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5 Minutes with Mr. Gif, IMG’s Fashion Week Collaborator: ‘Everyone Needs GIFs’

Five Minutes on G-Chat with IMG Models Collaborator Mr. Gif: ‘Everyone Needs GIFs’

According to its website and everything else the Internet knows about the NYC-based artist collective, Mr. GIF is the joint effort of two men named Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo. But when I asked, over Gchat, which of the two I was speaking with, my correspondent told me, very enigmatically, that he* had no idea what I was talking about. 

"I don't know who that is. This is Mr. Gif," he said, before passing along his cell phone number (for me to use later tonight, if I need help crashing the Tumblr party). 

Along with several other popular blogs tapped to collaborate with select designers, Mr. Gif has just released its contribution to Tumblr's NYFW initiative: a GIF series showcasing IMG's newcomer crop of models. 

I spoke with one of them or both of them (or possibly an impersonator?) earlier this afternoon, about what it's like to do offbeat art projects for big corporate brands and whether or not the GIF is forever**. 

theFashionSpot: Your IMG collaboration is mesmerizing. 

Mr. Gif: Oh thanks. Glad you dig it. Did you see the whole set? 

tFS: I think so, it's this? 

MG: Yup yup. Its actually gonna be in a Milk Studio gallery tonight — there's a Tumblr photo gallery that starts at 5. This stuff will be up but a little different: it's going to be in 3D, so we'll be handing out special glasses. 

tFS: The GIFs are already pretty creepy.

MG: Yah they are, ha. People say that a lot. We like creepy.

tFS: I like creepy too. Were you concerned with how IMG would respond to the creepiness?

MG: A little. They had some guidelines in the beginning of the process so we knew what we couldn't do. A lot of the girls (and boys) are very young and new in the industry, so that was one thing to keep in mind. But other than that, it was fun snapping all the GIFs and IMG has been pretty easy-peasy with everything.

tFS: And you just wrapped up another collaboration with Evian, right? Why do you think all these big brands want to sponsor weird art GIFs? 

MG: It's great. Everyone needs GIFs. Well not everyone. There are just some brands that don't need GIFs. But the clients usually come to us just wanting GIFs with no real ideas, and that's when it works best. You get to build the idea from scratch and that is what we're always after.  

tFS: GIFs have been having "a moment" for awhile now, do you think their popularity will ever decline? 

MG: Maybe, who knows. We try not to think that far ahead. What we do know though, is the art of the repeating image will always be something. Especially since everyone literally carries a screen in their pocket these days. Just walk down Times Square and you'll notice how many static billboards they've replaced with screens. Right now all they throw into the screens are commercials on mute — a GIF would be much more effective. And neato. 

(See all the Mr.Gif x IMG Models x Tumblr GIFs here.)

5 Minutes with Mr. Gif, IMG’s Fashion Week Collaborator: ‘Everyone Needs GIFs’

Update: Following a heated debate with my editor about whether it's pronounced 'gif' with a hard 'g' or 'jif' like the peanut butter, we asked Mr. Gif to share his expert opinion.

 "We say, say it like you learned it. But the inventor says 'jif,'" he told us.

*One of those rare cases when assuming a male pronoun is justified. 

**This interview has been edited for formatting and clarity. 

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Link Buzz: Margiela Collaborates on High-Tops with Converse; Is the ‘Democratization’ of Fashion One Big Lie?

Image: IMAXtree

Image: IMAXtree

  • Maison Martin Margiela will be collaborating on high-tops with Converse, because fashion sneakers are the best kind of brand dilution. [Fashionologie]
  • Saint Laurent derby shoes: It's not like you have anything else going for you, be honest. [FabSugar]
  • All the beyooteeful people on Instagram you could ever want to follow. [BellaSugar]
  • And here, all the NYFW livestreaming your heart desires. [SheFinds]
  • Pleaz read: "It seems the so-called democratization of fashion may have done what all democracies inevitably do: cultivated an even stronger ruling class of elitists." [BullettMedia]
  • On a related note: some believe fashion week still matters. [HuffPoStyle]
  • Eric Wilson is not one of them. [NYTimes]
  • What a great Internet, so sweet of it to excerpt Simon Doonan's new book. Always thinking of me. :) [Slate]
  • Tamagotchi has announced it's launching an apparel brand and I believe I'm supposed to be excited about it except I'm not, due to the fact that I'm no longer ten years old or a complete idiot. [WWD]

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Here’s How NYFW Gets Made: We Went to the Hair and Makeup Tests at BCBGMaxAzria and Herve Leger

Tomorrow morning, the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week schedule will kick off with BCBGMaxAzria's Spring 2014 runway show. And then, for the next month, prepare to be bombarded by high-octane fashion images on this website and others. 

To get a glimpse of how frenzied Fashion Week preparations can get, today we attended the hair and makeup tests for BCBGMaxAzria and sister label, Hervé Leger. Because photographs from tomorrow's runway will beam all over the world almost instantaneously and will then screen practically on loop (a video of last season's BCBG show greeted me in the reception area) into next year, the stakes for tomorrow's show are high. Everything has to be perfect; there literally can't be a hair out of place. 

Spring 2014 beauty looks for BCBGMaxAzria and Hervé Leger were created by NYC-based hair salon Bumble & bumble and makeup giant Sephora. Both teams gathered at the BCBG showroom today to test out the full beauty looks for both shows and fine-tune them in conjunction with the design group's Chief Creative Officer Lubov Azria. (Azria also happens to be our September guest editor.)

Two things of note:

  • The models booked for today's tests (one girl per label) will appear on the runway for their respective brands later this week. (As opposed to traditional fitting models, who work in the showroom but don't typically walk the runway.)
  • Although I want to say Leger's intense smoky eye was the most dramatic event of the day, I'd be remiss not to mention the minor fire that broke out in the studio, prompting an evacuation. No one was hurt (as far as I know); everyone gathered downstairs was treated to the amusing sight of models loitering on 41st Street in bathrobes. 

See the looks here:

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Hanne Gaby Odiele Plays Muse to Kym Ellery for AW2013

hanne-gaby-instagramHanne Gaby Odiele could (subjectively) be considered God’s gift to the street style blogosphere, so hearing she’s a fan of your brand is as pretty sizeable as compliments come. And Odiele’s definitely got a thing for designer (and Miss Vogue stylist) Kym Ellery.

Earlier this year, the Belgian model made an exclusive appearance on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia runway to walk for Ellery. At the same time she was tapped by online retail platform Jasu to front its AW2013 campaign, wearing pieces by Ellery as well as Romance Was Born, Dion Lee, Ginger and Smart, Michael Lo Sordo and Bec and Bridge (and while she obviously got paid for doing that, she’s also been snapped for style blogs wearing Ellery’s ankle cuffs).

Now the Belgian model and the Australian brand have joined forces again. Odiele is the face of the Ellery’s Fall 2013 campaign, full of sculptural silhouettes and graphic prints of the sort you’d expect to find in Odiele’s own closet. Kym Ellery doesn’t do anything meekly, and her thigh-split skirts and billowing flare pants, in particular, abide by the ‘go big or go home’ rule. If you only buy one talking point accessory this season, make it a pair of the Clydesdale-like cuffs Odiele’s already added to her own closet.

See all the images, plus a behind-the-scenes video, at


Images: Elleryland

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LOFT Fit Clinics Aim to Solve All Your Pants Problems

LOFT Clinic

Finding that oh-so-perfect pair of pants is a challenge and, with fall fast approaching, the pressure is on to cover up those pins. But as with most clothing, manufacturers work to a standard size and, if you happen to be a pear, apple, ruler or hourglass, not every cut will suit your body shape. That’s where LOFT is taking action and embarking on a quest to tackle camel toes and muffin tops.

To help women find their perfect pant, LOFT has partnered with style and shopping expert Theresa Quick to host “Personal Pant Fit Clinics” at the Eaton Centre LOFT store.  Theresa will provide free one-on-one fit assessments and styling sessions in-store, helping ladies shop the 45 options of cuts, fabrics, colours and prints fit for any style or occasion.

After surveying more than 10,000 women over four hours, LOFT is extremely confident they’ve solved our pant fit issue by offering three simplified styles: “Marisa,” “Julie” and “Zoe,” which guarantee to fit every bump, hump and lovely lady lump. You can get your own assessment from Thursday, September 5 to Saturday, September 7 from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. What’s more, on September 7, for every pair of pants sold in LOFT stores in Canada, LOFT will donate a pair of pants or other clothing item to Dress for Success, the not-for-profit company that provides professional work attire to disadvantaged women.

With news of its Fit Clinic, LOFT sent out a few sketches of common pants problems and their fixes, which you can check out below this post, as well as a video guide that you can view here. I may personally take them up on their Fit Clinic offer next week or else become one of those gals forced to purchase a Smooth Groove in the near future. Amiright?


Images via LOFT

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Hudson’s Bay Company x Converse Jack Purcell Collection

Converse 1

I am, and always will, remain a loyal fan of Converse: the wear-anywhere-with-anything sneaker that’s been a staple accessory on the floor of teenage bedrooms ever since its introduction in 1917. Without question, Converse is a heritage brand and so, it’s rather fitting that the company would partner with Canada’s most famous heritage store, The Hudson’s Bay Company.

Incorporating HBC’s iconic red, green, blue and yellow colouring, Converse has released one-of-a-kind styles for Fall 2013. Yes, your shoes, too, can look like that famed woollen point blanket as the recognizable Jack Purcell badminton sneaker is candy-striped in the print we all know and love.

Just like HBC, the Jack Purcell style is steeped in Canadian history as the eponymous man behind the show was a world champion badminton player from Guelph, Ontario. He designed the first hard-court shoe in 1935, which was later bought by Converse in the 70s.

I mean, I know there are a lot of sneaker collectors out there, making these shoes more suitable as keepsakes than kicks to team with your favourite skinnies. They’re incredibly loud, proud and Canadian, with the Purcell and Hudson’s logos adorning the footbed and each shoe carrying a “Seal of Quality” to officially recognize the authenticity of a Hudson’s product. But by playing the nostalgia card, these limited-editions may just fly out of stores like a speeding shuttlecock.

The range will be available at Hudson’s Bay Stores throughout September for prices in varying between $120 and $140, so get them while you can is all I can say.

Converse 2

Images via

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