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I Bet You’ll Like Derek Lam’s Kohl’s Collection

Sometimes well-known high-end designers do this thing called a "capsule collection" of special, limited-edition pieces for a mass retailer, commonly priced far below their main label. The phenomenon has taken off in the past few years, pioneered by companies like Target and H&M.

I try to avoid paying attention to designer collaborations, because there's a new one being announced like, every second, and many of these lower-priced lines suffer from serious quality control issues made worse by the overblown hype. But I have it on good authority that Derek Lam's collection for Kohl's does the mass retailer collab thing right: items are unlined but made with "nice silky/rayon material."

Inspired by Rio de Janeiro, these pieces are versatile, original and stylish. I can see women of different body types, ages and aesthetic points of view wearing Lam's Kohl's collection and looking good. Also there's a jumpsuit which I could spend an entire season living in. 

The price point here is higher than what you might expect from the department store, with pieces retailing from $36 – $88. The collection will be available at Kohl's and on in April. 

Images vai Kohl's


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Numero’s Racist “African Queen” Editorial Stars White Model Ondria Hardin in Blackface [UPDATE]

Well this is just stupidly racist: Numero cast 16-year-old white model Ondria Hardin in an editorial called "African Queen" and um, "styled" her in blackface for the shoot. (Originally spotted by Foudre.)

This, of course, would have been a nice opportunity to hire a black model, as there aren't many jobs available for non-white models (as Jezebel pointed out, 82 percent of the models at New York Fashion Week this season were white) and some might argue (I would argue) that the lack of racial diversity in the fashion industry promotes a standard of beauty which verges on (slash is) white supremacist. 

But no. It's better to hire a white model and have her wearing blackface. And then have her pose in an editorial which fetishizes and objectifies the cultural heritage of the models you didn't hire. 

Controversy has dogged Hardin since the beginning of her career: At 14, the young model was the face of Prada and included Ford Models' show package. Last year, the 15-year-old walked for Marc Jacobs and was featured in Chanel's Spring 2013 campaign, violating an industry-wide effort to improve working conditions for models by casting only over-16 girls. “She doesn’t look 15. She looks 18 or 19,” Karl Lagerfeld said (infuriatingly), failing to explain why he didn't just hire an 18-year-old instead. 

It's only a matter of time before someone puts Hardin in a padded bodysuit and casts her in a plus-size ad. 

[UpdateNumero Pseudo-Apologizes for "African Queen" Editorial]


Images via TFS Forums


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Zooey Deschanel Cut Her Signature Hair, Seems Sad [UPDATE: Maybe Not]

Who was that person walking around in Zooey Deschanel's body last night at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party? There's good reason to suspect that the New Girl actress has been posessed by someone who hates bangs and signature shoulder-length hair, because the human formerly known as Zooey Deschanel looks so sad to have bobbed hair and be bangs-less. This is going to have huge implications for the world of bangs.

Image via WENN

[UPDATE: Zooey Deschanel appeared on Conan last night with her hair looking normal: long, voluminous, be-banged. Something's not right, and we believe that something is either an evil twin, a Cylon clone or a faux bob. A faux bob! There's no way. Only if Zooey's favorite beauty product is called "magic."] 

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Is Model Stephanie Carta Making a High Fashion Comeback?

25-year-old former Balenciaga favourite and party circuit habitué Stephanie Carta has returned to the runway. [frockwriter] reports that the Sydney model walked in five London Fashion Week shows including Christopher Raeburn, Richard Nicoll, L’Wren Scott, Antonio Berardi and the International Woolmark Prize (at which fellow Sydneysider Dion Lee represented Australia).

Prior to that, Carta had been absent from international modelling for many months, and despite maintaining a rather glamorous Twitter account, has only been featured prominently on party photo blogs like The Cobrasnake. The last post on her thread was an average series of photos from the David Jones fashion show back in 2011 — around the same time Catherine McNeil started copping flack for hanging out with her. On one photo of the two going hobo chic in questionable scarf/curtain-type things attracted comments including but not limited to “Carta ruins people” and “for the love of god DITCH CARTA!!!”

Carta and Dion Lee at the International Woolmark Prize in London, via Carta's Instagram

Catherine McNeil’s hiatus from the runway worked magic for her career, with editorials by Mario Testino, Hedi Slimane and Terry Richardson plus spreads for Carine Roitfeld’d CR Fashion Book more than making up for her two-year absence. And in recent months, it seems Carta might be attempting to follow suit. According to her Twitter, she’s jumped on the kale-heavy and gluten-free diet bandwagon, and as long as the trend for models who look older than 12 continues to last, she could still have a relatively successful runway career ahead of her yet. 

One telling factor will be whether she makes an appearance in any of the impending Paris shows. During 2007, Carta moved to Paris for five months to work for Balenciaga, modelling for the brand’s Pre-Fall 2008 lookbook and walking in their A/W 08/09 show. If she can snag a spot in Balenciaga circa Wang we can probably use the word “comeback” with a little more confidence.

Image: IMAXtree

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Alice and Olivia’s Spring 2013 Campaign Video Is Just What Your Monday Needs

Alice and Olivia

Here's a fashion film that won't make you want to roll your eyesAlice and Olivia's Spring 2013 campaign video which, despite going a little too hard on moddish graphic prints (I get it, every designer working in fashion today: If I'm not wearing black-and-white vertical stripes in a month's time, I shouldn't even be allowed to leave the house) is charming and delightful. It's refreshing to see a campaign video which doesn't pretend to be anything else (a vehicle for showing clothes, selling clothes), but it also seems like whoever made this had a lot of fun. 

Credit's due to videographer Rowena True and models Stacey Bendet (also the brand's founding designer), Tali Lennox, Georgiana Saraev and Ksenia Vasylchenko. Music is “Overdose” by indie pop trio Little Daylight.




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Would You Like to See Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Making Babies on the Cover of L’Officiel Hommes?

The answer to the question posed in the headline should be, according to all that is good and just and fair in the world, "No!" – and yet here we are.

Yes, you did want to see Kim Kardashian and Kanye West copulate on the cover of L'Officiel Hommes Paris' Spring 2013 issue. And now that you've seen it, you can't unsee it. I'm sorry. We don't offer lobotomies here at The Fashion Spot. 

This is really the problem with all things Kimye: They are no longer (in Kim's case, particularly) famous for being famous, they are famous for being hated, and it's this self-perpetuating thing, an infinite feedback loop of their fame and our hatred of them and how our hatred fans their fame. It's like a bad codependent relationship. 

It's probably beyond the scope of this blog post to try figure out why we're stuck on Kim and Kanye, but I can't fault L'Officiel for this cover. It's cynical, but sometimes at work you just have to do things that … work. Nearly every blog on the Internet is a cup of coffee away from putting up a post with a headline like, SEE KIM AND KANYE SEX ON MAGAZINE SHOCKING. And L'Officiel is going to get more attention and more newsstand sales than if they ran a cover which featured a real person who does interesting things. 

Image via TFS Forums

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