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Stella McCartney Taps a Surprised-Looking Natalia Vodianova Once Again for Her Spring 2013 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Stella McCartney Spring 2013 featuring Natalia Vodianova

If you were hoping to be surprised by Stella McCartney’s Spring 2013 ad campaign, then I’m sorry to disappoint you, because things are starting to get predictable. Kudos if you haven’t lost track yet, but Natalia Vodianova has been tapped for the umpteenth time to star in the brand’s ad campaign. Rest assured, that vacant stare Natalia has been using at every chance is still there.

“I think if she was wearing dorky eyeglasses, it would've worked but now they've added the 'ceiling eyes' technique. This feels very untoward!” Aedlacir commented.

Stella McCartney Spring 2013 featuring Natalia Vodianova

Chanelcouture09 wrote: “I'm over seeing Natalia for Stella McCartney now, it's getting lazy having her season after season. This is turning into another Lara Stone for Calvin Klein. I'm neutral to the ad though, she looks angelic and I do quite like her wide-eyed gaze into the distance,” he admitted.

“I don't mind Natalia as much as I mind the lack of creativity,” Elfinkova remarked.

In Stella’s defense, perhaps she’s more into consistency than innovation. But still, the element of surprise would be appreciated every now and then – and I don’t mean surprise in Natalia’s eyes. She still looks beautiful despite the stare though. And I might hate/envy her a little bit /a lot for it.

Images via the Fashion Spot forums.


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Take a Look at the Cover of Vogue Thailand’s Debut Issue (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Thailand's debut issue - February 2013We’ve been tracking the news of Thailand getting its very own edition of Vogue for a while now, and we finally have an official look at the magazine’s debut issue. Featuring Thai model Si Tanwiboon in an ornamental headpiece made exclusively for Vogue Thailand by acclaimed milliner Philip Treacy, the publication is literally going for the gold on their first attempt.

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about the cover, but there doesn’t need to be. The magazine aims to stay true to Thai design and culture, and it seems to have achieved that.

Elle_gb, a forum member who hails from Thailand, posted: “I'm so happy with their first cover, they chose something that represents our culture. The headpiece is beyond words to describe; the model looks stunning.”

YoninahAliza agreed: “It's nice to see they went with a little nod to Thai culture for the first issue. And the gold tone to the cover is pretty. The cover looks really fantastic; it's a great way to start out a new edition. They still have tons of room to improve which I'm sure they'll do in the next issues, but for a first cover, I think it's quite lovely.”

“I like it! The colors make me think of a sunset at a temple in Bangkok; it feels very welcoming in a way,” navyvelvetbowtie commented.

So, Vogue Thailand definitely gets points for incorporating their culture into their first cover without being too over-the-top about it. As far as editorials go, there’s no real indication of what we can expect, but let’s hope they’re on the right track. We’ll keep you posted.



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Kate Bosworth’s Sundance Fashion Misstep (Forum Buzz)

We all know Kate Bosworth is something of a fashion icon, and maybe she sometimes tries a little too hard to be on the cutting edge. Her look at the premiere of her new film, Big Sur, at the Sundance Film Festival is one of those times. She took a great look from Calvin Klein’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection and turned it into a scroll-down disaster by pairing it with white Spice Girls 2.0-style mid-calf boots.

“I just can't with the boots,” lelaid declared. “Maybe they'll grow on me because I love the rest of the outfit but I don’t know… they are so jarring.”

For balmain, the style fail went beyond just the boots. “If that top were a dress and you axed the skirt altogether, I think it wouldn't look half bad. There're just too many weird lengths happening,” she concluded.

“The shoes are too ABBA and the color of the skirt is a little off but the top part looks good,” Buttercup assessed.

Wolkfolk zeroed in on whether the look was appropriate for the premiere to begin with. “I'm sorry but she looks absolutely ridiculous here, especially when you consider how all the other actresses have been dressing since the beginning of Sundance,” he commented. “She's way too overdressed for the occasion and those 90s Spice Girls boots are just the worst final touch ever.”

To be fair to Kate, Calvin Klein Collection hosted a dinner that same night to fete the film, so it makes sense that she would be wearing a look by the brand. Those boots though. Can’t. Get. Past. Them.

Image: getty 

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John Galliano’s Brother “Joe” Makes an Appearance on Conan

You know how I feel about John Galliano's return to the high stakes world of mobile payments luxury fashion (and if you don't you can either read about it here or save yourself the seizure and just believe me when I tell you that you definitely, definitely don't agree with me) but do you know where the littler-known Galliano brother, Joe, stands on the former Dior designer's new position with Oscar de la Renta?

Joe called in to the Conan O'Brian show from Paris to talk about his brother's glorified internship … errr, comeback launch and to show off his fun and flirty collection of hats. 

It's so much fun. Have a great evening!


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Look, Taylor Swift’s In a Disney Ad: Let’s All Discuss Her Unhappily-Ever-After Personal Life!

Just because Disney's "Electric Holidays" collaboration with Barneys has come to an end doesn't mean the media company can't find fun new ways to shove its classic characters down your throat.

Okay, that was a mean opening, and one this altogether harmless ad for Disney's Dream Portraits campaign series doesn't really deserve. (I just really didn't like that Barneys collab.) Photographed by Annie Leibovitz (who really excels at these kinds of highly-produced, fantastical shoots and has previously photographed Rachel Weisz and Beyonce for this same series) and starring pop star Taylor Swift (seemingly a deity to every girl who's too old for Barbie, too young for Lady Gaga) in an epic interpretation of Rapunzel. I bet this campaign will do exactly what it's supposed to do: sell the Disney brand and promote the Disney Parks experience to children and their parents.  

But some coverage of this campaign has not been able to lay off nasty little allusions to how Swift's highly publicized rollercoaster of a love life doesn't measure up to "Dreams Come True" Disney princess messaging of the ad. Us Weekly even opened with it: "Swift may not have found her happy ending yet, but she's living out her fairy-tale fantasies in another way…" If* Taylor's prince ever does come, he better sic his dragon on anyone that tries to talk about it. 

*Saying "if" not because I'm being mean, but because I'm really not comfortable using metaphors about "princes" to describe someone's future romatic prospects. Will make exceptions in the case of anyone likely or hoping to marry a literal prince. 

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Here’s Some of the Earliest Known Fashion Photography

If you ever feel stuck in an infinite feedback loop of late 20th century "retro" fashion reference points, you aren't going back far enough. 

Here's some of the work of Clementina Maude, Viscountess Hawarden, an amateur 1860s Kensington-based photographer who turned her camera gelatin dry plate on her two daughters and their voluminous crinoline frocks. 

Even though her ambition was broader than just showcasing the fashions of her day (she belonged to the Photographic Society of London and Lewis Carroll counted himself among her admirers), the romantic mood of the pictures, dramatic way she posed her models and her attention to the way fabric drapes and crinkles and moves makes this work as proto-fashion editorial as it gets. (Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione, was staging similar photographs with herself as the model around the same time in Italy.)

Anyway, enjoy the pictures. And thanks to tFS Forum user quinten for leading me to them. For more context and a really convincing argument for what makes Clementina Maude's work fashion photography, I really recommend this post by librarian Dave Walker at the Kensington Library. 

Images via RBKC Library Blog


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