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Dior Has to Beat the Heiresses Off With a Stick

While we were busying arguing about the merits of Raf Simons' work at Dior, the French fashion house was busy rolling its eyes and moving vast quantities of couture into the presumably palatial closets of young Russian girls. 

Wondering whether the three-piece suit which appeared at Dior's Spring 2013 couture show (pictured) was commerically viable, New York Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn approached the label's director of haute couture, Catherine Rivière, to be like, "Cute, but come on now." (Horyn was worried that the "newness" of the look might detract from its appeal.) Madame Rivière was like, "No, what's cute is that you think we have to do much of anything to court clients." 

As Dior president Sidney Toledano put it, “Frankly, for us, the problem will be to have enough petites mains. We have more orders than our capacity.” 

Can you imagine how annoyed you'd be if you were an heiress with a practically unlimited couture budget, and the Dior atelier didn't have enough seamstresses to fulfill your order? I bet the heiresses spend all their time calling each other to complain/gossip about Madame Rivière and compare fittings.

Dior isn't the only house that has its hands full with heiresses — it appears that Chanel also has to beat them off with a stick. Designer Karl Lagerfeld told Horyn that one Russian client ordered about twenty outfits in just two hours. 

Lagerfeld essentially presides over an untelevised version of Say Da to the Dress: the designer employs a huge staff of over 200 workers at the Chanel atelier and sends the high fashion equivalent of emissaries all around the world to do special fittings in places like Asia, Russia and the Middle East. Yep, that's where you find couture-buying heiresses these days. Sorry, France. 


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Alexa Chung Returns as the Face of Maje for SS 13

We are totally loving Maje’s new Spring campaign. Why? Well, not only is it all central to a cool Sixties, dare we say almost Austin Powers-style theme, but it’s also got our favourite British style icon, Alexa Chung returning to front it once more. 

Alexa is also more than just the face of Maje’s latest campaign, she’s also being labelled as the inspiration behind the range. The campaign was shot by Craig Mcdean and sees Alexa take centre stage upon an Andy Warhol Pop Art-inspired set. 

According to Maje, this season is all about a liberated, creative, urban and complex-free chic, thus making Alexa the perfect model to showcase it. True to form, Alexa is effortlessly chic and laid-back in tailored shorts with an almost army style blouse and boots. An easy outfit in which to ease your way into spring… although a pair of woolly tights underneath wouldn't go amiss in the current cold weather that we’re having.

Images: Maje

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The Onesie: The Worst Thing to Happen to British Fashion

Opinions are always divided regarding the best and worst fashion trends around, but we hope that you have our back when we say that the onesie is quite possibly the worst fashion trend to hit the UK, like, ever. That’s right, we’re talking about that gigantic baby grow for real life adults.

The onesie trend kicked off in a big way in Britain just last year, and unfortunately for us, it’s showing no signs of disappearing. Usually, fads like this never quite completely catch on, but the king of British reality TV shows, The Only Way IS Essex (TOWIE), sent this trend to another level, and we’ve literally seen everybody from our neighbours wearing one to do their weekly shops to our favourite pop stars getting papped in them. What is happening to the world?

Snap One up Now!

If you’re all for the human baby trend (well, after all, it’s our job to help), we can point you in the direction of purchasing the very best. Head over to Primark and dress like a giant teddy bear for under £20, or go down the slightly classier route with Amy Childs’ (former TOWIE star) own range. Bag her diamante embellished onesie below in a range of colours for only £65 each and simultaneously evoke that scary velour tracksuit trend.

Did I Really Wear that?!!

If you’re one of the few sane people left, then join us in having a laugh at a few of our favourite celebs below who've been backing the onesie trend. They are so going to look back at these pics and wonder what the heck they were thinking! Remember, though, if you’re of a nervous disposition and easily scarred from horrific fashion disasters, then click away now.


Above left is TOWIE favourite Joey Essex in what we would at least hope to be a festive onesie, but no, as it turns out, we've spotted people still wearing this number just this week — and it's January! Above right is X Factor sensation Rylan, and he's teamed his with a pair of silver moon boots — just when you were thinking nothing could make a onesie look worse.

Images: AmyChildsOfficial, WENN

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Link Buzz: Dolce & Gabbana Support Galliano’s Comeback; Mad Men Season 6 Promo Pics

  • Dolce and Gabbana pen a letter in support of a John Galliano comeback. This is really, really happening. [Fashionologie]
  • All the BB cream hype is totally deserved, and you know I mean it because it kills me a little to admit that any hype is ever deserved. Anyway, click through for even more ways to use it. [BellaSugar]
  • The SAG Awards are coming up and that's great news for anyone that loves screen actors, guilds, and/or red carpets. [FabSugar]
  • If you like necklaces but have a hard time figuring out how to wear them with clothing, this necklace/neckline matching guide is for you. (Actually, it's for me, but it's okay if you look over my shoulder.) [SheFinds]
  • Wait, there's gonna be a Lady Gaga/Tony Bennet duet album so I think I'm gonna have to come around on my hardcore anti-Lady Gaga stance. [DailyStab]
  • Mad Men Season 6 promo photos are here and have totally worked on me. I want a new TV to watch and I want it now. [Starcasm]

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Tim Gunn Stars in the Fifth & Pacific Rebranding Video

"Where is Fifth & Pacific?" asks a new video starring Tim Gunn. 

The Project Runway mentor takes the question super literally — he stops New Yorkers on the street to ask for directions. It's cute because Fifth and Pacific isn't a real NYC intersection. On the other hand, it's not a move that inspires confidence in the creative director of the newly-formed brand. The ad tries to make a joke out of Gunn's inexplicable ignorance, but it never really takes off.

Liz Claiborne became Fifth & Pacific in May last year, and the name change reflects the sale of the company's former namesake brand to JC Penney. (The fourth Google search result for Liz Claiborne is a Business Insider post titled, "The Liz Claiborne Disaster Timeline." Eeek.)

Okay, so I do think this video is kind of schmaltzy (sry), but maybe that's because I'm less interested in Fifth & Pacific's brand identity ("Where New York chic meets California cool" ugh) and more interested in the actual brand. Fifth & Pacific is made up of three well-known and distinctive labels — Juicy Couture, Kate Spade and Lucky Brand Jeans — which in sum speak better to Fifth & Pacific's identity than any tagline could. A cabbie practically whispers that crucial information about the company's constitutive parts like two seconds before the end of the video. If three months from now, people are still asking the question, "Where's Fifth & Pacific?" it's gonna be the company's own fault.  



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Trend Alert: Feline Flats at The Bay

Forget about kitten heels because in every glossip mag (glossy + gossip, new word win?), it seems that some ironic celebrity hipster is wearing cats on their feet. Don't think that's some kind of convoluted metaphor like "dogs are barking" or a cool new nail art trend. What I'm talking about is the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Cat flats that are about as common as a domestic tabby and now stocked at The Room (Hudson's Bay elite shopping experience).

No kidding, I've been spotting these shoes on everyone — Alexa Chung, Taylor Swift, Bella Thorne, SJP — since they first caught my eye in Katy Perry's Part of Me movie extravaganza. Of course, Kitty Purry has built a career on fruit, cats and whipped-cream squirting bras, which means she can get away with wearing virtually anything, but would you wear this feline friendly footwear?

The Bay are stocking the Charlotte Olympia flats in a range of colours at price points of either $595, or $845 for a leopard print, genuine pony skin pair.

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to three figures, then of course I'm going to suggest some knock-offs, like these $20 ballet flats from Boohoo, the $140 loafers from Footnotes, and the $65 printed flats from Free People. But notwithstanding the price, tell me now: are cat flats cute or nothing but kitschy krap? Me-ow!

Images via The Bay

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