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Link Buzz: Behind-the-Scenes with Jennifer Lawrence at Dior; Brow Powder Is a Thing Now

  • Here's behind-the-scenes footage from Jennifer Lawrence's Dior campaign, just in case you feel lovefesty. [StyleBakeryTeen]
  • If you want your feet to feel softer / look prettier, then by all means click through. [BellaSugar]
  • Still haven't figured out how to mix prints? It's like this: you wear one kind of print with another kind of print, but look in the mirror before you leave the house to make sure you don't look insane. [FabSugar]
  • Trussardi has a new creative director which is what happens to fashion brands when they don't have a creative director.
  • If you still haven't seen Lena Dunham's Rolling Stone cover, there's a whole Internet out there. [DailyStab]
  • Anderson Cooper defends Anne Hathaway because yeah, people hate her so much it's kind of creepy. [Earsucker]
  • If you aren't powdering your brows um, yeah neither am I! [SheFinds]

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Exclusive: Liberty Ross & Amanda Harlech for V Magazine

Liberty Ross and Amanda Harlech

Image by Philippe Vogelenzang for V Magazine

V Magazine's Spring 2013 issue profiles Liberty Ross and best friend Amanda Harlech, because every friendship is a love story and this one began while the two women were working at Chanel under Karl Lagerfeld. The ultimate meet-cute chic-cute. 

However many years later, they're still cute-ing (sry). 

"I feel as though I have known Amanda forever," says Ross in the profile, "but perhaps that is just because I have always felt so at ease around her and oddly connected to her."

Harlech would not be outdone by her friend's demonstrativeness: "Liberty is part of where I came from as much as where I'm going. Subtle, distilled like a perfume, she senses everything a beat before I do. I love the wisdom in the reach of her laugh, her canny all-seeing eye, her compassion and verve and dance. I think the same things move us — we can share without saying a word."

Kudos to V Mag for celebrating female friendship. Hear that people? Being nice to the women in your life is very "in" right now.

This issue is out on newsstands today and available for purchase at

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PETA’s Not Okay With Beyonce’s Customized Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers

Probably because she's not okay with walking around wearing the same down-market* Isabel Marant wedge sneakers seen on so many other celebrity feet, Beyonce had her pair customized by PMK (Perfectly Made Kicks).

According to their order form, PMK won't help you out for under $300, but surely the pop star paid a premium: Beyonce had the Marant shoes re-skinned with a really tacky combination of stingray, ostrich, calf fur, crocodile and anaconda. Gross. If Beyonce thinks she has so much to prove that she needs to get her (luxury designer) sneakers customized with a melange of rare animal skins, there's no hope for the rest of us. 

The Telegraph reports that PETA has taken the unsual step of releasing a statement to protest the animal-skin shoes:

"These custom-made kicks come with a high price and it's paid by the various animals who were beaten and skinned alive or cruelly farmed and killed. Although most people aren't as familiar with the types of animals (snakes, stingrays, crocodiles, and ostriches) killed for this single pair of sneakers as they are with the cats and dogs we share our homes with, these animals are highly sensitive living beings who try hard to avoid capture and suffer enormously when trapped, netted, speared, and skinned alive."

Ew sneakers made out of cat fur, I can already see the sick wheels turning in Karl Lagerfeld's brain. 

Image via PMK

RelatedLooking for Isabel Marant Sneakers? Beware of Fakes! (Forum Buzz)

*The shoes retail for just under $400, which is some hundreds of dollars more than I can/would spend on sneakers, but actually surprisingly decent for such a hot-ticket item. Like, if you wanted a pair more than anything, you'd only have to go without food for a few weeks. 


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How a Whole Foods Juice Box Led the NYPD to a Fashion Publicist Turned Art Thief

Yesterday, a fashion publicist plead guilty to stealing a Salvador Dali painting from an Upper East Side gallery. The Daily Mail reports that he was discovered when the police matched his fingerprints to ones that were on a juice box he'd previously stolen from Whole Foods. By pleading guilty, he's avoiding jail time but will have to pay $9,100 in restitution until he is formally sentenced in March. At that point he'll probably be deported to Greece. 

Last year, Phivos Istavrioglou was just an unknown Greek man who security cameras filmed removing a pricy work of art from a gallery wall and stuffing it in a plastic shopping bag. (Which, from what I understand, is a not uncommon way to steal famous paintings. This is all hearsay, but when I was in college, some kid stole a Jasper Johns using the exact same method. He took it home with him on the subway. A few months later, a security guard showed at one of his classes being like, "Hey?")

Our hero fled to Europe, but when he saw that the NYPD was on the hunt (they were sharing screenshots from the security camera which showed him just casually stealing a famous painting with major news outlets all around the world), he removed the Dali from its frame, rolled it up into a poster tube and sent it back to the U.S. 

Since he didn't take any measures to prevent himself from fingerprinting all over the tube and the painting before sending it back, police quickly discovered that they were dealing with the same idiot who'd stolen juice from Whole Foods the previous year. (Literally, anyone that's ever seen a police procedural or like, Pretty Little Liars even, would have worn gloves and bypassed the whole fingerprint situation.)

The cops "lured him" back into the U.S. by (true story) posing as an art consultant at a gallery which neighbored the one he stole from. This guy is being such an unbelievable idiot I have to think this is either 1) a weird, poorly calculated guerrilla marketing scheme for either Moncler, the high-end French outerwear brand he's been a publicist for, or the gallery he thieved from (as reported last year by NBC), Venus Over Manhattan, or 2) a performance art piece?



Collage made with Sketchfu juice box


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Glamour UK’s January Jones Cover is an Argument Against Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2013 Collection

Here's January Jones on the cover of Glamour UK's April issue, wearing one of Louis Vuitton's atrocious Spring 2013 looks

I get that all fashion editors and stylists have spent the past few months obsessed with showing mod-inspired designer spring fashion, because monochrome graphic prints were "all over the runways," but we as fashion consumers are suffering because of this, subject to seeing the same dumb idea rehashed over and over again by a print media that still thinks "We're mad for January Jones" and "5 Super Hot Sex Fantasies" are compelling and original cover lines worthy of a national magazine. 

Obviously, everything about the cover is unbearable, from Jones' pose to that floofy side-part bob, but I've got to say that the most insulting aspect is the way the color scheme almost perfectly replicates the collection's ad campaign and runway set, showing an astonishing lack of imagination on the part of Glamour UK's editorial staff. They didn't even try! This is the photo equivalent of reprinting a press release.

Image via TFS Forums


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Link Buzz: FNO Is Over; Kim Kardashian Covers Cosmo

  • There are two kinds of people in the world: those that'll miss Fashion's Night Out and those that won't. [Fashionologie]
  • Would colorblocked hair by any other name still be as chic? [BellaSugar]
  • If you have a tweed mini and ankle strap heels, give them to me so I can wear them together. [FabSugar]
  • Kim Kardashian covered Cosmo because it was a really good idea. [DailyStab]
  • Anne Hathaway apologized for her unpopular Prada Oscars dress: "I deeply regret any disappointment caused." Now the healing process can begin. [Earsucker]  
  • Can you tell which ankle boots are the Isabel Marants and which are the (significantly less expensive) Steve Madden knock-offs? [SheFinds]

Image via WENN

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