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Sorry Haleb, Aussie Actor Will Play Ashley Benson’s Fiancé In ‘Pretty Little Liars’ 6B

Ashey Benson and David Coussins

Photos: WENN, Getty

Pretty Little Liars has announced that it will end after its seventh season, but not before an Australian mega-hunk makes his way into the series as Hanna’s new fiancé. Sorry Haleb shippers, but if Caleb was going to lose his quest for Hannah (played by Ashley Benson) to anyone, we’re glad it’s this home-grown hottie.

World, meet 30-year-old actor David Coussins, who will be playing Jordan when the second installment of Season 6 returns this January. TV Line reports that, much to our delight, he will be “immersed in the fashion industry, just like his fiancée”, and that his character is “down-to-earth”. Duh, he’s Australian.

As you would’ve seen in the series’ “Five Years Forward” special, Hanna met Jordan while in Europe during the time jump, where she moved after splitting with Caleb in New York. (more…)

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Jessica Rowe Joins the Battle Against Skinny Shaming

Jessica Rowe

Photo: Getty

Jessica Rowe seems totally relatable, right? According to her Instagram account, she’s a cat lover and, like the rest of us, does not shy away from a slice of pizza. We love her already. 

But even though her life looks cuddly and delicious on the outside, the Studio 10 host has unfortunately found herself in the skinny-shaming web, a situation which many celebrities and models, like Bridgette Malcolm and Gigi Hadid, have also been subject to lately.

During a recent interview with Caroline Overington in the latest issue of Australian Women’s Weekly, the author addressed her own skinny-shaming experiences, which include complete strangers commenting on her frame. (more…)

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Melissa Rivers Opens Up About Playing Her Mother In ‘Joy’ Cameo

Melissa Rivers

Image: WENN

Melissa Rivers has opened up about what it was like to portray her late mother, Joan Rivers, in David O. Russell’s upcoming drama, Joy, alongside Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Melissa explained that the Fashion Police star, who passed away unexpectedly last year at 81 years of age, would’ve liked someone like Cate Blanchett or Helen Mirren to play her on film. 

“I think she would be a little miffed that they didn’t have Cate Blanchett playing her,” Melissa explained to the publication. “I think she would have wanted Cate or Helen Mirren, had it been in the later years, because, of course, when you think of my mother you think of willowy and English.” (more…)

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Miss Universe Pageant Wants Steve Harvey to Host Again In 2016

Television personality Steve Harvey hosts the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort

Photo: Getty

Steve Harvey has a chance to redeem himself and his actions at this year’s Miss Universe pageant, with the competition announcing it would like the Family Feud host back for round two in 2016.

Even though the 58-year-old comedian called out the wrong winner during Sunday night’s 2015 competition, Mark Shapiro, chief content officer at WME|IMG, explained on Jim Rome’s CBS Sports Radio show that Steve is “absolutely” welcome back to host in 2016.

“He was funny, he was informative, he’s high energy, he’s got a great following,” Mark said. “I definitely want him back, and I would hate to see him not come back. He’s going to want a shot to redeem himself.”

You got that right. Or maybe he’s too humiliated to show his face in public again? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

[Via Deadline]

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Jennifer Lawrence Admits to Hooking Up with Liam Hemsworth Off-Camera

Liam Hemsworth Jennifer Lawrence

Photo: WENN

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth don’t need the cameras to be rolling for a little make out sesh to go down.

During a game of “Plead the Fifth” on Watch What Happens Live on Monday night, the 25-year-old actress admitted to some lovin’ with her Hunger Games costar. We guess she doesn’t care that he and his family are “disgusting” scab-eaters, after all.

When asked by host Andy Cohen, “Have you two ever kissed when the cameras weren’t rolling?”, Jennifer replied, “Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s real hot. What would you have done?”  (more…)

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Still Need a Last-Minute Gift? Give the Gift of Orgasms for Just $29

Courtesy: OMGYes

Courtesy: OMGYes

You might (or might not) be surprised to learn that many women don’t experience orgasms during sex or even foreplay. A new website aims to gift those poor women the ‘Big O’ this holiday. Founded by “a lesbian and a straight guy,” OMGYes educates viewers on how to arouse women with 47 instructional videos and 11 touchable videos (you read that right). The interactive clips ask viewers to touch a virtual vagina on their computer screens as a voice responds with direction. Brilliant.

The online training program also educates users on various techniques like edging, orbiting and hinting. To determine which tactics to include, the team conducted studies on over 2,000 women, aged 18 to 95. OMGYes only costs $29 to join, a small price to pay for a gift you and your partner will enjoy for years to come. Finally, a sex ed class worth signing up for. 

[via ELLE]