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Link Buzz: Dakota Fanning for Glamour; Erin Heatherton Doles Out Career Advice

  • If you ever have the opportunity to cover a fashion magazine, let Dakota Fanning be your guide. [AmyGrindhouse]
  • Want to know how to style in-between bangs? Duh, everyone wants to know that. [BellaSugar]
  • Selena Gomez did a fine job hosting a Nylon x Coach celebration dinner — except she forgot to wear pants. [FabSugar]
  • Erin Heatherton says the best way to pursue a career in fashion is to pay attention to fashion. Such wise words! [Fashionologie]
  • Rihanna says the best thing she could possibly say on the subject of Chris Brown: "Even if it's a mistake, it's my mistake."  [AnythingHollywood]
  • Cara Delevigne did a Shania Twain lip sync video because that's just a thing people do sometimes. [StyleBakeryTeen]

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I Know You Wanna Watch Kate Upton’s Super Bowl Ad

Unfortunately, Kate Upton is only appears in like three, maaaaybe four seconds of the Mercedes-Benz ad that's going to run this Sunday at the Super Bowl game. 

I'll forgive you if you don't take me at my word and want to verify by watching the video for yourself below. The automobile giant seemingly went nuts trying to publicize the fact that Upton would be featured in the commerical. They started hyping in November, pre-Thanksgiving. Forget "holiday season," this has been Kate-Upton-Super-Bowl-commercial-hype season. Last week, Mercedes-Benz even released a separate teaser for the ad (a commercial for a commercial, what new and strange times we live in) showing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model doing the tamest sexy carwash routine I've ever seen (people still got outraged, don't worry).

I was expecting the ad to include, at the very least, a repeat performance of her infamous "cat daddy" video, if not a whole new choregraphed dance piece. Unfortunately, we got a shot of Upton in a red dress on a red carpet. For a second, before the camera cut to Usher. Who's not even the real star of the ad. Can you guess who is? You can't! It's Willem Dafoe. WHAT?

I don't understand anything about luxury car marketing. 

Image via WENN


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Inject Some Menswear-Inspired Tailoring Into Your Wardrobe with LN-CC

If you followed the recent catwalk shows at the London Collections: Men, then you would have noticed that the showcases blurred the lines between genders. The most obvious example of this was by designer of the moment, J.W. Anderson, whose menswear collection featured a plethora of garments such as leather skirts and frilly gloves that challenged the status quo of what’s socially acceptable for men to wear.

Now, we’re not exactly sure how many guys would actually be brave enough to wear such fashion forward designs, but we can’t deny that anything that dares to break convention is a positive step forward. Just think of leading designers such as Coco Chanel, who back in her day made high society gasp when she created suits and trousers for women in an age when dresses and corseted numbers were the norm. If we lead by her trendsetting example, who knows how long it’ll be before we’re off on a date with a guy who’s wearing a nicer skirt than us!

In relation to womenswear, and for you girls who love to incorporate a bit of androgyny into your own wardrobes, we’ve recently stumbled upon fashion retailer LN-CC.  They are currently boasting a fabulous spring buy that has clearly been influenced very strongly by men’s tailoring in womenswear. Featuring an array of leading brands from J.W Anderson to Lucas Nascimento, checking out their website is a must. Plus, they also have a newly refurbished concept store (complete with record boutique and exclusive café) opening in the trendy Dalston area in London at the end of the month. 

We're loving the J.W Anderson contrast vest dress currently on sale for £284 and the Lucas Nascimento beehive cylindro jacket (above right) currently retailing at £417. Let the gender bending begin! 

Images: LN-CC, LN-CC, LN-CC

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That Awful Brad Pitt No. 5 Ad Was a Huge Success for Chanel

If South by Southwest thought The Canyons had "quality issues" the film festival selection committee probably would have thrown up all over themselves if Chanel had submitted its Brad Pitt No. 5 commercial for consideration. 

When it comes to fashion, there's always room for a difference in opinion with this one exception: Brad Pitt's Chanel ads were awful, horrible. Show me someone that disagrees and I'll show you a Chanel employee trying not to lose his or her job. 

Ah, except no one at the French fashion house is actually in danger of getting sacked over this painfully painful commercial. Because um, according to Bloomberg, Chanel earned millions of dollars in free advertising ("free" = Brad Pitt's undisclosed contract fee + production expenses) off our dumb commentary. Don't you feel dirty? I feel like that South by Southwest committee, post-vomit. 

Image: Screenshot

Previously (oh boy):

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Hey James Deen, Tell Us How You Really Feel About Lindsay Lohan

Ever since The New York Times ran that long article a couple weeks ago, reporting on how difficult it was for The Canyons production team (specifically director Paul Schrader) to wrangle lead actress Lindsay Lohan into showing up on set and playing a character in front of a rolling camera (if you haven't read it yet, enjoy!), co-star James Deen seems to be having a hard time finding someone to talk to about anything else. 

Because The Canyons has buckets of indie/hipster appeal (the film was largely financed by a Kickstarter campaign and the script was written by the cultish novelist and Twitter goblin, Bret Easton Ellis), porn's Jewish-boy-next-door, Deen, was likely hoping to use the film as a vehicle for the mainstream acting career Sasha Grey couldn't get. 

So when a Daily Beast reporter asked some questions about Lohan's disastrous work ethic and on-set behavior, Deen tried to bring it back to his own fine acting chops: 

[The director and I] both went outside and were yelling at each other, but what we were really yelling was, 'WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE MOVIE SO FAR?' 'I THINK IT’S REALLY GOOD!' 'I’M REALLY IMPRESSED WITH YOUR DIRECTING STYLE!' 'YOU’RE DOING AN AMAZING JOB AS AN ACTOR!' We were just screaming compliments at each other. And he ended the conversation with, 'Here’s your motivation for the scene: after you do this, you’ll never have to work with her again.'

Unfortunately, it's starting to seem more unlikely that Deen might not make it out of the porn ghetto with this picture. After being rejected by South by Southwest (the prestigious festival denied the film on the grounds of its "quality issues"), The Canyons' future is uncertain and yet Deen still can't find anyone to talk to about anything non-Lohan related. The Sun just posted another interview with Deen that's basically just a rehashing of his previous comments on the endlessly fascinating subject of Linday Lohan:

“She is a product of the Hollywood system," he says. "She is so fragile you can’t help but feel for her.” With empathy skills like those, of course the man can act. (Also he's super-attractive, yeah?)

Image via Getty


PreviouslyI'd Really Like It If You Read This Post and Watched the Trailer for 'The Canyons' 

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Link Buzz: Peter Som Will Show Digitally; Moisturizing Shapewear Is Coming for Us

  • Peter Som Fall 2013 won't happen in real time, but it WILL happen. [Fashionologie]
  • Were you going to buy something NYFW-worthy? Stop whatever you're doing and look over here. [FabSugar]
  • "Is Moisturizing Shapewear the Next Big Beauty Buy?" Oh lord, I really hope not. [BellaSugar]
  • Do you want to see the video Beyonce made to sell her fragrance? Because I'm the only person alive that's sick of Beyonce, you probably do. [DailyStab]
  • Kate Spade's Keds line is finally out and is going to sell out yesterday, so hurry up and buy some if you want some, okay? [SheFinds]
  • Kanye allegedly bought Kim Kardashian many tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelery. Mazel to them. [Earsucker]

Image via IMAXtree

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