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Amanda Lew Kee and Sully Wong Collaborate on One Sweet Set of Premium Sneakers


From home to the office, the cubicle to apres-five, and then home again—we’d trade in our favorite four-inch pumps for a pair of comfy fashion sneakers any day. To the rescue: Two Canadian labels to watch have put their heads together to create a pair of high-tops that make your once-edgy New Balances look just, well—plain.

Amanda Lew Kee and design duo Sully Wong have debuted the SWALK01, a women’s premium hi-top sneaker that combines the high-tech, athletic style of Sully Wong’s Japanese-inspired accessories and Amanda Lew Kee’s fashion-forward aesthetic.

The SWALK01 ($225) women’s sneaker comes with all of the bells and whistles. It’s made from premium raw-cut leather, has a Japanese-leather-lined denim interior for comfy breathability, a removable leather footpad, and black waxed rope laces for a streamlined, black-on-black look. Only 120 pairs have been made.

“Together we are aiming to give the women’s market (in Canada) a sophisticated limited edition option, in the realm of casual athletic footwear, focusing on quality,” says Amanda Lew Kee. (more…)

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Vivienne Westwood Slings One-Liners About the Power of Fashion

Vivienne Westwood

Image: WENN

Vivienne Westwood is letting it all hang out. In honor of the release of her new autobiography, the dame sat down with for a candid studio hour to talk about the power of fashion, the art of dressing and more. If you don’t have time for the play-by-play, here’s a quick rundown of the highlights.

On her style advice: “My motto is: Buy less, choose well, make it last.”

On power dressing: “My clothes have always been heroic, whether it’s a latex negligee or a corseted ball gown.”

On the haters: “I’ve never worried about what other people think of me. You have to cut a figure. Step off the treadmill of fashion.”

On using fashion as a platform: “The fact is that the credibility of doing my fashion over time has given me a voice. I have always tried to hijack my fashion, to make political statements.”

If you’re craving more British realness, Vivienne Westwood is out in stores now. It is the first authorized autobiography of the 73-year-old designer, who thought it was about time to set the record straight, most notably about her roller coaster relationship with Sex Pistols’ manager Malcolm McLaren. Trust us, it’s a page-turner.


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Have We Seen This Before? Amanda Wellsh Poses for Vogue Netherlands’ December Cover (Forum Buzz)

First, we would like to point out what a pleasure it is to see visible skin texture on a magazine cover! Amanda Wellsh stars on Vogue Netherlands’ December issue and looks as stunning as ever. The Brazilian beauty is steadily racking up quite the number of Vogue covers, currently fronting Vogue Brazil’s November issue alongside Aline Weber. This time around, we see Amanda photographed by Alique, a Dutch Vogue regular, who captured the former Gucci girl in a sequined lace dress, sporting soft waves that cascade down one side of her face.

Vogue Netherlands December 2014 Amanda Wellsh


Our forum members have become drained by a certain something, however. “Tired of the grey background!!” disapproved DutchHomme.

HeatherAnne agreed, “Karlie’s cover was great, but it should NOT have been used as a template for every freaking cover to follow. The last 2 months have been a bore.”

“This kind of looks like a busted Vogue Paris cover. It’s a shame they messed up her face though. Amanda is a gorgeous woman,” declared orchidee.

Is Vogue Netherlands in need of a change? Well, narcyza thinks so and posted, “Another bad cover of Vogue Netherlands this year. They need a change. A big change.”

“I wish the makeup wasn’t bringing her down, a lighter touch would have made this cover so much better imo,” suggested kokobombon.

“Although it’s a nice shot of Amanda, there’s certainly more they could have done creatively to make this cover a little more exciting. It looks a bit Vogue Paris to me but without the right fonts to make it a great cover,” wrote justaguy.

Also not completely satisfied was Miss Dalloway, who commented, “Her face is just not ‘bringing it,’ maybe it’s the angle but it doesn’t scream cover worthy to me.”

Are you a fan? See inside the thread and join the discussion here.

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Nicolas Ghesquière Would Love to Start His Own Brand

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Nicolas Ghesquière is currently killing it in his role at Louis Vuitton. The collections he’s put out since signing on with the brand have been pretty well-received, but like many designers, Ghesquière dreams of one day sitting at the head of his own label. The Wall Street Journal published a profile on the creative director today, in which he expresses that he’s been mulling over the thought of starting up a Ghesquière-branded line.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to do it,” he admitted. But don’t think he’s rushing off to sign contracts and hire staff. The designer is just getting settled at Vuitton and is taking things slow. “I would like to do it, but each thing in its time. Today I dedicate myself to Louis Vuitton without forgetting that I have wishes, desires.”

Of course, Ghesquière has a few conditions if he were ever to start a label. “If it’s to reproduce on a smaller scale what is done on a large scale, honestly, no, it’s not interesting,” he said. “And that’s not at all the way that I one day envisage launching myself, especially having experienced the biggest existing model.”

Whether Ghesquière will follow through on his dreams (we have a feeling he may) or not, we don’t doubt that a namesake brand from the designer would be worth the wait.

[via WSJ]

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Estée Lauder Acquires Frédéric Malle, Third Brand in Less Than a Month



In what WWD has called a shopping spree, Estée Lauder has completed a trifecta of acquisitions in less than a month, adding Frédéric Malle to its portfolio. An agreement has been signed by the beauty giant to purchase Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle in a deal that will close in early January. The brand, which was launched in 2000 and who many credit for the current artisanal fragrance movement, has an estimated worth of $16 million wholesale. Malle will join the latest brands under the Lauder umbrella, luxury skincare brand Rodin Olio Lusso and fellow artisanal fragrance brand Le Labo, which were acquired within the past three weeks.

Earlier this week, the President and CEO of Lauder told analysts, “To maintain our steady annual growth, we are driving our portfolio on two main fronts. We are strengthening and expanding our existing brands to keep them relevant in all our regions, and at the same time, we are actively seeking and nurturing the next generation with an eye to creating the next big brands of the future.”

The three newest members of the Lauder family have global luxury distribution, which is a change of course from its usual popular department store fragrances. This trio of brands are sold in global luxury markets and found at stores like Colette in Paris, Barneys New York, Liberty of London and 10 Corso Como in Milan.

[via WWD]

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Cara Delevingne Gets Serious About Acting

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Cara Delevingne is well on her way to becoming a bona fide supermodel, but don’t think that posing for pretty pictures is the height of her aspirations. As she’s made clear, Cara has Hollywood dreams and is making a push to become a full-fledged model/actress…or perhaps a model-cum-actress. The buzzy model told WWD that with all the acting projects she’s been racking up, modeling has increasingly become less of a priority for her. 

“[Modeling] has definitely become more on the back burner, just because there’s no way I can work as much as I have been,” she said. “I mean, every day of my last couple of years, I’ve been modeling and now, I’ve just been doing films…I’m just going to be taking my time and doing things that I really care about, you know, parts that I really enjoy.”

Cara has definitely been busy lately. She’s been in the recording studio with Pharrell Williams and has roles in several films lined up. She’ll be appearing in the Pan movie, will have a major role in the upcoming Paper Towns film and will appear in Tulip FeverKids in Love and London Fields.

[via WWD, IMDb]

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