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John Galliano’s Hasidic-Inspired Outfit Not Really Winning Over His Detractors

For a man who's so famous for how brilliantly he expresses himself through fashion, John Galliano is not communicating well, to put it mildly. 

Today's New York Post cover: The former Dior designer wearing what looks uncannily like Orthodox Jewish garb, walking around New York City en route to Oscar de la Renta's studio (as everyone knows, Galliano contributed to ODLR's Fall 2013 collection). 

So let's see: his long dark jacket and hat aren't in themselves necessarily Hasidic-inspired, but the fact that he styled his "look" with payot, those curly sidelocks is 1) unmistakably referencing Orthodox Jewish garb 2) offensive 3) insane. 

If you need a refresher, after getting drunk a few times in some Paris cafes in 2011, Galliano went on a couple hateful rants: First, a couple brought charges against the designer, alleging he said things like, "Dirty Jewish face, you should be dead," and "F*cking Asian bastard, I will kill you." A week later, a video of the designer saying, "I love Hitler," etc., as part of a different drunken rant surfaced on the Internet. Galliano was fired from his job both at Dior and at his eponymous label, John Galliano, and tried and convicted for racism in French courts. Many designers and fashion industry bigwig-y types came to his defense. He went to rehab and then came out. At Anna Wintour's urging, de la Renta took Galliano into his studio this season as part of a larger effort to help the former Dior designer revive his career. 

I've made no secret of my belief that John Galliano should not be able to have the same kind of high profile, glamorous career he once enjoyed. I don't believe anti-Semitism and racism are a common side-effect of drunkenness or alcoholism or addiction, and I don't think society should have room in its upper levels for people that say, "I love Hitler," or, "F*ucking Asian bastard, I will kill you," even when drunk. Some of our readers have made the extent to which they don't agree with me exhaustingly clear. That's fair and everything, but Galliano is running around New York City styled with payot after being convicted for racism and expressing his love for Hitler. I can't believe I ever thought he might not deserve a second chance.

As much as I don't believe in a Galliano comeback, I'm still blindsided by his appearance yesterday. There are 2.2 million Jews in NYC, more than a quarter of the city's eight million population. What was he thinking? The Post fashion critic suggests that he's trying to "connect" with the Jewish community ("just his way of making amends"), but as Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind put it in the tabloid's cover story: “If it was just anyone else, I wouldn’t know what to say. But considering who this guy is, considering his background and what he’s said in the past, let him explain it to all of us: Are you mocking us?” Yeah please explain. 


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NY Fashion Week: Girl’s Best Friend Diary, Day 7 — iPad Mini

It goes without saying that there's no living without my iPhone and my Mophie Powerstation Battery Charger (a backup battery that works for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch…everything!), but this season, a new item has been added to my list of electronic best friends: the iPad Mini.

My laptop is heavy — so heavy, in fact, that I sometimes worry that it may rip my handbag when I'm lugging it around. This season, having a Mini makes life infinitely easier. The nifty gadget is so lightweight that when I got the box, I had a hard time believing there was more than a cable inside it. It's also nearly all screen, so even though it's small, it does the job of a computer-on-the-go very well. Since I'm already an iPhone user and very comfortable with touch screen, it makes it super easy for me to upload show write-ups, take notes, email myself — and it has Siri.

With blogging, getting information to your readers as quickly as possible is key, so having the Mini handy to just whip out in a pinch has been incredibly useful. I also always have a serious fear of missing out and the gadget makes it easy to stay up-to-date with all social media to see what's going on at shows and events I wasn't able to make.

Know any cool fashion or social media-themed apps? Please share in the comments!

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WOAH Gloria Steinem Poses With Terry Richardson

Image via Terry's Diary

Sorry but there is no way Gloria Steinem posed for this picture fully cognizant of who the creepy tentacle wrapped around her body belongs to. The feminist icon launched her career with a 1963 article which went undercover at The Playboy Club (you can read it here) and spent the following fifty years as the most visible member of the Women's Movement (not that it's much of a "movement" anymore). There are legitimate reasons to criticize her, but her commitment to feminism is not one of them. There's no way she could have known of Richardson's reputation or his work in advance of this picture, there's just no way. Look at that taunting Terry leer. 


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What’s Next for John Galliano? Maybe Teaching

I know: for someone who doesn't think John Galliano deserves a comeback, I'm obsessed with him. To me, he's the fashion version of what Sarah Palin was to politics in 2008: a sideshow that's so horrifying, it's mesmerizing. It's the kind of thing that brings out my multiple personalities: Get it away from me! Bring it closer, I want to look.

The former Dior designer's fake internship with Oscar de la Renta is coming to a close and based on how the American designer tried to distance himself from Anna Wintour's Galliano rehabilitation crusade in a recent interview with New York mag, it seems unlikely that Galliano will find a permanent home for himself in the house de la Renta (cheesing it up, yeah). 

Page Six reports that the designer is considering a post teaching at a top fashion program — Parsons in New York and Central Saint Martins in London are floating around as the two likely options. I want to be like, "GASP Galliano molding impressionable young minds?!" But meh, looking up to morally dubious / creatively talented authority figures is a rite of passage. College kids and John Galliano deserve each other. Someone get this disgraced man a teaching job plz!

Image via Getty


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For Valentine’s Day, Cosmo Asks: “How Much Is Your Vagina Worth?”

As Valentine's Day approaches, I've been practicing my withering glances and crash testing my bullshit detector because there's only so much street style and runway pics you can look at in a day. 

This morning I took an excursion to the land of glossy women's mag websites to find out how they were covering the day of amour that's almost upon us. What I found was surprisingly inoffensive: Vogue's running a lingerie shopping guide which, okay I guess that's useful even though I hate lingerie and Lucky has an open letter to the CFDA pleading with the American fashion council to reschedule next year's NYFW so it doesn't conflict with Valentine's Day* and Self is too busy Build[ing] a Better Butt to think much about a Hallmark holiday that's basically just an excuse to shovel insecurity chocolate down American women's throats. 

Meanwhile, the Internet is killing it with Coolest Fashion Couples slideshows and mind-boggling What to Get Your Pet for Valentine's Day shopping roundups. I know Conde Nast, for one, doesn't really have much of a digital strategy and still believes its future lies in print but what I saw this morning was just plain bleak. I have never been so bored on the Internet. 

But when the going gets tough, um … Cosmopolitan can be relied upon to be sleazy. The notoriously sex-obsessed (no judgement!) magazine was working some of its headline magic on the front page with a story promising to explain Why Men Should Spend $218 on Valentine's Day. I'm not sure whether the title is supposed to appeal to women or more to men lurking the cosmo dot com homepage hoping to pick up some V-Day date night tips, but I will not lie and say I clicked through purely for "research" purposes. 

And then it got even better! Here's the opening:

How much is your vagina worth? Just over $200, according to a survey commissioned by one website. 

I think I should able to set the price of my own vagina, thank you very much.

The article goes on to say that this "Crazy New Research" (that's an official term) was commissioned by, a "Sugar Daddy" website that rivals Cosmo in reputation. The survey found that $218 was the average price a man had to spend on Valentine's Day to have sex with his date. 

But then Cosmo offers up a plot twist, closing the story with the kind of principled stance you couldn't see coming from the publication that lures its reader in with headlines like, "Would You Do Him Outside?," "30 Things to Do to a Naked Man," "75 Sex Moves You Need to Try" and (my fave) "We Have a Crush On Someone Else's Boobs?" (There's actually nothing wrong or even manipulative about those headlines, I just thought you'd enjoy them.)

Gross. These dudes have it all wrong if they think cash=sex on Valentine's Day. Sure, it's likely that every guy has V-Day sex on his mind when he heads out on a date, but to expect it? Bad form. Oh, and if he pressures you to have sex because he dropped a few dollars on dinner? Do it if you want to, otherwise ditch him, stat. 

Um, maybe you should just split the bill?

*Haha yeah right. Milan would throw an epic hissy fit about their factory production schedule and London would quit fashion all together and it would all spiral out of control until the world erupted with a devastating fashion war. 

The Buzz Guide to NYFW Feb 2013

NY Fashion Week: Girl’s Best Friend Diary, Day 6 — Emergency Kit

It’s getting down the wire with Fashion Week winding down and few things have been as critical for my making it through the week as my emergency kit – aka as a repurposed gift-with-purchase cosmetic bag. I’ve never felt comfortable touching up my makeup in public and the cramped restrooms in the Fashion Week section at Lincoln Center are less than appealing so it’s important that the makeup I’m wearing makes it from day-to-night. With that said, my cosmetic bag is filled with little trinkets to ensure that, and more, happens.

Miss Oops has a bunch of lifesaving products, my favorite of which is their deodorant sponge, which is my equivalent to the Tide stick (it's fantastic for removing a lot more than just deodorant). I also have a few Advils (not to whine, but waiting for shows to start – especially when they entail standing in long lines – can quickly become headache-inducing), facial wipes and makeup removing Q-tips so that if my makeup does smudge, I can fix it in a pinch, some cooling eye cream, tissue for my perpetually tearing eyes (I'm beginning to think I'm allergic to every mascara on planet Earth) and of course, the essential Metrocard!

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