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Link Buzz: Bloggers Respond to Suzy Menkes; A Tabloid Suggests Kanye Bought Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy

  • Bloggers respond to Suzy Menkes' takedown of bloggers because I don't know what she thought would happen. [Fashionologie]
  • Milan Fashion Week is kicking off and lots of famous people are attending shows wearing outfits you've never seen them wear before. [FabSugar]
  • This list of ten things you should do the night before your wedding includes checking into your honeymoon flight, watching a funny movie, using the bathroom if you feel like you need to. [SheFinds]
  • If you want to know how to do Anna Sui's Fall 2013 beauty look, I can't help you except by posting a link to a video tutorial directly after this sentence. [BellaSugar]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker covered Harper's Bazaar China because she's a famous lady. [EarSucker]
  • Star says Kim Kardashian was paid $22 million dollars to get pregnant, which would essentially make her a surrogate for herself. Or something. I'm chewing on it. [HaveUHeard]

Image by Bridget Fleming for The Fashion Spot

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Ruby Jean Wilson is a Post-Punk Androgyne for Russh Magazine’s 50th Issue

Around this time last Fashion Month, she was busy dominating minds and runways (predominantly Marc Jacobs’) as a modern day Edie Sedgwick, and now Ruby Jean Wilson is being equally easy on the eyes as a Nick Cave-inspired androgyne on the pages of Russh.

February 2013 marks the magazine’s 50th issue, and to celebrate the milestone, they’ve put together an ode to film and film icons.

The brown-again blonde-again Aussie model is brown again for the tough yet polished spread, which shows off the styling chops of fashion and beauty editor Billie Iveson. Ruby is striking as a youthfully morose post-punk legend untouched by the harsh realities of balding and social media, posing in crisp white shirts, braces, waistcoats and leather.

Hairstylist Renya Xydis is also deserving of props for Ruby’s waxy mohawk. We love Ruby as a blonde as much as we love her as a brunette, but a little styling product is no doubt far better for your tresses than copious packets of bleach. It should also help Ruby score points in the impending winter campaign war, although the model has been a lot less visible on this season’s runways than she was on the last one's. Nick Cave’s own dearly departed hair will certainly be reeling either way.

Russh’s 50th issue also features a slightly NSFW shoot with the newly engaged Bambi, and is on shelves in Australia now. 


Images: Priscilla's Models blog

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Coco Rocha is Dancing with Herself for White House Black Market

Supermodel, co-host of TV’s The Face and all-around Canadian beauty, Coco Rocha, is taking center stage/tabletop for White House Black Market’s Spring 2013 ad campaign.

Dancing her way through six head-to-toe workwear looks from the White House Black Market WorkKit Collection, Coco brings a sense of vibrancy and freshness to an otherwise static, robotic work environment. Photographer and director Ellen Von Unwerth captures the images for the spring collection, which stresses an easily swappable modular wardrobe based on a minimalistic palette of black, white and the introduction of one other colour each season (this time being fuchsia).

Noticeably, Coco's hair is back to brunette, but regardless, she still appears fierce and fiery as she shimmies around the sterile set. Did you know that she has a background in Irish clogging and was actually scouted at one of her dance competitions? That explains a lot.

For last season's White House Black Market ad campaign, she stunned us all by tapping like a pro, shifting outfits while never missing a step. Since the campaign has done so well — and since we love watching models dance — Black Market asked her back. Now, the just-released video created and produced by New York-based creative agency ceft and company, under the creative direction of Ucef Hanjani, proves she's still got the moves like Jagger, and can quite effortlessly make like Billy Idol and dance with herself. Check it out below and let us know what you think of a) the dancing, b) the clothing, or c) all of the above.


Images via White House Black Market

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See Michelle Obama’s Second Official White House Portrait

Image via White House Flickr; official portrait by Chuck Kennedy

I am trying to find an interesting angle to this whole "The White House just posted Michelle Obama's second official portrait to Flickr" post, and I've got nothing, which must mean this is a successful expression of the form. Official portraits aspire to blandness and it's a bad sign when they produce news, because it's never positive. Case in point: the horrifying first Palace-commisioned painting of Kate Middleton which made the Internet rounds earlier last month. When you're the wife of a leader of the free world, all press is not good press. A lot of press is bad press. 

So hurrah: Obama's second term White House portrait is perfectly ordinary. The photo showcases her controversial bangs but that's only because they're situated on her head, the centerpiece of the image. The First Lady shows her unconventional demeanor and relaxed manner with off-center pearls but come on, they're pearls. If words cast shadows, no one would ever have to use the words "pearls" and "conventional" in the same sentence

The First Lady pairs the necklace with a dark navy dress. It's cute. It has elbow-length sleeves; there's even an asymmetrical seam running down the front. But "bold fashion choice" it is not. 

Wedding ring, glossy pink lipstick, neutral nails: I am practically falling asleep but still, this is one for the literal history books. 

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Does Rihanna’s River Island Collection Look Better On Cats?

Rihanna showed her River Island collection as part of London Fashion Week and the critical reception has not been positive. It hasn't even been neutral. The Daily Beast was particularly blunt, using adjectives like "hideous," "slutty" (okay, Tom Sykes, is that like, an official fashion term or something you just like to say about what women are wearing?) and "predictable" to describe it. It's too bad Rihanna was looking forward to seeing the "reaction from … the fashion press."

As our own Chrissy Makkas said on the TFS Twitter, "Why design a clothing line if you're the only person on earth who will (kind of) look good in it?" I thought Chrissy had a point, but wondered — what if Rihanna's River Island collection wasn't for people at all? Would the line would look better on cats? 

No, but at least the cats aren't ruined by what they're wearing. (It's hard to ruin cats.)

The Rihanna x River Island collection will launch on March 5th at Opening Ceremony in the US and the UK. Cats not included. 

Images via WENN

PreviouslyRihanna to Debut Her River Island Collection at London Fashion Week

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Kate Middleton’s “Baby Bump” Wears MaxMara to Its First Public Appearance

Image via Getty

Today, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the pregnant human woman formerly known as "Kate Middleton," appeared in public at the Hope House, an addiction treatment center in South London. The whole occasion was obviously just a photo op designed to showcase Middleton's never-before-seen pregnant belly and the Duchess dressed appropriately, choosing a printed blue MaxMara wrap dress which practically screams, "There is a royal life forming in my belly!" 

The MaxMara dress is currently sold out. No word yet on whether the label is in talks to produce a maternity line. 


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