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Watch the Finale Episode of ‘Escape My Life’

Ford concludes its Escape My Life video series with video #8, the finale. The series featured Skylar (Natasha Leggero) receiving a free Ford Escape, which came with a string attached, in the form of Barry (Joe Lo Truglio), who is there to tell her about the features of the Escape.

In the finale, Skylar is finally free of Barry. In a weird way she starts to miss him and they make up – after she travels the city using her Travel Link subscription to locate him.

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Numéro Thailand Embraces Diversity; Puts Carmen Solomons on the April 2013 Cover (Forum Buzz)

Numero Thailand April 2013 - Carmen Solomons

Since the lack of diversity in the modeling pool has been a prevalent topic lately, it seemed right to take a look at Numéro Thailand’s April issue. Covered by South African model Carmen Solomons, I think it’s a prime example of a publication embracing a non-white model (who has a really unique, multi-racial look) and being all the better for it. Carmen doesn’t have a “typical” look for Thailand, and she doesn’t fit the universal standard of white woman beauty, but she is completely and utterly stunning (seriously, just check out her thread in the forums for more images).

The Numéro cover was met with near unanimous approval in the forums. Amata54 wrote, “Good job! She's so gorgeous.”

Numéro Thailand keeps getting better,” slowdownbaby wrote. “This is my favorite cover yet.”

“How awesome!” coolasfcuk1010 exclaimed. “I haven't seen or heard of her in a while, she looks good and it's great to see her get a cover!”

So, what do you think of that? A non-white model is on the cover of a magazine and we all love it.

Image via Numero Thailand.

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Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola’s Prada Candy Campaign Videos Starring Léa Seydoux are Insanely Adorable (Forum Buzz)

If you haven’t seen any of the teaser clips floating around the internet of Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola’s campaign commercials for Prada’s Candy fragrance, then prepare yourself for the best kind of super-cute, quirky overload. Starring French actress Léa Seydoux, who completely entrances two suitors – seemingly without realizing her affect on them and the tension it causes (they’re supposedly best friends) – the clips are played out in charmingly subtitled French. Like any good candy, these Candy fragrance ads have just the right amount of sweetness.

“I’m so entranced,” dior_couture1245 admitted after taking in a 15-second teaser clip. Once the two currently released clips came out in full, he posted, “These are turning out to be insanely adorable!” Is there a more apt description?

“Léa is beyond charming and adorable in both clips,” mackos agreed.

ForChicSake wrote, “I love everything about this campaign.”

I love everything about this campaign, too (in case you hadn’t noticed). Check out the first two episodes, and a teaser for the third, below:

Videos courtesy of Prada’s youtube channel.

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Link Buzz: Mark Badgley and James Mischka Got Married; Vera Wang Charging Chinese Brides an Extra Fee?

  • Mark Badgley and James Mischka are officially married — congratulations! [Fashionologie]
  • I don't really believe Lucy Hale's whole story about being real. Her face has "cyborg alien robot" written Get the look! [BellaSugar]
  • Kate Bosworth's layers are so layer-y. Layer my layer, slayer. Gonna be a mayor, nev-or. [FabSugar]
  • Victoria Beckham finally turned in her official resignation from the Spice Girls, making it a sad day for my 11-year-old self. [HaveUHeard
  • Do you think you have a special talent for telling apart real and fake handbags?  
    Genius! [SheFinds]
  • Apparently, Vera Wang's Shanghai boutique has been charging brides an extra "try-on" fee which doesn't exist in other locations. [Refinery29]

Image via Getty

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Jessica Gomes Replaces Miranda Kerr as the Face of David Jones

Jessica GomesThe formidable Aussie power couple comprised of Miranda Kerr and David Jones is no more. Last week the supermodel stepped down from her role as David Jones ambassador as the retail behemoth decided not to renew her $1m contract, handing the reigns to 27-year-old Perth-born stunner Jessica Gomes.

Gomes is relatively unknown outside of fashion circles and the pages of Sports Illustrated, lending some to question the decision. Miranda Kerr has an enormous international profile and lends massive publicity to the DJs brand, while her successor still flies relatively under the radar.  

The Sydney Morning Herald has pegged the switch as being in the name of runway diversity. In a feature that ran last week called 'Faces of Change' Gomes was featured alongside half Aboriginal model Samantha Harris, a long-time David Jones favourite, and half Pakistani-Saudi Shanina Shaik, who made the move from reality television to Vogue Australia. Harris, though, is the only one of the three to carved out a name for herself on our shores – both Shaik and Gomes were forced to pursue careers in New York and Asia after failing to land modelling gigs in Australia. Is David Jones just making up for being a bit late to the party?

On landing the David Jones gig, Gomes told the Herald, “I get Asian girls coming up to me and going, ‘I just look up to you so much. I’m so happy you’re paving the way.’”

Whether this is part of David Jones' quest to remain relevant by developing a taste for multicultural models or whether Gomes evidently has what it takes to fill her predecessor’s superhuman-sized shoes, we’re all for the switch. Are you aware that she likes to throw herself out of planes? God knows, DJs could do with a little fun on the side. 

Image: WENN

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Link Buzz: Opening Ceremony — Spring Breakers and Fox Fur Slap Bracelets

  • I really liked Spring Breakers, but if you are an adult and you go out of your way to buy stuff from the Opening Ceremony line which promotes the film … I'm sorry, you're beyond help. [SheFinds]
  • Mulberry had a dinner and it was pretty cool, depending on your definition of cool. [FabSugar]
  • Don't worry, Patrick Robinson is not going to go live in a ditch. He's gonna start deisgner for A/X Armani Exchange. [Fashionologie]
  • Here's an interview with the great great Tina Fey. [BellaSugar]
  • Alexander Skarsgard covered Man of the World magazine because I don't understand why you're questioning that decision. [DailyStab]
  • Opening Ceremony made a fox fur slap bracelet for Fall. "It’s the ultimate high-low” and will retail for $390. [Fashionista]

Collage with Opening Ceremony screengrab and Selena Gomez image via WENN


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