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Sex Trafficking and Fast Fashion: Just Who Is Making Your Clothes?

Sweatshop labor and fast fashion have unfortunately gone hand in hand ever since the first $10 T-shirt was perfectly folded and stacked in five different colors. Somehow, we here in the U.S. tend to forget that in order for the oh-so-affordable clothes we buy to cost so little, real people have to make them and be paid next-to-nothing, often working in deplorable conditions.

But what we may not have realized was the link between sweatshops and sex trafficking. VICE News just posted an in-depth look at sex workers in Cambodia — who are often also the women making the hoodies we’re buying. The career options for these women aren’t great, but many would rather work in the sex trade than as garment workers. Factories pay women the minimum wage — $80 a month — and the workers can barely afford to feed and house their children, much less buy them medicine. And the labor conditions are about as great as you’d expect from sweatshops. To make matters worse, women arrested for working in the sex trade are often forced to work in the factories by seemingly well-intentioned NGOs and the police. It’s either face harassment from law enforcement or go to the factory.

Watch the video to see just where the clothes are made and why women would rather be in the sex trade. It’s eye-opening and incredibly sad, to say the least, and gives us all something to think about the next time we want to buy a cheap piece of clothing.

[VICE News]


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Heidi Klum Launches New Lingerie Line

Heidi Klum with slicked back hair

Image: Rob Rich/

Gymwear, kidswear and now intimates. Heidi Klum sure knows how to sell clothes and that’s probably why lingerie seller Bendon tapped the model to design an intimates collection. Starting this January, Heidi Klum Intimates will replace Elle MacPherson’s line of lingerie for Bendon, which she had been affiliated with for 25 years.

Klum’s underwear lines will include a high-end option (prices ranging from $59-$99), a diffusion Heidi by Heidi Klum collection ($25-39) and a menswear option, HK Man. You can expect the line to have Bendon’s mainstay silhouettes, though Klum says she will be adding her special touch to the product.  

As with all celebrity/model turned designers, we’re left to wonder what expertise they bring to the table. In Heidi’s case, the answer is plenty. As she told WWD“I’ve seen a lot of lingerie in the past 20 years, probably more than anyone. Most women put on a bra in the morning and take it off at night. Sometimes I have like 10 or 15 of them on a day. I’ve learned so much in the years that I’ve been modeling lingerie, so I don’t come completely out of left field in terms of knowing about the product. It’s not like I’m an athlete and all of a sudden I’m going into the lingerie industry.”

We’ll have to wait until the start of the new year to see what Klum’s got up her sleeve, but something tells us this one’s going to be a crowd-pleaser. Will you be buying Heidi’s underwear?

[via WWD]

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Finally — the Alexander Wang x H&M Lookbook Is Here

Image: H&M

Image: H&M

It’s here! After months of teasers and plenty of anticipation, H&M has finally released the lookbook for its forthcoming collaboration with Alexander Wang. In the sporty offering, you’ll find slinky, bodycon dresses, leathery track pants, sweatshirts and jersey silhouettes for women. For the fellas, uplifted basketball shorts, cool sweatshirts and hoodies plus a few very warm-looking parkas. The color palette is decidedly dark and moody, but no one ever looked bad in black.

Click through the slideshow below to see all the looks! Start prepping your wishlists, folks because the collection is set to drop November 6. (more…)

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Marques’Almeida’s 90s-Feeling Topshop Collaboration

Have you discovered Topshop’s latest designer collaboration yet? Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida, the Portuguese design duo behind edgy brand Marques’Almeida, have teamed up with the high-street giant for its very first joint collaboration.



Lilac taffeta, white leather, neon green knit – any more questions? #MarquesAlmeidaxTopshop @Marques_Almeida #topshop #collaboration #taffeta #knitwear #bright #AW14

View on Instagram

The collection definitely stays true to the line’s raw, young, effortless and lived-in signatures, and of course, there’s plenty of denim. When a brand’s trademark piece is an oversized, distressed denim T-shirt, then you have to expect to see a little denim thrown in here and there. (more…)

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Miuccia Prada Explains the Difference Between Miu Miu and Prada

Image: Imaxtree

Image: Imaxtree

Ever looked at a Miu Miu collection and wondered, “Is this Prada?” You’re not alone. The label has a lot in common with its sister brand — design, price point, general jolie laide aesthetic. But Miuccia Prada is finally here to answer the pressing question: “What makes Miu Miu different from Prada anyway?” 

In the latest issue of System magazine, the Prada head explains that the difference between the two labels lies in the design process. “Designing for me is a very complex process. There are many ideas that I want to express in one object, very often contradictory,” she writes. “The creative process in Miu Miu is completely different from that of Prada. Miu Miu is not as complicated and thought out as Prada. Rather than being young, Miu Miu is immediate. Prada is very sophisticated and considered; Miu Miu is much more naïve. The solution, when I am working on Miu Miu, has to come immediately, instinctively, spontaneously with whatever is available at the moment. If I think three times, I stop.”

And there you have it, folks. It’s just a matter of spending less time thinking and more time doing.

[via The Business of Fashion]

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Watch: Karl Lagerfeld’s Newest Choupette Video Will Brighten Your Day

You could use a pick-me-up this gloomy Thursday morning, and you’re about to get one courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld and his famous kitty Choupette. At this point, pretty much everyone has become obsessed with the Chanel designer’s feline and with good reason — Choupette is a beautiful cat. So beautiful, she’s getting her own makeup line, which is more than most cat owners can say about their feline friends. 

The Internet is full of cat videos, but this one may be one of our favorites. Lagerfeld recorded a video via iPad mini of his Choupette doing regular kitty and yes, it’s really entertaining and cute. Who knew watching a cat eat wet food and paw at a pompom could be so entertaining? Watch Ms. Choupette in action above. We swear it’ll make your day that much better.

[via The Coveteur]

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