be considered scandalous, but it also involves giddy joyful laughter.

Anyone who thinks Gomez would do anything that would seriously tarnish her public image seriously underestimates her handlers and is going to be disappointed. The pop star plays the good girl, and even though she's central to the movie, she's also one of the least interesting characters. She leaves just about halfway through. 

After the movie was over, Korine spoke about the film with MOMI's curator and then took questions from the audience. The interviewer mentioned that his 11-year-old son was probably at home watching Selena on TV and asked Korine about his decision to cast teen idols:

"That was exciting for me, obviously. Because I want your eleven-year-old kid to see it. [Lots of laughter.] So that was exciting… 

You know, it wasn't a conceptual stunt but there was a lot of — I like the idea that those girls are representative of this kind of pop mythology. And they're connected culturally to that world, in some ways. And I thought it brought a whole different layer. "

A member of the audience later asked more specifically about working with Gomez:

"I didn't know much about her, I didn't know much about her personal life and all that stuff. She's great. Whatever you can say about Disney (I don't know much about Disney either), those girls are like, tough. And she was like, down for it.

You know, there's a lot of chaos and a lot of fanaticism that follows her and follows a lot of other girls like her. You know, shit I've never seen before, like people hiding under floorboards. I had like, tween kids with signs in front of my condo. But she has a lot to contend with, there's so much energy. When there's that much energy around you as a human being, it's crazy. But I can't speak highly enough about her. She took a risk with this movie and I'm grateful to her. She was amazing."

Here's the official trailer. Spring Breakers opens in New York and Los Angeles on March 15 and nationwide on March 22. 

Top image: Spring Breakers promotional poster via NYDailyNews

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