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Leandra Medine Finished That Book of Essays

A few hours ago, Leandra Medine Instagrammed a shot of her computer screen open to the Word doc title page of her upcoming book of essays, which is apparently called Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.

The picture was captioned, "It's done! It's done! It's done! It's done! It's done!" Medine was not, I believe, talking about a cake. 

In July 2012, The Business of Fashion reported that the blogger behind the popular site, Man Repeller, was working on a book that would be published in September 2013 by Grand Central Publishing. “It’s based on the notion that the female memory is so driven by fashion," she said at the time. "I can tell you exactly what I was wearing when I met my husband, when he first broke up with me, when we got back together.”

Medine has broad fashion industry support, a passionate fanbase and a sick title. And now, thanks to my mad Photoshop skillz (above), she also has a killer cover for her book. That thing is gonna fly off the shelves. 

Images via Instagram, WENN

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Is Apple Bringing Back the Snap Bracelet?

Even though fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg got gimmicky with Google Goggles at her Spring 2013 runway show (according to recent news, the tech company has since tapped eyewear brand Warby Parker to chic up the futuristic glasses) and designer Vivienne Tam partnered with HP in 2008 on a special-edition notebook meant to appeal to the fashion conscious, if there's a single company which effectively straddles the line between high tech and luxury brand, it's definitely Apple.

Vogue is such an Apple fanboy that this month's issue even has an iPad Mini-themed editorial — you can see a shot from the spread on the right — and it's crazy effective. The iPad Mini retails for less than the iPad 4 (compare $329 to $499 for the most basic versions), making the Apple tablet accessible to a broader swath of consumers. This is, of course, good news for Vogue and its parent company Condé Nast, which hopes to preserve its magazine products in the digital age by migrating to tablet-based sales.

What I'm saying is: it's no secret that editor Anna Wintour lets advertising and editorial cross-pollinate, but Vogue has plenty of incentives to feature the iPad Mini with or without an Apple advertising relationship — the fashion glossy wants people to buy the tablet, download their app, get a digital subscription, all so that the Vogue brand can live in perpetuity. Everything about the above photo works on me: the shot features a girl with bangs sitting at a coffeeshop, wearing a million rings ("Ring parties are the new arm parties," Fashionista's Lauren Sherman declared earlier this month) and reading something (Elle, surely) on an iPad Mini. I saw this, and had an immediate gut reaction: Must get bangs, must buy rings. I haven't acted on either impulse — am currently showing lots of forehead and typing with bare, unmanicured fingers — but a couple days later, I did finally download Vogue's app onto my iPad Mini (I'd been resisting). 

If Apple products are already treated like accessories by an authority like Vogue, I can only imagine the fashion spreads we'll get if and when the tech company releases an actual accessory. According to PatentlyApple, yesterday the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple "that reveals an advanced wearable computer in the form of a bracelet that could double as a watch." It's a snap bracelet, which light of my life, fire of my loins — snap bracelets deserve a comeback like nothing else. The so-called iWatch will allow the wearer to adjust a playlist, review call history, respond to a text message with a virtual keyboard and most importantly, feel like the singularity really is near.

Image via the TFS Forums


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‘Girls’ Actress Zosia Mamet is Blonde Now

Zosia Mamet

Image via WENN

Actress Zosia Mamet plays the best character on Girls (Shoshanna) but she dyed her hair blonde so I guess I don't love her anymore. Sorry. I just don't appreciate how she's trying to look like everyone else. That shouldn't reflect on how I'll feel about her character, but it will because I know I will never sell out my quirky individuality and unique brunette look and I just can't respect someone who has. I am always going to be true to myself and everyone should be more like me. 

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Lindsay Lohan Destroyed a $1,750 Loaner Gown, Probably As a Favor

A couple weeks of ago, Lindsay Lohan appeared on the amfAR "black" carpet looking fresh-faced and glamorous. She kept her makeup light and her long red hair loose, but most importantly, she wore a slinky sparkly Theia gown which perfectly matched the glimmer of hope I get whenever I see Lindsay appear to be functioning. 

Unfortunately, the actress (I can call her that, right?) decided to take the night in a different direction and crush (should be "take a scissor to" but I can't) my dreams.

According to Us Weekly, Lindsay's gown was actually a loaner and she destroyed it, re-hemming it with a mullet-style skirt (pictured below). She claims the alteration was the necessary byproduct of an accident: she ripped the dress at a club following the fundraiser but "couldn't possibly wear it like that," so she borrowed scissors from a bouncer and showed off those mad skills she developed during her Ungaro days

The dress retails for $1,750, so yeah: she wouldn't exactly make the world's best Rent the Runway customer, but in the end, Lindsay did Theia a favor (kinda) with all this free publicity. And I bet the dress could auction for double its original worth, if this is too big of a loss for the label to swallow.

Also she did the world a favor by finally laying the mullet skirt to rest. IT'S DEAD. The tombstone:


Images via WENN, UsWeekly

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Conan O’Brien Talks to Joe Galliano About His Brother’s “Hasidic Outfit” Controversy

No one's saying Bridget Foley's take on the recent controversy surrounding John Galliano's possibly Hasidic-inspired outfit wasn't thoughtful and informative, but of course her contribution was limited simply because, unlike Conan O'Brien, she didn't land an exclusive with the former Dior designer's brother, Joe Galliano

I don't know what Conan's got on Joe, but the less-famous Galliano has (presumably) refused to grant interviews to anyone else, making TBS's Team Coco the premier destination for all your Joe Galliano infotainment needs. 

The Frenchman appeared on the program in a segment to show off the newest additions to his chapeau stockpile and talk about his brother's recent media scrape. 


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Daria Werbowy Covers Vogue Ukraine’s Debut Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Ukraine March 2013 - Daria Werbowy

There have been quite a few new editions of Vogue cropping up as of late, but this debut issue of Vogue Ukraine for March 2013 somehow feels the most promising. Daria Werbowy fronts the issue in a look from Prada’s Spring 2013 collection, and a new publication really couldn’t ask for a better cover model (though I may be biased – I heart Daria forever).

“Wowza! That cover looks amazing!” Elfinkova exclaimed.

“Wow, yes, that looks very good!” Psylocke agreed. “Love the styling and the clean layout. Daria is a great choice for the debut issue, obviously (I know, I know, everyone wanted Snejana Onopka). Makes me very excited for the content, it looks absolutely promising!”

I’ll spare you the additional chorus of fawning adoration in the forums (though this cover deserves it). Ukrainians can look forward to interviews with Daria, Yelena Yemchuk, Sofia Rotaru, Asia Mhitarian, Milla Jovovich, and Sonya Delone.

This looks like a promising start, and let’s hope the content can match the cover.

Image: twitter/@Fashionweek_TV

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