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Saint Laurent Is Making Bank with Hedi Slimane

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

For all the criticism Hedi Slimane has received at the helm of Saint Laurent, you would think the house wasn’t doing well. But in reality, Saint Laurent is soaring. Parent company Kering announced sales figures for the label, and it turns out that since hiring Slimane, revenue for the house has continued to increase. 

Since Slimane’s stint at the helm of Saint Laurent started three years ago, the brand has doubled its revenue, clocking in at €707.3 million in 2014. 

Even with all the drama behind seating at fashion shows and fighting with critics, fashion is a business and if you’re earning money, that’s really all that matters. The folks at Kering seem to have no problem with Slimane, despite the polarizing opinions the designer has drawn. Keep on keepin’ on, Slimane.

[via Fashionista]

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Has Ajay Rochester Started a Social Movement to Drop the “Plus-Size” Label?

Photo: Laura Wells

Photo: Laura Wells

Model Laura Wells and former The Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester were at war earlier this week over the use of the “plus-size” label in the modelling industry, and now that another model, Melbourne-based Stefania Ferrario, has chimed in on the topic, we think we could have some kind of inspirational body-image movement on our hands.

It all started when Ajay posted a stomach-baring pic of Laura in The Upside’s latest campaign to Instagram on Sunday, slamming the media, and this article in particular, for describing her as plus-size. “How the FUK can this woman be considered plus size?” She asked. (more…)

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FTL Moda Casts Models with Disabilities for Their Fall 2015 Show

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

While much of the fashion industry struggles with diversity on its runways, FTL Moda completely embraced it. The label showed its Fall 2015 collection this weekend, tapping the talents of a crop of disabled models to take a turn in their wares. Wheelchair-bound beauties, amputees, people on crutches and the able-bodied alike stormed the catwalk. 

The show was done in collaboration with Italy’s Fondazione vertical, an organization that researches spinal chord injuries. All the models looked downright fierce in their looks. It’s easy to forget that there are other levels of diversity, especially in an industry that is so plagued in general by a lack of racial diversity. But it is not just people of color who are underrepresented on the runways. Jack Eyers, one of the models in the show became the first male amputee to walk the runway. There are millions of people in the world who love fashion and are disabled – shouldn’t they be represented too?

“It is a very significant moment in my fashion career,” show producer Ilaria Niccolini said. “This opportunity to finally open the most recognized runways in the world to these beautiful talents, ready to show that disability is very often just a mental state by performing on the runway next  to some of the best models on the scene.” 

[via BuzzFeed]

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WATCH: Victoria Beckham’s Models Prep for Show Day

Fashion shows seem like all glitz and glamour, but it takes a lot of work to get the models to look like they do before hitting the runway. Backstage at fashion shows is chaotic, but if you don’t do well in frenzied crowds, Victoria Beckham is here to help.

The designer just release a GoPro video clip that follows a few models as they make their way backstage during show day. Watch as the models go from messy hair and no makeup to the sleek and chic simplicity as they give you an inside look at the action that goes on before they hit the runway.

[Victoria Beckham Youtube]

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AnOther Magazine Dedicates Spring 2015 Issue to Alexander McQueen (Forum Buzz)

Brace yourself for even more choice at the newsstand as yet another publication opts for multi-covers. AnOther Magazine is the latest mag to drop on our forums, delivering three spectacular covers for us to discuss. The London-based fashion and culture magazine dedicated its entire Spring 2015 issue to Alexander McQueen, whose legacy takes center stage making us very happy bunnies. Rihanna, Léa Seydoux and Stella Lucia (whose cover we absolutely adore) are AnOther Magazine‘s newest cover stars and have sent our forum members into a frenzy.

AnOther Magazine Spring 2015 Alexander McQueen


We’ve made it clear which cover we’ll be hunting down at the newsstand. “I NEED that Stella Lucia cover and finally someone making an actual effort to celebrate McQueen’s legacy! So looking forward to this issue, it better not disappoint,” raved mistress_f.

“WOW! I’ve never seen Rihanna so impressive like this before. Stella’s cover is my most favorite. It looks very exotic and obsessive,” Koibito added.

Nepenthes was also a fan: “Stella’s cover is easily one of the best fashion images I’ve ever seen.”

Sharing the same sentiments was SugarMe: “Oh wow, this might be the first issue of AnOther I’ll purchase since 2011. Can’t wait to see the contents. I do wish they would have stuck only to Stella’s cover, it would have been so much more impactful. I never liked the redesigned logo, to be honest. This isn’t as good as the first, in my opinion, but it’s better than the last one.”

Stella’s cover is sure to sell out fast. “Another McQueen tribute. I am not complaining. Stella’s cover is amazing. Bless Nick Knight,” coutugh shared.

Miss Dalloway wasn’t impressed at the sight of Rihanna, however. “Oh you got to be kidding me with Rihanna at this point! For crying out loud, give us a damn break! She is everywhere, yet so many other great choices, I digress! Léa’s cover is nice,” she noted.

Await the contents of the issue and check out all three covers for yourself inside our thread here. Let us know which is your favorite!

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