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Don’t Have a Valentine? You Can Totally Get One On Chatroulette

So although we all know that 1) Valentine's Day is a big CORPORATE LIE and 2) though love comes in many forms, the only kind that's worth it isn't a one-day thing, you'd have to be an automaton to go through today without reflecting on your relationship status at least a little bit. Whether it's by wishing your partner a happy V-Day, sending a roses emoticon text to a good friend or painting your cat's toes red (def not animal abuse if he sits through it), few are strong enough to resist this wretched holiday.

I'm just saying: Valentine's Day exists. And the only way you can change that is by getting off the Internet or moving to Macedonia, and since those are clearly not real options you're just going to have to deal. 

Some people deal by finding a short-term intimacy fix: I hear that Grindr, the social networking app that helps gay men meet for hookups, sees unusually high levels of activity on Valentine's Day. Based on a quick survey of the Craigslist personals section … well, let's just say it's abuzz with singles looking to mingle IRL. Nothing says "love" like OMG EW.

For the sake of journalism writing this blog post, I paid a visit to Chatroulette to find out what the vibe was, whether it was more like "Dudes Not Wearing Pants" or "Dudes Strumming Sad Songs On Their Guitars." I hadn't been on Chatroulette since it first became a thing, so I was disappointed by how much has changed. Management's been trying to clean it up, which means you can't chat on webcam until you've verified your account/sanity by sustaining three 10-minute long conversations. Such high community standards for a website which traffics in streaming penises. 

I chose a photo of Raf Simons as my avatar because #dreamboy. Within a couple minutes, I was chatting with "Valon" from Macedonia. He claimed to be 25, like me. He was nice but the exchange was depressing: They do celebrate Valentine's Day in Macedonia. Talk about shattered illusions. 

Valon reallllly wanted me to be his Valentine, simply on the basis of my female gender, age and Raf Simons avatar. I'd say it was totally creepy but to be fair, if I met someone on Chatroulette that had a Raf Simons avatar, I'd probably ask them to be my Valentine too. 

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Beyonce Covers The Gentlewoman

Image via TFS Forums

Following her recent Super Bowl halftime show performance, here's Beyoncé photographed by Alasdair McLellan for the cover of The Gentlewoman, a completely different kind of platform. The biannual style publication has a singular reputation in the world of magazines: it's known for its wit and impeccable sense of style — a magazine for women but not a women's magazine in the conventional way. 

Even though the mag ran a cover of Adele two years ago (the singer was also photographed by McLellan), the biannual doesn't typically feature such big-name mainstream stars. Beyoncé is a major "get" for a publication like The Gentlewoman, but it's also in a way a big "get" for Beyoncé: the superstar can entertain millions of people at a football championship but then somehow, she still has something new to reveal about herself to a thoughtful, small-circulation British fashion journal.  

Beyoncé for President 2016 and I'm only sort of kidding. 

The Buzz Guide to NYFW Feb 2013

NY Fashion Week: Girl’s Best Friend Diary, Day 8 — Gym Wear

To know me is to know that I’m not a person you want to be around if I don’t manage to get in an hour of yoga or a Barry’s Bootcamp class at least every other day. Unfortunately, neither of those things are all that conveniently located (one being all the way on the Upper East Side and the other being in Chelsea), so the only way to make it work on a busy day is to pack lightweight essentials with me so that I can run over at a moment's notice.

I have a pronating foot (my foot points slightly outwards when I run), so I need to run in a stability shoe when possible, but those tend to be bulky and heavy. So, I've been making some compromises and running in Reebok's Realflex, a neutral running shoe that's super lightweight and easy to tote around. I've also been stuffing American Apparel cotton leggings in my handbag — not the best when you're going to be sweating, but they're light and work equally well for running and yoga — and a Nike Dri Fit Sports Bra (luckily, Barry's and hot yoga are two workouts were most women work out in nothing up top aside from a bra). Add spare underwear and that's it! Luckily, both studios have full amenties when it comes to bath and body products so I don't have to worry about bringing any showering essentials with me.

Who knew that a fashion's girl's best friend would be her sneakers? And not even the Isabel Marant kind…

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Dark is Definitely Rooney Mara’s Color: Three Standout Looks (Forum Buzz)

Rooney Mara took a dark turn the second she signed on to play Lisbeth Salander in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series, and as the whole world has (by now) realized – dark suits her.

Rooney Mara Balenciaga Resort 2013

Currently making the rounds at the Berlin Film Festival, Rooney is sticking to a dark palette wardrobe-wise and it continues to work in her favor. She looked chic and relaxed in a Balenciaga Resort 2013 ensemble that forum members fell hard for.

“Absolutely fantastic in Balenciaga. She looks so effortlessly modern and chic.” Wolkfolk declared.

“She looks so good,” Chloe24 gushed. “Amazing outfit and the hair and makeup go great with it.”

Rooney Mara Valentino’s haute couture Spring 2013

At the premiere of her new film, Side Effects, Rooney stepped out in an Haute Couture dress with an asymmetrical hemline from Valentino’s Spring 2013 collection.

“I love how you can see a peek of cream silk lining on that dress,” HeatherAnne remarked. “It's a beautifully structured dress. I'm not crazy about her hairstyle, but I'm glad she didn't wear braids like so many celebrities do when they're wearing Valentino.”

Catherine88 called the Valentino dress “delicate but still very elegant and not so girly.”

Rooney Mara in Miu Miu

Not technically a completely new look, Rooney arrived at the premiere with a feminine Miu Miu Fall 2011 coat secured over her Valentino dress.

“It's really amazing how that Miu Miu coat doesn't look gimmicky on her (unlike most people who wore something from this collection),” LolaSvelt noted. “That's why I didn't even notice that she was wearing something from that collection.”

“What I find great is how all of her looks are tailored correctly for her frame,” before posted. “They could easily overpower her tiny figure, but they don't.”

Note to Hollywood: Please continue to keep Rooney Mara employed. We enjoy her style too much for her to step out of the spotlight (for too long).



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Link Buzz: Jennifer Aniston Confident Hair is a “Big Deal”; Kim Kardashian Having Trouble Getting Dressed

  • Jennifer Aniston said something about how hair's a really big deal because she wanted to give me the opportunity to dig this 1997 NBC party photo out of the vault. Thanks Jen! [BellaSugar]
  • Michael Kors wants you to buy better black pants. [FabSugar]
  • The best way to say "Happy Valentine's Day" is to have your nails do it for you. Or to use your language skills. [BellaSugar]
  • All anyone wants to do with Rachel Zoe's new hair salon is book an appointment. [SheFinds]
  • Kim Kardashian's Elle mag shoot was "a challenge" for Nicola Formichetti to style, he says, because no one wanted to lend the reality star clothes. [Starcasm]

Image via Getty

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Yes, You Should Watch ‘The Face’

Image courtesy of The Face

The Face premiered last night and I'm here to say: Yes, you should watch it, particularly if you're a longtime ANTM fan who just can't deal with Tyra anymore. 

  • I didn't realize how much I missed Nigel Barker until I heard him in the intro voiceover. 
  • Even though Naomi Campbell executive-produced the new reality modeling competition, the show doesn't edit out the door-slamming. She's not afraid to be perceived as a bitch. 
  • Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha are unbelievably charming and beautiful. As TV personalities, they rival Project Runway Heidi Klum in likability. 
  • The models are not necessarily so believable as future supermodels (some of the contestants are like, 24), but the caliber of talent is much higher than what we've seen on ANTM
  • W mag's Stefano Tonchi cameos in the first episode. 
  • It's nice to watch a show that's so new, in the first flush of youth or whatever. There's a buzzing, kind of electric quality to it that was part of ANTM's first season, too. (Nineteen seasons later, Top Model a very different show.) For all we know, one of the model contestants could go on to a great career — for now, it's at least a possibility that The Face will launch someone legit. 



[The Face is a sponsor of The Fashion Spot but not of this post, which is purely editorial.]

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