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France’s National Assembly Backs a Ban Against Super Thin Models

Valli Final Walk

Image: Imaxtree

France is saying no more to the super skinny models we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on the runway. France’s National Assembly lower house of parliament is backing a law banning models with a BMI below 18 from working in the country. They want to fine anyone in violation of the law up to $85,000 USD and up to six months in prison. The Assembly also voted to put a ban on pro-ana and eating disorder websites, which could have consequences of a hefty fine and up to a year in jail. Lawmakers also support a law requiring retouched images to clearly indicate they have been modified. 

France is hoping that these laws, part of a larger health initiative, will help promote a healthier and more realistic body image to the public, though France’s Union of modeling agencies SYNAM says these laws are unfair because some models are naturally thin and the Assembly is conflating their physique with something negative. They also argue that anorexia will continue to be a problem even if there are fewer skinny models on the runway, but to us, that seems like a flimsy excuse for maintaining the status quo.

France’s modeling agencies may just have to work harder to broaden their narrow criteria of beauty. They are concerned that the new law will make French models less competitive in the industry, but if models have to be extremely thin in order to compete in the first place, then this law seems to be exactly what France needs in order to change the tides. Model scouts have to look for new talent all the time – it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to find girls who look healthy.

The law has to be approved by France’s senate in order to go into effect, and we’re hoping it is welcomed with the same approval as it was in the National Assembly.

[via BBC, Yahoo News]

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Vogue Italia’s April Cover Reminds Us of a Hitchcock Movie (Forum Buzz)

Someone please advise Vogue Italia that it’s spring and we’d appreciate some breezy, colorful and awakening covers for these warmer months. The magazine continues to go down its favored dark route with the unveiling of its April 2015 cover, which surfaced earlier today. As per usual, we didn’t know what to expect from the edgy Italian title, but just like last month, we’re left underwhelmed and dissatisfied. Steven Meisel captured Karen Elson and boyfriend of fashion designer Zac Posen, Christopher Niquet for the cover shoot, who impersonate Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire respectively before Meisel’s lens.

Yet ultimately, we’re left depressed with the outcome. “Always black, always dark. Italian Vogue is one depressed lady, someone take her out for a walk, it’s spring. Also, I can barely notice it’s Karen, could’ve been anyone,” Srdjan discredited right away.

“I was so excited when I read that Karen was on the cover, then I clicked on the thread and… meh. It’s a very distracting cover,” echoed mistress_f.

Feeling the same way was Miss Dalloway: “Lovely to see Karen, but I am simply not in a mood for a Fred and Ginger kind of story, for god’s sake it’s spring!”

KateTheGreatest shared the same sentiments. “Why are all of their covers so god damn dark? Spring has come, lighten up a little bit. Also excited to see Karen on the cover but it could be anyone else as well. I’d rather see a close-up of her face,” she said.

Also not in the mood was gossiping: “Give it up Meisel…beyond bored of him, Mario Testino and Tim Walker. They are so stale.”

“With all the ‘shadow dancing’, it’s like Fred and Ginger in a Hitchcock film,” tigerrouge noted.

Does Vogue Italia’s April cover brighten up your day? Share your opinion here.

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Cosmopolitan Sort of Apologizes for ‘Racist’ Beauty Story

Cosmo WOC RIP beauty

Image: Cosmo

Another day, another insensitive beauty story from a ladymag. Cosmopolitan came under fire this week for a beauty story they published back in January that recently resurfaced. The story was about beauty trends that needed to “die” in 2015, and eagle-eyed readers noticed that all the trends Cosmo deemed “out” were all depicted on women of color, save for one beauty “do” from Nicole Richie

Several readers took to social media to call Cosmo out, many considering the unfortunate graphics a racist act. 

Yesterday, Cosmopolitan added a note to the story to clarify their misstep: “This article focuses on beauty trends with images that represent those trends. Some images have been taken out of context, and we apologize for any offense. Celebrating all women is our mission, and we will continue to work hard to do that.” The explanation was taken by many as rather flimsy. The author, online beauty editor Carly Cardellino responded a concerned reader in the comments section of the piece, saying that she didn’t mean to single out women of color as inherent beauty don’ts. “I can honestly say that wasn’t intentional. The particular models that I chose just happened to be illustrating the trend more clearly. I always do my best as an editor to be diverse and include woc.”

Model Joan Smalls, whose picture was included in the list of beauty don’ts took to Twitter to express how offended she was by the story. 

Of course, it was Joan Smalls’ outraged tweet that caused the publication to offer a personal apology to her, one that we noted you can only see up if you choose the “Tweets and Replies” option on their page:

This whole debacle is yet another example of how crucial it is for the staffs of fashion publications to be more diverse. As our world changes, as those people who were previously marginalized and/or erased from the industry demand representation, it is more important than ever for these publications to hire women from different backgrounds in order for gross mistakes like these to be avoided. Ms. Cardellino herself has not commented on the incident on her social media accounts, but we’re guessing she learned to be very careful next time she’s forecasting beauty trends. 

[via Cosmo, Independent]

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Jean Paul Gaultier Explains Why He Got Rid of Ready-to-Wear

image: Imaxtree

image: Imaxtree

Ready-to-wear won’t be the same without him, but it doesn’t look like Jean Paul Gaultier will be returning to the game anytime soon. Back in September, the designer announced he was nixing the ready-to-wear options from his line and would continue instead as a couturier with plans to focus on the fragrance sectors of his brand and explore other projects.

Now, Gaultier is coming forward to explain why he left the RTW game, and the answer is as simple as: It was just way too much work. “Too many clothes kills clothes… Fashion has changed. A proliferation of clothing. Eight collections per season — that’s 16 a year,” Gaultier told the AP. The culture of ready-to-wear is quite hectic and Gaultier simply couldn’t deal with the commercialization of his work. “The system doesn’t work… There aren’t enough people to buy them. We’re making clothes that aren’t destined to be worn,” he said, noting that he is quite happy “doing the things that I like.”

Other designers have complained about the demanding nature of ready-to-wear. John Galliano noted that his hectic schedule creating several collections a year for Christian Dior is part of what drove him to turn to substance abuse to cope. It seems Gaultier is simply preserving his sanity.

[via BoF]

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Christian Dior Is Moving Its Cruise Show to France

Dior FW15

Image: Imaxtree

Los Angeles is nice, but apparently not nice enough for Christian Dior to unveil its next cruise collection. The French fashion house was supposed to show the offering in L.A. during a runway show on May 9, but according to WWD, the brand has scrapped that entire plan. Not only is Dior changing the date of the show, but it’s moving it to a completely different country. Dior will stage its cruise show on the French Riviera on May 11, right before the Cannes International Film Festival starts on May 13. 

It could certainly be easier for stylish celebs to pull runway looks to wear during the festival if the label shows in France. After all, Cannes is pretty far from L.A. and perhaps staging the show closer to one of the year’s biggest red carpet affairs will inspire celebrities to wear Dior’s latest creations for the event.

Dior still hasn’t chosen a venue for the show, but something tells us it will capture the luxury and glamour the French fashion house represents.

[via WWD]

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Paris Hilton Is Still Taking Credit for Kim Kardashian’s Fame

Paris Hilton

Image: WENN

Who can throw shade better than an heiress whose cultural ubiquity has waned, only to have her ex-assistant dominate in the tabloids? No one. 

Paris Hilton sat down with Yahoo! Style’s Joe Zee to chat for the Style Session series. Of course, Zee had to bring up Kim Kardashian, who was once Paris’ stylist/assistant and has now skyrocketed to epic levels of international fame and overexposure. Of course, Paris had the best response ever to the notion that she’s in some way responsible for Kim’s fame. 

“We’ve known each other since we were little girls, we’ve always been friends,” Paris said. “It’s nice to inspire people. I’m really proud of her and what she’s done.” In the past, Paris has mentioned that she “created Kim Kardashian.” Though she says she and Kim are still friends, we can’t help but think that the hotel heiress is taking a little dig at Mrs. Kardashian West here.

But what’s a little shade between friends?

[via Yahoo! Style]

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