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Mary-Kate Olsen Secretly Married Olivier Sarkozy Over the Weekend

Image: GC Images/Getty Images

Image: GC Images/Getty Images

This should make you feel old: one of the Olsen twins just got married. Full House star-cum-designer Mary-Kate Olsen wed French banker Olivier Sarkozy on Friday. Olsen kept her wedding secret from the public, jumping the broom in front of 50 guests at a private home in NYC. Since Sarkozy is the half-brother of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy and Mary-Kate is a paparazzi magnet, it’s no surprise they chose to keep the ceremony under wraps. Guests were even asked to turn their cell phones off at the event. Attendees were allowed to help themselves to “bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes,” Page Six reports. “Everyone smoked the whole night.” And enjoyed Starbucks coffees, we’re guessing. 

The new bride is seventeen years younger than her husband, a fact that drew criticism from media and fans while they were dating. Olsen addressed their age difference in an interview with WSJ Magazine in 2014, saying, “Everyone has an opinion. I find it’s better to focus on what’s in front of you and to keep putting one foot in front of the other.” The child star is clearly unbothered by naysayers and looking forward to stepping into the role of wife and stepmom to Sarkozy’s two kids from a previous marriage.

Sadly, our hopes of a Full House mini-reunion at the wedding were dashed when Bob Saget admitted he wasn’t even invited to the nuptials. He told NBC’s Today“I was not invited, but I’m very happy and I sent a mazel tov text,” adding, “I’m very happy. I love her very much. I hope they’re happy.” 

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Emma Watson Looks Radiant on Porter’s Winter Escape Cover (Forum Buzz)

Porter continues to knock it out of the park, producing fabulous covers one after the other. We were perfectly content flicking through our copies of the magazine’s Winter 2015 issue with Marion Cotillard on the cover until Porter unveiled its brand new Winter Escape 2015 edition over the holiday weekend. On the effortlessly beautiful new cover, we’re greeted with a radiant Emma Watson gazing down the lens of Cass Bird. Putting Emma’s latest British Vogue cover to shame, the actress photographed beautifully wearing a striped shirt from Louis Vuitton.

Porter #12 Winter Escape 2015 : Emma Watson by Cass Bird


Make no mistake that our forum members were fans from the start. “Simple, but gorgeous, so much better than her awful U.K. Vogue cover this year!”

Miss Dalloway applauded. “Another hit for Porter; Emma looks absolutely stunning!” praised Nepenthes. (more…)

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The 90s Are Back, According to Google Shopping Searches

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

According to Google, our shopping habits are the equivalent of a Throwback Thursday post. Adidas Superstars, Levi’s jeans and bomber jackets are among the top items trending on the search engine, WWD reports. Google compared online retail trends from October 2014 to October of this year and discovered that we’re all trying to relive the 90s with our clothing purchases. 

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In fact, interest in bomber jackets, Levi’s jeans and Adidas Superstars doubled from that of last year because it’s obviously still 1993. Other popular items include adult onesies (thank you Katy Perry), toy drones, hoverboards, smart watches and smart TVs. Most surprisingly, there’s been an uptick in purchases of Polaroid cameras and Fujifilm Instax. Next thing you know, we’ll be buying cassette tapes and Walkmans again. 

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Who else is planning to cap off this bout of nostalgia by rewatching Clueless in Tommy Hilfiger boxers Christmas morning? 

[via WWD]

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Kylie Jenner’s Long-Awaited Lipstick Kit Launches Today



A photo posted by Lip Kit By Kylie (@lipkitbykylie) on

Kylie Jenner continues to capitalize on the attention surrounding her curiously large lips. In October, she posted a lip tutorial on her app that was followed by a T-shirt about the media’s obsession with her puckers in early November. Today, she launches a full lip kit for fans trying to emulate her famed pout, injections not included.

The Kylie lip kit includes a biodegradable matte liquid lipstick and liner. It comes in three shades: Dolce K, Candy K and True Brown K. The packaging bears an image of Kylie’s actual lips with the lipstick dripping over her mouth. Classy. She’s also wearing grills in the picture because of course she is.


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A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Kylie has been promoting the lip kit incessantly on social media, even swatching the lipstick colors on Snapchat. If you’re dying to emulate Kylie’s lips, the collection will be available today at 12:00 p.m. EST/9 a.m. PST. But hurry before she decides she’s over full lips again. (more…)

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Amy Schumer and Serena Williams Pose for Revamped Pirelli Calendar

Courtesy: Pirelli

Courtesy: Pirelli

Traditionally, the Pirelli calendar features stunning supermodels in varying states of undress. Though one supermodel (Natalia Vodianova) appears in the 43rd edition, which launched today, the new roster spans across age, shape and profession. Pirelli enlisted women like tennis icon Serena Williams, comedian Amy Schumer, director Ava DuVernay and former blogger/magazine editor Tavi Gevinson.

Courtesy: Pirelli

Courtesy: Pirelli

Photographer Annie Leibovitz is the genius behind this year’s new direction. “Pirelli came to me and told me they wanted to shift this year to something different,” she said at today’s press conference. “I made the suggestion that they do women performance artists or women comedians, almost a take-off. I just thought of women I admired and I didn’t let anyone in the studio from Pirelli. It became a very strong set of very simple portraits.” The portraits include a topless Amy Schumer with her rolls proudly on display, Tavi Gevinson fully clothed and lounging on a chair, and Serena Williams facing away from the camera while flaunting her famously sculpted, curvy frame. Images are accompanied by paragraphs about each woman’s spectacular achievements in every arena from sports to philanthropy. (more…)

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Gigi Hadid Does ‘Next Top Model’ on Numéro’s Holiday Cover (Forum Buzz)

There’s no denying that Numéro has been seriously lacking in the relevance department lately, failing to bring us compelling covers on a consistent basis. But with the French title’s double holiday issue that closes out 2015, Numéro secured one of fashion’s most in-demand (whether you like it or not) faces. Gigi Hadid makes her debut on the front cover, posing before the lens of photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino clad in a design from Balmain as she playfully tugs on her slicked-back ponytail, looking like, well, an amateur contestant on America’s Next Top Model.

Numéro #169 December 2015/January 2016 : Gigi Hadid by Jean-Baptiste Mondino


Members of our forums were put off almost immediately. “I suppose, when you’re racking up the covers, some of them are going to be mediocre. That body is not being shown to its best advantage,” complained tigerrouge right away.

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“My thoughts exactly! Her body looked amazing at the American Music Awards but the fit of this dress does her no favors. It squares her,” discredited A.D.C. (more…)