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Miranda Kerr’s Alleged Affair is Far More Interesting Than Her Yoga Routine



For someone who attends hordes of high profile events, poses topless for Terry Richardson, and has almost as many Instagram followers as Cara Delevingne, Miranda Kerr rarely does anything that warrants more than a flattering caption.

Sure, there was her high-profile divorce form Orlando Bloom last year. But she dealt with the affair in such a typically graceful, media-friendly manner that it appeared to rile no more than messing up the ratio of her morning acai smoothie. (Though, at $686 for the ingredients, that’s nothing to sweep under the rug.) She’s perfectly poised, mildly inspiring and a safe campaign choice for mainstream brands – at least that’s one theory as to why she keeps landing multi-million dollar contracts, despite her face looking the same in every picture.  

Another celebrity who had the same perfect image until approximately 12.30 p.m. on Monday was Beyoncé. We know both women aren’t “real” – Miranda Kerr is 50% goji berries and Beyoncé requires 15 makeup looks to #wokeuplikedis — but both give us just enough supposedly candid Instagram selfies to make it at least possible to believe otherwise.  

Then Monday and Tuesday happened. First Solangegate, then Miranda’s rumored billionaire boyfriend James Packer got into a punch-up with his childhood friend David Gyngell, allegedly over Packer’s treatment of his estranged wife. (Packer split from Erica Baxter in September 2013 and was rumored to be linked to Miranda Kerr as of December – thanks in part to an awkard Harper's Bazaar Australia headline.) 

Gyngell’s wife, Leila McKimnon, wasted no time in taking to Twitter to compare the men’s fight with the elevator incident: “Ok so they’re much better dressed and a little more discreet but I feel a kinship with Beyonce, Solange, and Jay-Z today,” she tweeted on Monday. But if any third party got caught up in the brawl, it was Miranda, not her. Her pop cultural star power comes nowhere near that of Beyoncé’s, hence the incident wasn’t widely publicized, given the circumstances. But it’s still far more interesting than what she wore to the Swarovski event that night. People live to see celebrities exposed as humans, whether they're tripping up stairs at the Oscars, being exposed for affairs, or apparently Photoshopping their selfies. (Something both Beyoncé and Miranda have been accused of in their quests for perfection.) If there's one thing we love more than seeing a celebrity looking perfect, it's seeing them being brought down. 

The difference, though, is that Solangegate felt like doomsday. Miranda inspiring a streetside brawl just makes her slightly more interesting in a Jennifer Lawrence vomiting at Madonna’s Oscars party way. Is it wrong to want more of this? It definitely makes me more interested in reading subsequent Miranda headlines. 

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Flashback: US Vogue October 2006 with Sandra Bullock by Steven Meisel

I had yet another parcel of goodies delivered a few days ago, full of back issues of American Vogue. Inside the box was a couple of issues with Sandra Bullock on the front. I couldn't help but notice how fantastic she photographed and how rare it is to see her on a magazine cover.

For our flashback series this week, we are taking a look back atVogue's October 2006 issue with the American actress on the front. Bullock is photographed by Steven Meisel wearing a black jacquard bustle-back gown by Carolina Herrera, styled by Tonne Goodman.

Flashback US Vogue October 2006 Sandra Bullock Steven Meisel


As one can expect from an October issue from 2006, the 436-page issue is full of fabulous content. Steven Meisel photographed another story for the issue with models Karolina Kurkova and Hilary Rhoda (we really are deprived of Meisel in American Vogue nowadays). Mario Testino shot an editorial with Gisele Bundchen and actor Eric Bana in which Gisele dons a range of eveningwear from J. Mendal, Narciso Rodriguez, Prada and Stella McCartney.

However, even stories with wonderful models cannot distract my attention from Sandra Bullock's cover story. The actress appears in a very elegant and sophisticated-looking feature wearing glamorous gowns and diamonds where she successfully projects the vision of a true Hollywood actress.

Stay tuned for next weeks flashback and in the meantime, check out the US Vogue October 2006 thread here.

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Karolina Kurkova is Allure Russia’s Stunning June Cover Girl (Forum Buzz)

No stranger to beauty shoots and once the face of Christian Dior's cosmetics line, Czech beauty Karolina Kurkova covers the June 2014 issue of Russian Allure. Photographed by Nicolas Moore, Kurkova is seen rocking a radiant shade of red lipstick, matching red nail varnish and gold eye makeup for the compelling shot. This is a perfect example of how a beauty magazine cover image should look. I imagine this achievable style of makeup and hair to be a source of inspiration for readers to emulate. Good job!

Allure Russia June 2014 Karolina Kurkova


Check out the thread and join the discussion. There is also a preview of Kurkova's story from inside the issue which can be viewed here.

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Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne Dine with Prince William

Everybody can relate to that last-minute panic of what to wear to an event, especially if it’s a dinner party. How formal is it going to be? Would a cocktail dress be too much? Now, consider how the guests must have felt when they were invited to what we could perhaps dub the dinner party of the year with Prince William and Ralph Lauren. What does one even wear to dine with the future king? Then, imagine hearing the news that Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne are both attending. How could you even attempt to out-dress two of Britain’s most famous style icons?

Prince William and Kate Moss


Let the supermodel fash-off begin. Cara opted for a floor-sweeping number, accentuated by a pop of sparkle, and finished her look with an easy top knot. Similarly, Kate opted for a long flowing black dress but upped her sex appeal with a touch of lace and a side split. It’s hard to decide which of the two ladies was the best dressed. 

Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss at Prince William dinner


The high profile dinner party, hosted by Prince William, took place at Windsor castle and was in aid of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity to announce Ralph Lauren’s news that they’ll be funding a new breast cancer centre at the hospital. 

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John Galliano Might Have a New Job – At a Russian Perfumery

John Galliano

Image: WENN

John Galliano's steadily been trying to piece his career back together after being fired with disgrace from the helm of Christian Dior. The designer has definitely been working, recently filling a residency in Oscar de la Renta's studio, assisting him on his Fall 2013 collection, which sparked rumors that Galliano was being groomed to take over the house in the designer's stead. Since that fell through, the hunt has been on for a new gig, and according to WWD, the search has finally ended.

Russian perfumery L'Etoile announced today via its website, "John is back!" speaking of Mr. Galliano. The designer's reportedly been tapped as the brand's new creative director and will specifically play a part in building up its private-label cosmetics line. Galliano is to start May 22, although further details have yet to come to light.

Watch this space for more updates on John's new gig!

Update:  John Galliano's publicist Liz Rosenberg confirms that the designer did join the L'Etoile staff, and has been consulting with the label on the low for the past few months. More details are expected to leak in the next few days.

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Culturally Questionable Accessories Chanel Should Avoid in the Future

By now, we know the good people at the house of Chanel do not give two hoots if your'e offended by their exorbitantly-priced accessories. The French label offered the most tepid of non-apologies for the poorly-placed Native American-inspired headdress they sent down the runway for the Texas-themed Pre-Fall 2013 show. Now, Uncle Karl is back at it, adding quilted petrol can-shaped shoulder bags to the house's latest Cruise 2015 offerings, because MIDDLE EASTERN OIL. HAR DE HAR.

Sigh. As we mentioned yesterday, the bags are gimmicky at best, and culturally insensitive at worst. As Styleite points out, less than 7% of the United Arab Emirate's revenue actually comes from oil. The reference, then, is simplistic. Dubai has such a rich culture, surely Lagerfeld and his team would have been able to find a more relevant symbol to update with the Chanel touch. But this is fashion after all, and as we've come to learn, we can safely predict that this won't be the last time we'll see culturally questionable choices at a runway show. And since Karl likes to stage his shows in "exotic" locations, we wouldn't be surprised to see more side-eye worthy, interlocked C-emblazoned accessories in our future, for example…

  • Jamaica: a ganja baggie
  • Japan: a bento box trunk
  • China: rice paddy hats
  • Colombia: a crystal-embellished coke ring
  • Cuba: a cigar-shaped clutch
  • Mexico: a taco roll camping (or glamping, since it's Chanel) knapsack
  • Morocco: pearl-tasseled fez hats
  • Australia: koala fur coats

Here's a plea from us to you, Mr. Lagerfeld: quit while you're ahead. We appreciate your enthusiasm, and understand that you get inspired by the places you visit or choose to stage your shows. That's fine. In fact, that's awesome. But as a designer, it's your duty to think forward and think creatively–not rely on tired tropes and iconography that wind up undermining the very culture you're trying to celebrate. We get that the gas cans were put forth with a wink. But they came across more like a bad joke told by a drunk uncle at a family reunion, rather than a tongue-in-cheek commentary on wealth in the UAE.

All we're saying is, next time, dig deeper. And for goodness sake, maybe even take a look at this site if you're still not sure if you're stepping into problematic territory. 

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