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Is Megan Gale Married?

Photo: Caroline McCredie/Getty

Photo: Caroline McCredie/Getty

First comes love, second comes the, ah, baby, and third comes marriage? It sure looks like it for 39-year-old Megan Gale and her younger beau, 26-year-old Shaun Hampson, with the new mum posting a photo to Instagram earlier today with three gold bands on her wedding finger. (more…)

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Kim Kardashian is Naked AGAIN for Love Magazine — But Here’s What We Really Want to See

Had enough of seeing Kim Kardashian’s naked body? Katie Grand sure doesn’t care if you have. More photos from the reality star’s 30+ page spread in this forthcoming issue of Love magazine have surfaced and quite frankly, we almost wish they hadn’t. The latest photo leaked today shows Kim, (oiled up, naturally), wearing a pair of glasses, a fur coat and nothing else. Sounds about standard for a fashion shoot, right? Well, we don’t know about you, but we couldn’t handle any more shots showing Kim in her full glory in one week. So we did what anyone would do: We added puppies and kittens to the photo. 


Judgy Cat says, “NOPE.”

Holy almost-labia, Batman! Even with our cute little friends, we’re dangerously close to seeing Kim K’s na-na, from an angle that might just be more pearl clutchingly uncomfortable than seeing her naked butt bent over. Wait. actually, we can’t decide which is more awkward. On the bright side, puppies and kitties! We’ll take comfort where we can get it in this wacky world. 

We’re all fashion lovers here. We understand that every once in a while there will be a little nudity in a fashion editorial – and we ain’t mad at it. Nudity can be chic and beautiful. But what did we ever do to deserve this? We get it: Kim is a cultural icon who likes to be naked and covered in baby oil. And we’re guessing that the folks at Love were kind enough to add adequate, uh, shading, to Kardashian’s ladyflower in this image (check out the original, you’ll see). But do we really need a Kanye’s-eye view of all her bits? Repeatedly?

Eh, we’re gonna go ahead and say no. But if you do want to see a slightly more NSFW version of the image, peep it here.

[h/t Complex]

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Opening Ceremony Combs Vivienne Westwood Archives for New Collaboration

Opening Ceremony is kicking it old school with Vivienne Westwood for a capsule collection inspired by her work from her Worlds End boutique. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim took a gander through Westwood’s “Clothes for Heroes” archives and picked out their favorite pieces, which they resurrected for the 20-piece collection.


A photo posted by openingceremony (@openingceremony) on

The unisex range boasts slouchy trousers and draped tops, a remake of the sneakers from her 1983 runway show, that famous boob T-shirt and several other iconic pieces. Unisex collections seem to be trending these days; Nicola Formichetti’s unisex Nicopanda range recently hit shelves and Selfridges is reworking its stores to create an agender shopping experience next month. So, it seems Opening Ceremony is giving us a dose of nostalgia and a taste of what’s trending now with this latest collaboration.

The collection is set to drop February 9 online and at Opening Ceremony’s stores in Los Angeles and New York. 

[via Dazed]

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Nick Knight Photographs 12 Fantastic Covers for 10 Magazine (Forum Buzz)

More often than not, you’ll find us complaining about multiple covers for the same issue, but when a magazine gets it this right, we don’t mind in the slightest. 10 Magazine‘s Spring/Summer 2015 team went all-out to impress with this latest installment, tapping Nick Knight to photograph 12 covers that feature some of modeling’s finest faces. Barbara Fialho, Behati Prinsloo, Candice Swanepoel, Cindy Bruna, Devon Windsor, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn, Lais Ribeiro, Lily Aldridge, Lily Donaldson, Ming Xi and Sui He are each handed solo covers with outstanding results. Models? Check. Diversity? Check. Creativity? Check.

10 Magazine Spring 2015 Nick Knight


Forum members raced to the thread to voice their opinions. “This is soo good! I love every single cover, but the ones that stand out are Joan, Devon, Lily D, and Ming’s. Nick Knight is such a talented photographer, U.K. Vogue is at loss not using him anymore. A big one!” Miss Dalloway raved.

“I agree U.K. Vogue definitely needs to use Nick Knight more, he’s so fantastic! Jourdan looks amazing, I think her cover is my favorite. I also love Joan, Lais and Lily D – really striking covers!” replied LastNight in agreement.

Sharing the same sentiments was KateTheGreatest: “I love it, all the models look so good and Nick Knight is amazing.”

“This is great. Looking forward to the contents, might be the first issue of 10 I buy in years,” shared an excited mistress_f.

“Joan kills it. This is such a good idea,” gossiping proclaimed.

“Joan’s is the best, by far. It’s classic. That body is out of this world. I love the black & white. I adore the scale of her in the space with that flowy material. Really breathtaking image,” added happycanadian.

Check out all the covers for the issue inside the thread and tell us which one you’ll be purchasing here.

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We Have So Many Questions About Britney’s Belly Button Piercing

Before we even start, let’s make one thing clear: We love us some Britney here at tFS. Love her! The girl is the undisputed denim queen of the 1990s and we adore her grown-up sleek new bob. But new campaign images from her lingerie line have surfaced and there are a few things we need to discuss. 

We Have so Many Questions about Britney’s Belly Button Piercing

Photo: Intimate Britney Spears

First, while Brit-Brit’s poreless skin is still firmly in uncanny valley range, girl looks damn good, and it’s way less terrifying than the Photoshop nightmare of the first campaign. The second (and more important) thing struck us as we gazed upon her impeccable abdomen: what is up with that belly button ring?

Now, we know this isn’t Brit’s first rodeo when it comes to navel rings. The piercing made its music video debut in 2000’s Lucky, which also means it was a twenty-first-century decision. Still, that’s fifteen years ago! We’re all for a good throwback, but belly rings were among the few trends we hoped would remain in the 90s and early aughts — our own navel and eyebrow piercings are thankfully long gone. (We admit it, Mom: you were right about those.) 

Which brings us to our next point: navel rings reject very easily and are among the more difficult piercings to care for. How has Britney’s not closed up? Did she take it out during pregnancy? Was it airbrushed out of the first campaign, or is it a recent acquisition? How many times has she had it re-pierced? By whom and when? Did it get caught on any lingerie lace during the shoot? Does Britney have a little box somewhere full of belly rings with different charms on them?  And most importantly, where can we learn that level of incredible commitment? We can hardly remain loyal to one brand of toothpaste for a month, let alone fifteen years of an oft-criticized piercing. That kind of consistency is downright admirable. 

We accept that some things are just not meant to be understood by mere mortals like ourselves, but we’re begging you, Britney. Teach us. We want to learn.

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David Gandy Could Have Played Christian Grey in Fifty Shades

Image: WENN

Image: WENN

We have absolutely zero complaints that Jamie Dornan is playing Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. And why would we? We will literally accept any excuse to watch that man do anything – even read a Sears catalog. But it turns out that there was another hottie up for the role, a hottie who also happens to be our ultimate man crush. People, imagine David Gandy as Christian Grey, because according to the model, it could have totally happened since he was offered that role…amongst others.

“I was offered Fifty Shades of Grey, 300 2, Hercules, which a lot of people probably would have taken as actors,” he told Square Mile, “but I’m in the fortunate position where I like what I’m doing. I don’t feel the need to act.” Though the movie’s been generating a lot of hype, Gandy doesn’t regret turning down the role. “Critics and literary experts aren’t fans but I respect it for what it is. But was it right for me? No. It just didn’t feel right, in any way. And in my gut, it felt right to say no. Sometimes it’s about what you say no to, as opposed to what you say yes to that can lead to success.”

Will we forgive David Gandy for depriving us of 20 minutes of him acting in sex scenes? Only barely. But we think more than a few people would agree he would have made for another extremely handsome Christian Grey.

[via Square Mile]

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