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Transgender Model Hari Nef on ‘The Danish Girl’: They Could Have Easily Found a Trans Actor

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Hari Nef is breaking down barriers faster than she ever anticipated. The model/actress is the first transgender woman to sign with IMG, a feat she still can’t believe she pulled off. Now that Nef is well on her way to conquering the modeling world, she’s setting her sights on Hollywood with a new role in Transparent, the comedy-drama series that follows the lives of a family after they discover their father is transgender. Ahead of the show’s Season 2 premiere on December 11, Nef spoke with Fashionista about her historic IMG placement and Hollywood’s hesitancy to embrace the transgender community.

On her historic IMG contract:

“Every other smaller agency in New York either turned me down or wouldn’t meet with me. I walked in [IMG] and I was like, ‘Yeah, well I would love this, but you know, you’re IMG and I’m me. How would this ever work?’ But they said, ‘No, you could do this, this, and this — so what if you can’t get booked for catalog work? We see a whole career for you. We’re not just trying to make money tomorrow.'” (more…)

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WATCH: Your First Look at Steven Spielberg’s Adaptation of The BFG

If you were a child who loved you some Roald Dahl literature, then we’re sure the first official trailer for The BFG is going to bring back all the nostalgic feels.  

Although the Steven Spielberg-directed Disney film isn’t set to be released until July 2016, the suspenseful first look was released on YouTube last night, showing protagonist Sophie getting kidnapped from her orphanage by “The Big Friendly Giant”.

“Never get out of bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain,” she says before a gigantic hand comes through and takes her away. Anyone who’s familiar with the story knows that The BFG is not what he appears to be, so we can’t wait to see that part of the story roll out in following trailers.

Watch it for yourself above.

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1D Fan Sits Next to Harry Styles on International Flight But Remains Cool: ‘I Never Took a Pic of Him Sleeping’

You guys, dreams really do come true. One lucky traveller found herself sitting next to One Direction’s Harry Styles on a 10-hour international flight from Los Angeles to Manchester this week, and appears to have remained completely clam and collected right up until she got off the flight and filled up our social feeds, inducing pure and utter envy.

According to Alex Lomas’ Twitter and Instagram, the pair had a “chat about everything”, and, according to Teen Vogue, she had even been reading fan fiction about him and lurking his Instagram before they kicked off the convo.

He was also “asleep for ages and he looked bloody adorable”, but Alex refrained from taking a photo of that and instead took approximately 102 photos of herself sitting next to the long-haired babe. “To all who are asking no i never took a pic of him sleeping its just rude and disrespectful!!” she said on Twitter. (more…)

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Little Baby Saint West Has Already Broken the Law in New Zealand

Kim Kardashian VMA Hair

Image: WENN

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby, Saint West, has been breaking hearts with the news of his arrival this week, and it turns out the little guy breaks laws in New Zealand too.

E! News (via InStyle) reported that it’s not only unacceptable but also illegal to name someone “Saint” in New Zealand, and, according to the NZ Herald, the name would have been rejected by the Department of International Affairs.

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Other blacklisted names include Messiah, Christ, Bishop and Lucifer as, like Saint, they imply a title, rank or make a religious reference, and “royal” names like Justice, King, Prince, Honour, Royal, Duke, Bishop, Major or Majesty were banned by NZ Government between 2001 and 2015. In addition, 89, Mafia No Fear and Anal have also been turned down recently, for obvious reasons. (more…)

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Miranda Kerr Lands Herself on Santa’s Naughty List With Racy New Video

Miranda Kerr might want to hold off on any Royal Albert or Swarovski appearances for a while, because the last week has done nothing for that good-girl image she likes to resurrect from time to time. Following her nude cover for Harper’s Bazaar Australia, Miranda has now featured in LOVE Magazine’s Advent Calendar being all NSFW.

While Kendall Jenner’s clip for the #LoveAdvent’s annual calendar was playful, weird and kind of cute, with the reality star prancing around in a shark costume, Miranda’s version is full-on seduction. Cutting between coloured and black-and-white frames to The Flamingo’s “I Only Have Eyes For You”, Miranda wears a mix of corsets and bodysuits which clearly have no intention of covering her up.

Whether her bust is spilling out of her attire, she’s pulling down her straps or going for a dip in highly practical thigh-high stockings, we’re pretty sure this is the kind of thing the old man in red would call “naughty”. Watch it for yourself above.