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Watch: Photographer Tyler Shields Feeds a $100,000 Birkin to a Crocodile

Tyler Shields Birkin Alligator

Image: Twitter/TylerShields

The above photo is a result of a project that was months in the making: It reportedly took photographer Tyler Shields seven months and $100,000 to get his hands on the pictured Birkin, just so he could feed it to an alligator. In contrast, it took only four days to acquire said alligator.

According to HuffPo, the Hermes bag has been thoroughly ravaged by gator bites, making this the second Birkin Shields publically destroyed (in 2012, he set one on fire — though it's been suggested that Shields' first stunt Birkin was a fake). 

22-year-old model Ana Mulvoy-Ten posed alongside the gator, apparently putting herself at some risk: "At one point during the shoot when Ana and the gator were both biting the bag it closed one of its eyes as if it was going to attack her, but did not," Shields told The Daily Mail. "It was one of the most insane moments I have ever photographed."

What a classy project! Pay a fortune for the skin of some poor animal living in misery at a croc farm, put a young woman's life in danger — all for the sake of a clever photo and some free PR. 

Here's a behind-the-scenes video from set:

The photos are part of Shields' latest art series, Indulgence. You can see the rest of the photos on his website

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Vanessa Seward Launches Namesake Label With the Help of A.P.C.

Image: / PixPlanete/

Image: / PixPlanete/

Former Azzaro creative director Vanessa Seward is no stranger to working with A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou. For five seasons, she's collaborated with the French contemporary brand on capsule collections for the label. But now, Sweard's taking her relationship with A.P.C. to the next level, as it's been announced that she will be launching her own eponymous brand, with financial backing from her friends at A.P.C.

The debut collection is due to hit the runway at the Fall 2015 shows during Paris Fashion Week next year, offering pieces across several categories, like outerwear and leather goods. The mood? "Sensible luxury," Seward says. “Maybe it is because I have lived in so many places, but I don’t like clothes to be too derivative—it’s not about a caricature of la Parisienne. I like to create flattering pieces that give women confidence, because that is what I need myself. It’s not about looking overly intellectual or trendy, but beautiful.”

As for her A.P.C. gig, Seward will present her sixth and final collection for it this September in Paris. Be on the lookout for Sweard's new line and boutiques in Paris (opening September 2015), and possible Los Angeles and New York.

[via WWD]

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Link Buzz: Ralph Lauren is Allegedly Furious with Kate Middleton; Should We Stop Talking About Cultural Appropriation in Fashion?

Kate Middleton Ralph Lauren

Images: (left) / Joseph Marzullo/ (right)

  • Ralph Lauren is said to be furious with Kate Middleton, because she had to flake on his Windsor Castle gala and only gave him six weeks notice. [Telegraph]
  • Not that I would ever drop $300 on a pair of shoes (well, never say never), but these wicker slingback flats are speaking to me. [FabSugar]
  • Why were fashion and beauty so good in the Nineties? Can anyone explain it to me? Anyone? [BellaSugar]
  • Is it bad business for slow fashion brands to tell their customers to buy less? I don't know, but I will say that Everlane's marketing and brand has worked on me like a charm; I want to own all their products, and I'm well on my way. [Fashionista]
  • Cara Delevingne's bunny is now on Instagram. [HuffPo]
  • Some thoughts on what former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson's firing means for women in the workplace. [TheCut]
  • Should we stop freaking out whenever a Western designer appropriates something from another culture? Eh sure. [Atlantic]

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Watch: One Woman’s Quest to Change What We Expect From Before/After Weight Loss Photos

Twelve months ago, an Australian woman named Taryn Brumfitt posted a nontraditional set of before and after photos. The "before" picture showed a very fit woman, all muscly and buff, at a bodybuilding competition; the "after" photo showed her happy and glowing, all soft curves, just after delivering a baby. The photos went viral. 

before after embrace documentary kickstarter


"Many applauded me for my bravery in posting the 'after' shot however, many berated me for promoting obesity. There were others who labelled me a bad role model for my children," writes Brumfitt on the Kickstarter page for her forthcoming documentary about body acceptance. 

Brumfitt is now trying to raise $200,000 to finish her documentary, which explores the complicated and sometimes toxic relationships women have with their bodies.

She writes:

"Lose weight, reduce wrinkles, fight cellulite; we’re constantly told to fight a battle to be someone other than who we are.  

Excessive photoshopping, the sexualisation of women in the media and advertising campaigns that prey on women's insecurities – it’s no wonder there is a culture of body loathing and body shaming of epidemic proportions going on in the world."

Watch the trailer below and head over to the Embrace documentary Kickstarter page to learn more. 

[h/t Cosmo]

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Photographer Juergen Teller Steps In Front of the Lens for the Cover of System #3

Juergen Teller System Magazine Cover

Image: instagram/systemmagazine

For the third issue of System, a biannual fashion publication that explores the workings of the fashion industry, the influential German art and fashion photographer Juergen Teller stepped out from behind the lens to appear on the cover of the magazine. 

If you follow fashion advertising even the slightest bit, you're likely familiar with Teller's perverse, absurd and humorous aesthetic sensibility (one of his most notorious fashion photos shows Victoria Beckham inside a Louis Vuitton shopping bag, with only her legs visible). Here on the cover, the spirit of his work is on full display: the photographer appears on an exercise bike, lightly glistening with sweat and wearing a weary expression on his face. Teller may not be a conventional cover star, but he is fully himself. 

System #3 is out tomorrow. You can pick it up at Dover Street Market in London, at Colette in Paris, at Opening Cermony in NYC and LA, and at 10 Corso Como in Milan. 

[via Instagram/Systemmagazine]

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Moschino Menswear to Show in London for the First Time Ever

Image: Lia Toby/

Image: Lia Toby/

The folks over at Moschino are taking full advantage of new creative director Jeremy Scott's talents. His fast food-themed debut for Fall 2014 has been pretty much everywhere and now, for the first time, the brand will show its menswear collection in London, a fitting locale considering Scott's punchy and playful aesthetic.

This is the first we'll see of Scott's menswear offerings for Moschino, so stay tuned because the collection will bow on June 16. Ladies, don't feel left out, because the fellas will be sharing the runway with a few pre-season looks from the label's womenswear division.

Fret not, my fashionable Milanese brethren. According to a spokesperson for Moschino, the men's collection will likely show again in its old stomping grounds, although possibly not before hitting other cities.

We can't wait to see what Scott churns out for the guys this season. No doubt it will be quite a lively showing.

[via WWD]

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