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People Disappointed That Taylor Swift’s Face Not Really Selling Magazines

Today's WWD reports that although Taylor Swift can't stop landing magazine covers — Vogue February 2012Glamour November, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan for December, Elle this month and Vanity Fair for April 2013 (pictured) — she's not particularly good at selling issues.

Despite her huge and seemingly loyal fan-base, most of the magazines she covers do merely average issue sales on the newsstand. And the exceptions do worse, not better: her December Cosmopolitan cover sold 20% below the six-month average. Swift's cover sold below even Zooey Deschanel's, WWD notes, which seems like, to my mind, a case of bad casting: if Cosmo's readership isn't interested in accessibly hip young women with bangs who wear lots of bows and preppy dresses, why would anyone expect Taylor Swift to convert them?

Anna Wintour's decision to photograph celebrities for the cover of Vogue in the 90s was considered revolutionary and some stars really do boost a magazine's sales (Lady Gaga's Vogue cover was gangbusters, for example), but no one really knows what motivates readers to open up their wallets and buy a magazine. There's the way previous issues have shaped audience perception of the glossy's brand, the way the celebrity was photographed (tight close-up, in a natural setting, and so on), how the cover text is laid out — all of these factors are in play. If magazine editors imagined Swift would be a magical magazine-selling unicorn just because she has a lot of Twitter followers and YouTube video views, they're idiots. 

Asked about the pop star's disappointing performance, Glamour editor Cindi Leive attributed it to Swift's relationship with One Direction's Harry Styles: "There may have been a little hiccup for her right around the 1-D relationship. But it’s nothing a pro can’t come back from. I’d put money on her for the long run." WHAT? Oh so people are only now getting distracted by Taylor's roller-coaster love life? "Nothing a pro can't come back from." That's such garbage. Maybe it's just that the singer's fans aren't going to the newsstand anymore because magazines are boring and expensive and the people that produce them are full of it and out of touch. Sorry Cindi, maybe the problem has nothing to do with Swift's ex-boyfriend, everything to do with your product.

Image via WWD

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Model Noah Mills Made a Movie About Muscles and Feelings

Do you want to watch an intense short film which features muscular young men shouting at each other because their feelings have become too much to bear? The answer to that question is obviously always, "Yes." 

Written, produced and also starring Noah Mills, Wracked is about what happens when a young man returns home after finishing a five year prison sentence. Directed by Victoria Mahoney and co-starring Alexis Knapp, Wracked looks immensely watchable: there are basketball games, tattoos, sexy baths (!). 

Mills (represented by Wilhelmina Models) has been working as a model for ten years, and he has an impressive body (&) of work behind him. He's walked for Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, been under contract with Dolce & Gabbana — the typical resume of any legitimately successful male model. He recently shot the Carlo Pazolini campaign (which was posted to the tFS Forums here), had a recurring role on 2 Broke Girls and appeared as the terrible ex-boyfriend (reportedly based on Jake Gyllenhaal) in the music video for Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together." We commonly hear models express the wish to be taken seriously, to be perceived as "more than just a pretty face," but Mills didn't just sit around wishing, he wrote a movie and found a way to make it.

Based on the trailer (below), it looks thoughtful and enjoyable, like it was made by someone who cared a lot. That's the awesomest thing anyone can do, make something and care about it. I like when people do that. And (who am I kidding?) I also really really like shirtless boys. Win win win win, win win. 

Wracked is trying to find a way for you to see it someday so stay, as they say, tuned. And for now, watch the trailer below:

Image via Wracked Facebook

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Even Isabeli Fontana Can’t Save Mario Testino’s Tacky Vogue Paris Tribute to Peru

Image via TFS Forums

For Vogue Paris' April 2013 Issue, Mario Testino shot model Isabeli Fontana in the mountains of Cuzco, which are located in the photographer's native Peru. The publication's editor, Emmanuelle Alt, essentially offered up the Vogue Paris cover for Testino to pay a tribute to himself and he … wow. I've seen better versions of this photo on ANTM

Possibly because there's a pom-pom/fedora monster eating her head, Fontana looks uncomfortable. That might also be because she's unfortunately styled in a beaded Dolce & Gabbana crop top and skirt combo, which looked bizarre enough on the Spring 2013 runway, but is just plain tacky in the image above. I understand that Alt and Testino were trying to bring a more colorful and spirited "Latin" sensibility to the glossy's typical moody chic, but this is so cartoony it's practically offensive. 

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Alice Dellal and Jake Davies Front Chanel’s Spring 2013 Boy Handbag Campaign (Forum Buzz)

How do you sell Chanel’s Boy handbags? Apparently, you enlist a tomboyish woman, and an actual boy. Oh, and a horse too. Chanel tapped British model and heiress Alice Dellal and model Jake Davies to front their Spring 2013 ad campaign, where they give off a sort of grown up, prep school equestrian vibe. You know, the kind of lifestyle we all aspire to, right?

Chanel Boy Bag Spring 2013 campaign - Alice Dellal and Jake Davies

Forum members had mixed feelings about the campaign.

“Karl, stop trying to make Alice Dellal happen, it's not going to happen,” naya remarked.

Alien Sex Friend posted, “I love the contrast between such girlie bourgeois clothes and her rough rebel face.”

“I like it,” iluvjeisa shared. “Curious about what kind of pockets this bag might have.”

If the ads have gotten iluvjeisa to start mentally shopping, then it looks like the campaign is working already. I could have used a clearer image of Jake Davies though. Just sayin’.

Chanel Boy Bag Spring 2013 campaign - Alice Dellal and Jake DaviesChanel Boy Bag Spring 2013 campaign - Alice Dellal and Jake DaviesChanel Boy Bag Spring 2013 campaign - Alice Dellal and Jake Davies


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Cassi van den Dungen Finally Makes Her Paris Fashion Week Debut

Model, mother, prolific tweeter and self-proclaimed bogan, Cassi van den Dungen, has finally made her Paris Fashion Week debut.

First, the 20-year-old walked Giles and Dion Lee in London, then last week she gave substance to hopes of a comeback by walking the Miu Miu show in Paris. Though Australia’s Next Top Model is the most successful in the franchise, responsible for names like Montana Cox and Alice Burdeau, so far no winner has yet managed to catch the discerning eye of Miucca Prada.

A couple of weeks prior, Cassi told The Sunday Telegraph that she was “more experienced in life now” and that the birth of her son had given her the motivation to not be an obnoxious teenager with little concern for things like cultural sensitivity and life goals. Back home she’s made a return to the tastemaking pages of Russh, which has always had a soft spot for the model despite her repeated displays of grating naiveté.  

Cassi first made a name for herself by piquing frustration in the hearts of millions on ANTM, turning down a $2 million contract with Elite Model Management in New York to stay in Sunbury, Victoria with her then-25-year-old bricklayer boyfriend (10 years her senior).

One year later, at 17, she gave Paris a fleeting spin, returning home with nothing other than a warning to fellow budding models about the follies of calling Parisians “frog eaters and snail slurpes [sic]” when one of the most prestigious agencies in the world fails to land you a Balenciaga exclusive. 

Hopefully we'll now be seeing plenty of the more mature Cassi van den Dungen. 

Image: IMAXtree

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Link Buzz: Selena Gomez at SXSW; Iowa Fashion Week Begins

  • Selena Gomez is not the kind of celebrity you'd expect to see at SXSW but due to her role in Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers, there she was with Vanessa Hudgens, wearing a Dolce & Gabbana crop top. Hmmm. [FabSugar]
  • And here's a SXSW beauty guide, becasue I guess people are doing that now. [BellaSugar]
  • Lanvin's Spring 2013 accessories look very nice in photographs, would probably look even nicer on me. [Fashionologie]
  • I haven't watched Justin Timberlake's opening SNL monologue, but I read some Tweets about it and I think they were mostly positive. [DailyStab]
  • Lana Del Rey covered L'Officiel Paris and she's pretty good at doing things like that. [DesignScene]

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