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Erin O’Connor Poses Nude and Pregnant for Nick Knight

If you’re famous and pregnant, it seems like the only natural thing is to take all your clothes off and pose for a magazine cover, a la Demi Moore’s infamous Vanity Fair shoot.

While the likes of Jessica Simpson and Britney might not quite have mastered it, you can always rely on the supermodels to do it right — like Erin O’Connor, posing at 8 1/2 months pregnant for what looks to be an utterly beautiful shoot by Nick Knight for SHOWstudio in London.


image: instagram @showstudio_nick_knight

Knight instragrammed a cheeky snapshot of the new project yesterday with the caption, "The wonderful Erin O'Connor, 8 and half months pregnant. Beautiful [sic]," before going on to add, “I will be publishing a small portfolio of the images later this week on SHOWstudio. Thank you@ezzaoconnor xxx.” Erin then responded on the photo in the comments, thanking him and his wife Charlotte, who also runs SHOWstudio.

It is the 36-year-old model's first child with partner Steve Gibson, which she managed to keep a secret before attending the InStyle Magazine’s pre-BAFTA party in February with a rather sizeable bump and letting the world see for themselves. While we may have seen it before with Claudia Schiffer, Allesandra Ambrosia, Miranda Kerr and many more supermodels baring their bumps, Erin O'Connor brings a new ethereal quality to her image which will no doubt be enhanced by Nick Knight before the final images are released. 

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Keira Knightley’s ‘Librarian Hair’ Ruins UK Elle’s July Cover (Forum Buzz)

Despite promising to release more model covers, Keira Knightley is UK Elle's latest celebrity to grace the front cover of the British monthly. Photographed by Elle regular, Thomas Whiteside, and styled by Anne-Marie Curtis, the actress wears a dress from Gucci's Fall 2014 collection (yes, fall clothes on a summer cover).

UK Elle July 2014 Keira Knightley


Members of theFashionSpot forums weren't pleased with the cover. "Can't stop looking at the missing hand," noticed Hector.

"I hadn't even noticed her hand… I suppose it's sort of gripped around her waist so would be hidden by the second arm, but even so, it does look odd. Overall, I don't mind it I guess, she looks good. Outfit is dull. I see what they're trying to do, make it look a bit more… undone. I can't help but feel they're trying to make Elle look 'cool'. It's not working," responded honeycombchild.

Cosmic Voices was in the same frame of mind: "It probably isn't a Photoshop mishap because Keira is very slender, but that missing hand is terrifying. I love love love Keira but this is disappointing to me, she looks better in candid street shots imo."

GivenchyHomme disliked Keira's hairstyle and wrote, "I don't like it. She looks dried up and the hair isn't helping."

"That librarian hair ruins it for me. The hand doesn't bother me, and I think it would be a nice cover otherwise," agreed MyNameIs.

However, Srdjan thought the cover was great: "I like it very much. The hairstyle is great. I just wish her stare was a bit more defined (looking at the camera completely), not like this, but still — it's a great cover."

Check out the even better subscriber's cover within the thread and share your opinion here.

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More Images from Moschino’s Fall 2014 Campaign

Last week, we got a peek at Moschino's Fall 2014 campaign, which despite the collection's kitschy inspiration, gave off an air of sophistication, thanks to its black-and-white rendering and the presence of Linda Evangelista


Image: Moschino

Now, a few more images from the campaign have leaked, and they are just as arresting. With a cast including Stella TennantCarolyn MurphySaskia de BrauwRaquel Zimmermann and Karen Elson, this campaign gives off a feel of old glamour, making the fact that Stella Tennant is wearing a gown made out of Budweiser can-printed fabric not that strange after all. 

Image: Moschino

Image: Moschino

Check out more images in our forums and tell us what you think!

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Link Buzz: How to Hang Out with Anna Wintour; Band of Outsiders Teams Up with Starbucks

  • anna wintour at the Opening night of The Cripple of Inishmaan at the Cort Theatre

    Image: Joseph Marzullo/

    Media job board Ed2010 is hosting a raffle to give away a lunch date with world's biggest people person Anna Wintour. [Ed2010]
  • A large number of stylishly dressed young people attended the Governors Ball music festival this week. [FabSugar]
  • "These Ladies Beat the Drag Queens for Best Beauty at the Tonys." [BellaSugar]
  • Lena Dunham and Katie Holmes are dining buddies now. [PageSix]
  • Instagram did not approve of Kanye West's birthday cake. [Styleite]
  • Why isn't there more college student activism protesting fast fashion stores like Forever 21? [NewYorker]
  • Band of Outsiders teams up with Starbucks. [WWD]

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Will 3D Printing for Makeup Finally Bring Diversity to the Beauty Industry?

Estee Lauder campaign

Estee Lauder is one of the few beauty brands which shows diversity in its campaigns / Image:

Last month, an inventor named Grace Choi unveiled a prototype for a 3D printer called MINK, which can print makeup from any home computer. The product can produce blush, eye shadow, lip gloss and other types of makeup in any color, by pulling color codes off of digital photos. MINK prints makeup with the same ink used by beauty companies (Choi told Business Insider that the ink is FDA-approved). 

When it goes on sale later this year, MINK will be priced around $300. If that seems fairly low for such a new and futuristic-sounding technology, that's because Choi isn't really in it for the money: she wants to disrupt the beauty industry's hold over young women and their self-esteem. In an article which just went up on The Daily Beast, Choi tells fashion reporter Erin Cunningham that she sees her product as a form of activism. 

Choi, who is Korean-American, says that she created MINK to combat the lack of racial diversity represented by cosmetic products and advertising:

“After graduating from Harvard, I thought I would feel more confident about myself. But for some reason, I looked in the mirror and I still felt insufficient, ugly, and just not enough… I’m like, ‘Where is this coming from?’ I think it pummels back to when you’re young and how corporate America companies market [things]. They’re [always] telling you you need more… We live in a society—I feel like we live in the matrix already—that’s controlled by marketers. People just don’t realize it yet because we’re taught to accept the status quo…I decided to do beauty first because that is the most important [industry]—in terms of self-confidence, and shaping women. Also it directly [deals] with race. You can put this whole thing—the supply chain and whatnot, and do it with hamburgers. But when you’re doing it with cosmetics, you’re dealing with a racial issue because it [deals] with skin color. This is so much more of a societal issue than just a commercial issue. I was like, ‘This is too important for me to ignore.’”

The printer will be specifically targeted to 13- to 21-years-olds.

You can watch Choi present MINK in the video below:



[This 3-D Printer Can Change Fashion's Diversity Problem - Daily Beast]

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It’s Nice to See Miranda Kerr Not ‘Oversexualized’ on Vogue Australia (Forum Buzz)

Modeling an off-the-shoulder pink coat and complementing dress, Miranda Kerr is Vogue Australia's latest cover subject. The 31-year-old model was photographed by Nicole Bentley whilst perched on a stool in front of a grey studio background. Senior fashion editor Christine Centenera styled the cover story (which also features Miranda's son, Flynn) for the fashion bible's July 2014 issue.

Vogue Australia July 2014 Miranda Kerr


"I kinda like it, it's nice to see her not in the oversexualized styling," commented fluxxx.

Kanna shared the same sentiments: "Although I'm not a fan of her print work usually, this looks nice. Love the coat."

"This is a truly beautiful cover. I love how innocent and relaxed Miranda looks here. Everything is just so right about this photo, everything's in balance, the clothes look great on her and Miranda's face is just the cutest," enthused yesitsdagny.

Valentine27 was also in favor of this cover and wrote, "I'm far from being fond of Miranda, but surprisingly I like this cover a lot. The styling is very chic and yet the pose and the coat which slides along her arm makes it look effortless. There's just enough makeup to make her blue eyes pop. The hairstyle is also very natural. It could have been 'too much' but this is such a well balanced cover at the end. Love it!"

Are you also a fan of this? I sure am! I'm loving every single element about this cover and the colors are gorgeous! Check out the thread and join the discussion here.

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