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Watch: Derek and Hansel Prove They Don’t Know Anything About Politics on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Zoolander 2

Photo: Saturday Night Live

Derek Zoolander and Hansel (known off the runway as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) proved their obliviousness is still strong 15 years later by talking politics on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. 

With what surely has to be one of their final stops during the marketing marathon that is the Zoolander 2 promo trail, the male models stopped by the comedy show’s “Weekend Update” to discuss current US presidential candidates including “Tom Cruise” (ah, Ted Cruz), “Donnie” Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, honing in on each of their personal styles. 

The pair also make reference to other leaders around the world, like Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un (brother to “Kim Kardashi-un”), which will make even the most politically ignorant feel like they’re totally in-the-know. So, if you’re unsure about your level of intelligence, watch the video for yourself below for some major clarification.  (more…)

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Anna Wintour Allegedly Hates the Kardashian Architectural Digest Cover — and So Does Instagram

It’s rare that Anna Wintour and the public see eye-to-eye on the Kardashians. She famously gave Kim Kardashian a cover, infuriating Vogue purists everywhere. But the Condé Nast artistic director may have changed her stance on the famous family in recent weeks. Architectural Digest chose Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian as its March 2016 newsstand cover stars, a move that Wintour allegedly did not approve of, according to WWD.

Anna Wintour isn’t alone in her criticism of AD‘s new cover. One glance at the magazine’s Instagram page and you’ll find comments like, “Oh I just CAN’T WAIT to hear their thoughts on architecture. Prepare to be #inspiredbyidiots” and “I feel like I can see more of their body parts than interior on this pic.” Ouch.

But Margaret Russell may have the last laugh. An AD representative told WWD that its website saw “its biggest traffic day ever” on the day the cover image was released, not to mention a slew of new fans on social media. Perhaps Russell decided, like Anna Wintour did with Kim’s Vogue cover, that the digital boost is worth the controversy.

[via WWD]

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Burberry and Tom Ford Are the Latest Designers to Show In-Season Collections at Fashion Week

Burberry Fall 2015

Burberry Fall 2015; Image: IMaxTree

Change is coming to the Fashion Week schedule. Just weeks after Rebecca Minkoff introduced her consumer-facing model, major fashion houses Burberry and Tom Ford announced fashion shows that coincide with in-store deliveries.

Burberry will send “seasonless” collections down the runway starting September of this year. They’ll present two annual shows with items available immediately after the models leave the runway. “Our shows have been evolving to close this gap for some time,” Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey told WWD. “From live-streams, to ordering straight from the runway, to live social media campaigns, this is the latest step in a creative process that will continue to evolve.”

Why the Outdated Fashion Week Model Needs to Change ]

Tom Ford is eager to close “the gap between runway and retail” as well, he revealed today in a press release. His Fall 2016 menswear and womenswear collections, showing in September, will be available for immediate purchase. “We spend an enormous amount of money and energy to stage an event that creates excitement too far in advance of when the collection is available to the consumer,” he said in a statement. “Showing the collection as it arrives in stores will remedy this, and allow the excitement that is created by a show or event to drive sales and satisfy our customers’ increasing desire to have their clothes as they are ready to wear them.” (more…)

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Owen Wilson’s Interview Cover May Be Just a Bit TOO Gritty (Forum Buzz)

More often than not, Photoshop can completely ruin magazine covers for us, but Interview should’ve considered using a little on its February 2016 cover. Casting to the side our copies featuring the now controversial shoot with Kylie Jenner for December/January, we welcome the sight of something different. American actor Owen Wilson appears before the lens of photographer Gregory Harris for a gritty, unretouched shoot with harsh lighting.

Interview February 2016 : Owen Wilson by Gregory Harris


Our forum members were far from impressed. “I want to like it but I can’t. There’s something about the contrast that hurts my eyes,” ranted MON immediately.

“He looks really rough. I don’t think that high contrast was a good idea,” added MyNameIs. (more…)

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Tickets for Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 Fashion Show at Madison Square Garden Sold Out in Minutes

Yeezy season 2

Image: @adidas

Standard fashion shows are so last season. Kanye West is hosting a premiere event this Fashion Week at which he’ll celebrate his album release and debut Yeezy Season 3 at the same time. Oh, and it’s being held at Madison Square Garden because of course it is.

Contemporary artist Vanessa Beecroft will perform, Waves or Swish or So Help Me Good will blast from the sound system and there will most certainly be a Kardashian sighting. So what did West charge for the Fashion Week event of a lifetime? A mere $50-$135 for the people lucky enough to get a ticket. The show sold out in just ten minutes.

Don’t fret, Yeezy fans. Saint’s Dad is graciously streaming the event in select cinemas around the world. We can’t wait to see what sweatshirts he comes up with this season.

[via International Business Times]

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There’s Something Off About Drew Barrymore’s Harper’s Bazaar Cover (Forum Buzz)

We’re forever calling out Harper’s Bazaar for serving up cover after cover with the same old formula. But we need to give credit where it’s due and this month, Bazaar thankfully switches up its roster of cover photographers by tapping Jean-Paul Goude to capture the magazine’s March 2016 cover subject. Drew Barrymore is the publication’s latest conquest, shot by the legendary French photographer for a series of unconventional fashion photos. On the newsstand cover (pictured below), the actress wears an eye-catching white gown — but that’s not exactly what caught our attention.

US Harper's Bazaar March 2016 : Drew Barrymore by Jean-Paul Goude


Members of our forums could not hold their tongues for long. “She’s been sporting these thicker eyebrows lately and I’m not sure they’re flattering to her,” acknowledged t-rex straight away.

“There is indeed something off with her face, those eyebrows are not working,” laughed Nymphaea. (more…)