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From Kylie Jenner to Lip Fillers, the Year’s Most Popular Search Terms Are…

Kylie Jenner

Photo courtesy of H&M

There’s no greater benchmark for 2015 than Google’s list of the year’s most popular search terms. This isn’t a random roundup of all the events that occurred this year. These are the news stories we cared about most. Many of the search engine’s trending topics will surprise you (“What are lip fillers?”) while others we could have predicted six months ago (ahem, Bill Cosby). From Raf Simons’ abrupt departure to Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s wedding, here are the topics you wanted to know more about in 2015. (more…)

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Vogue Russia Features a Virtual Unknown on the January Cover (Forum Buzz)

Magazines continue to take risks this month by serving up January issues with unexpected and surprising cover stars. First, American Vogue hit us off with Alicia Vikander, then Allure gave us Emma Roberts. But Vogue Russia‘s subject most definitely had us racking our brains. The magazine introduces Cuba Tornado Scott, who captivates us completely before the lens of Michel Comte wearing a striped Max Mara creation (prison jumpsuit, anyone?). The granddaughter of famous film director Ridley Scott had our forums heading over to Google to do research, so Vogue Russia obviously got our attention.

Vogue Russia January 2016 : Cuba Tornado Scott by Michel Comte


Unfortunately, forum members were rather confused. “Lea Michele is that you?” an unaware GivenchyHomme asked straight away.

“I don’t really like it, because she looks like a bodybuilder or boxer preparing for her match,” added a dumbfounded Nymphaea. (more…)

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Bar Refaeli Hits the Hay for Agent Provocateur’s Spring 2016 Collection

Bar Rafaeli

She’s one of the world’s most sought after supermodels, so when news broke of Bar Refaeli’s latest shoot for Agent Provocateur, we knew the likelihood of her holy hotness breaking the internet was far greater than Kimmy K’s Paper Magazine shoot. No offence, Kim. 

Proving just why and how she’s reached supermodel-status, the Israeli-native flaunts her seriously toned physique in a sentimental rendezvous through the dusty French countryside for the lingerie brand’s Spring 2016 campaign. 

With a French farmyard as a backdrop and designer lingerie left, right and centre, the newlywed model certainly turned up the heat, with creative director Sarah Shotton crediting Bar’s film noir, feline qualities for the great synergy with the collection.  (more…)

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Billy Eichner Shares ‘Sex and the City 2’ Opinions With Sarah Jessica Parker In Hilarious New Video

Calling all Sex and the City fans, Billy Eichner is screaming in your corner. 

The host of Billy on Street has added to his already-impressive archive of rolling-on-the-floor-laughing Billy on the Street videos by releasing a hilarious new episode featuring the one and only Sarah Jessica Parker. Labelled Reindeer or Sex App, this one is bound to leave you in stitches. 

After formally, or not-so-formally, introducing SJP (you be the judge), Billy tackles the Sex and the City 2 movie’s criticism by sharing, or rather screaming, his “You wanna know what I think?” views in her face while standing in the middle of Lower Manhattan. Normal? We think not. Hilarious? Abso-freakin-lutely. 

While it’s Billy’s passionate fandom over SATC that’s got us laughing-out-loud, seeing SJP quite literally frightened by Billy is also wildly entertaining, to say the least. Not to mention, that game of Reindeer or Sex App also makes for solid viewing.

Watch it for yourself above. 

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Rob Mills Opens Up About His Sexuality: ‘I’ve Never Denied Any Rumours’

Rob Mills

Photo: Getty

Broadway babe Rob Mills has opened up about his sexuality during a recent podcast on Em Rusciano’s Deeply Shallow.

When asked by Em if he’s a “little bit gay”, the 33-year-old replied that he is “just a little bit”, however, he doesn’t identify with being bisexual. He instead refers to his experience of “pashing a few blokes” as actions of sexual fluidity. During the podcast, Rob asserted that he has never denied rumours that he’s been intimate with other men, saying, “Yeah, absolutely. I’ve never denied any rumours or innuendo.” (more…)

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Leighton Meester Delivers a Christmas Miracle With This Elvis Cover

Leighton Meester might’ve been a raging she-devil as Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf (we know it was just a front, B), but in her true form she’s nothing but warmth and fuzziness, made clear with this latest cover of Elvis’ “Blue Christmas”.

Singing and strumming alongside fellow crooner Dana Williams, who sports an on-trend take on the Christmas sweater, btw, the girls melt our hearts by performing a laid-back, lounge-style rendition of the holiday track. Complete with Christmas stockings on the fireplace and a long-haired Santa tambourine player, this video really is delivering all the festive feels. 

It’s not quite the “Lovefool” nostalgia Leighton served earlier this year, but it is totally spirited and going straight onto the seasonal playlist. We were getting sick of Mariah Carey anyway.