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The Buzz Guide to NYFW Feb 2013

NY Fashion Week: Girl’s Best Friend Diary, Day 4 — Healthy Snacks

Organic Avenue has been getting even more buzz than usual this Fashion Week. A favorite of designers, publicists and editors during this time-crunched period, the raw/vegan/organic food and juice brand announced that they’ve teamed up with the CFDA for Fashion Week, offering its healthy juices and food half-off, along with one free juice, for models. The idea is to give overworked women a fast, convenient way to nourish themselves while staying healthy when they don’t have the time to focus on it. This is key! Not only for models, but for everyone else involved in the Fashion Week spectacle. Anyone who has been backstage knows that the grub served tends to be ridiculously unhealthy – I’m talking brownies and mayonnaise-filled sandwiches – ditto for surrounding events and food served at Lincoln Center, making Organic Avenue a seriously awesome best friend.

While my body can’t sustain being on all-juice cleanses given my active lifestyle, Organic Avenue has a fantastic option that works in raw food. They deliver the juices and food to your home in easy-to-tote, lightweight, spill-proof packaging, allowing you to stuff them haphazardly into your bag without worrying about spillage. Their juices are the most clean tasting and fantastic ones I’ve tried (some brands are so sugary, you feel like you might end your drink with a mouthful of cavities) and their food is amazing…seriously! Even some of my fellow vegan-hating blogger friends were trying to munch on my lasagna! I told them hands off, it’s a one person portion only!

They’ve also got a variety of salads (crispest lettuce you’ll ever try) and sweet snacks like coconut mousse and coconut yogurt (both dairy free and low in sugar while satisfying lingering sweet cravings…the texture of both is totally on point despite the lack of dairy).

As much as people like to sugarcoat things, Fashion Week can be laced with a lot of judgment, so you don’t exactly want to be caught noshing on Doritos or a gyro when you’re waiting for Jason Wu or Rag & Bone to start. It’s imperative, however, to snack regularly or risk waning energy or even worse, getting sick. Organic Avenue’s offerings are designed to not only nourish my body, but they give me the energy I need to make it through busy work days, while also leaving my breath clean and my spirits high – it’s pretty remarkable how what we eat effects our mood. Most of their foods are also packed with probiotics, the good bacteria essential for maintaining a healthy gut, this is especially important because few things can mess with your digestion the way stress can.

As an added bonus, I couldn’t even begin to count how many people I’ve met thanks to noshing on Organic Avenue. People inevitably ask me about the food/juices when they see me eating because pretty much everyone in the industry is either curious about the brand’s offerings or swears by it. Who knew Organic Avenue could be a modern gal’s networking tool?

The Buzz Guide to NYFW Feb 2013

NY Fashion Week: Girl’s Best Friend Diary, Day 3 — Oversized Bag

One of my best friends is a total shopaholic. Whether she’s at Barneys, Macy’s or a flea market, she’ll find something she needs to have. We had dinner plans a few months ago at The Nomad and before sitting down, we popped into Maison Kitsuné. Before I knew it, she had checked out with hundreds of dollars worth of clothes (though that only amounted to two things at the pricey boutique) and I was left contemplating a bag. “You’ll wear it with everything,” she said of the Want Les Essentiels de la Vie bag I was eyeing. I was dubious, but I succumbed to the loving peer pressure and bought it.

Fast forward to today and the bag really has become the best friend that I take with me almost everywhere. The brand specializes in menswear accessories, but the O'Hare Tote I bought can just as easily work for women. It’s super convenient for Fashion Week because it has slots for shoes in case you need to switch between events (or subways…) and conversation-starting touches that fashion folks appreciate like bi-colored gold and silver zippers (because the siblings behind the brand couldn’t agree!). It's also got front pockets, interior laptop pockets and a shoulder strap, making it beyond convenient to store my iPad Mini, Organic Avenue snacks, iPhone (though who am I kidding, it's always glued to my hands), and pretty much everything else I need to get me through the day. (More on the essentials stored inside in the coming days!)

The Buzz Latest News

Kate Upton Covers the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Again

But this is a major improvement on last year's mess. Also, kudos to Fashion Copious for posting the picture. I'll say thank you on behalf of Sports Illustrated, which last year made the unconscionable error of releasing the Kate Upton Swimsuit Issue cover on Valentine's Day. 


The Buzz Latest News

Selena Gomez Ignores Protesters at the Adidas NEO Show

I know Selena Gomez has a lot of stuff going on, like being broken up with Justin Bieber (it's a hard life, I totally get it), but if she wants to be a brand ambassador, she should be thoughtful about what she's ambassadoring. Gomez is a big, big star; when she champions something, her millions upon millions of fans pay attention with their wallets. And I understand that she's just a teenager, but so was Spider-Man, and he still understood that with great power comes great responsibility. 

I don't think it's cool that Gomez didn't acknowledge the protesters that showed up at the Adidas NEO show carrying an enormous banner which read: "Selena: Don't be an Ambassador for Sweatshops." That's direct and I think reasonable. All it means is, Gomez has influence and it would be great if she tried to use it to make things better for people that weren't dealt the same outrageously good hand of cards. Selena didn't respond to the protesters IRL or later, when she mentioned the show on Twitter: "Amazing show for @adidasNEOLabel tonight!! They looked amazing." Amaaazzzzing. 

The situation with sweatshops and factory labor conditions is, for those of us that follow fashion, the single most important thing we're not paying enough attention to. I get that the word
"sweatshop" reads very Nineties, but grunge makes a "comeback" twice a month and I don't hear anyone complaining. (Haha, jk I complain alllll the time.) 

The protesters were from a group called United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) and as the website LaborNotes uh, notes … they showed up to raise awareness for a recent Adidas factory closing in Indonesia which put 2,800 people out of work. USAS claims that Adidas owes the now-unemployeed factory workers a collective sum of $1.8 million in severence pay. The Selena Gomez / Adidas NEO action was part of a larger campaign which is kicking off to get students and unviersities to stop buying Adidas merchandise. 

Image via Getty

The Buzz Latest News

Nemo Destroys NYFW: Marc Jacobs Changes His Show Date Over the Big Bad Blizzard

Poor Marc Jacobs: Not only has it been so cold in New York that the designer has doubtlessly had to keep his shirt on (of course in the end, we're the ones that suffer most when Jacobs covers up those sweet ladykiller pecs), Nemo, the big bad blizzard barrelling towards the Northeast, has led Jacobs to postpone his Monday, February 8 show due to customs and delivery delays.

According to a statement by Jacobs' business parter and company president, Robert Duffy, the brand is waiting on shipments of bags, shoes and two fabrics. So pretty much everything they need to show the collection, besides models.

Marc Jacobs is always one of the most anticipated collections of New York Fashion Week, but as its been rescheduled for Thursday at 8 PM — the last day of shows — it's likely going to see a lot of guest cancellations.

From Duffy:

"Marc and I are extremely sorry for this inconvenience. We just want to have the best show possible and show all the product that our design team has been working on so hard for the last six months. We completely understand if people have to get on a plane to go to London. We're not expecting people to change those plans or other plans just for us. We are live streaming the show. Still, we recognize the significant inconvenience and are very sorry about the situation."

Inclement weather is no excuse for massively inconveniencing the entire New York fashion industry. Those people are important people, more important than snow! Mr. Duffy can apologize all he wants but some things, like winter, are unforgivable. 

Collage with Marc Jacobs image via Getty

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Naomi Campbell Covers Vogue Italia’s February Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Italia February 2013 - Naomi Campbell by Steven Meisel

Naomi Campbell is all about reminding us of her awesomeness these days, and posing for the cover of Vogue Italia’s February issue is one of the latest examples of that. We all know by now that she has a new Tyra Banks-esque modeling show, The Face, coming out, but this Vogue cover is vintage Naomi at her best. Photographed in sepia tones by Steven Meisel, Naomi is emanating pure feminine power with every fiber of her being, and like the upper echelon supermodel that she is, she makes it look effortless.

“I'm biased because I'm a huge Naomi fan, but I think this cover is great,” Caswell posted. “She looks her age and she looks like she's in charge.”

Vogue Italia full foldout cover Feb 2013 - Naomi Campbell by Steven Meisel

JessicaKarina wrote: “It truly looks so classic. It's simply stunning.”

“Well, I love this,” mistress_f declared. “It's classic and different at the same time and Naomi looks truly stunning.”

“Who can argue with the perfection of that face?!” Luxx asked. Certainly not me.

As if Naomi isn’t captivating enough on the cover, there’s also a video. Enjoy (even if it falls into the confounding-fashion-video-I-don’t-get category):



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