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WATCH: Skitbox Poke Fun At Old Friends Trying to ‘One-Up’ Each Other

The women behind viral video sensation “Activewear“, Skitbox, have released a new video parodying the notorious practice of trying to “one up” someone else.

The video sees two old uni friends bump into each other and justify their priorities in life, like whether marriage and kids or casual sex and freedom to travel is the better life to live, and, for some weird reason, compete over who has a more dramatic sob story and nastier health problems. 

It’s safe to say most of us have been there, trying to come out on top of a conversation with someone you haven’t seen in years, or with an old friend you ended on bad terms with and need to prove yourself to. We’d venture to say this isn’t a habit exclusive to women as the clip suggests, though. (more…)

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Lara Bingle, Iggy Azalea and More Placed On Reimagined Australian Banknotes

Creative illustrator, art director and all-round genius Aaron Tyler has created some modern-day, largely popular culture-based Australian dollar notes, highlighting the fact that most Aussies don’t know who’s on our five, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar notes as they stand.

Sure, we know Queen Elizabeth II and probably all did that year-four assignment which required us to give ten fun facts about convict-turned-businesswoman Mary Reibey ($20 note, FYI) but, as Aaron says on his blog, “Those faces were relevant once, but they don’t strike a chord with modern Australia.”

His forward-thinking conclusion? Redesigning Australia’s banknotes with his artistic flair, bringing the country’s most “instantly recognisable personalities and cultural icons that present-day Australians love” to the the forefront. Check out the results below, with everyone from model Lara Bingle to export Iggy Azalea, flamin’ legend Alf Stewart, and morning-show funny man Karl Stefanovic (sorry Kochie) in the mix. (more…)

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Check Out Joe Jonas’ New Video Directed by Girlfriend Gigi Hadid

Joe Jonas’ new band DNCE debuted its first music video “Cake by the Ocean” this morning, directed by girlfriend Gigi Hadid, starring — you guessed it —cake by the ocean. While Hadid has appeared in videos such as Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” this is her first time behind the camera. When asked if he enjoyed working with Hadid, Jonas told EW,  “She’s always had a high creative eye so she came up with concept and we rolled with it. She was a good boss.”

The film is set on the beach with females dancing around in Guess swimwear while having a cake fight. Fat Jewish even makes an appearance in the video, having cake repeatedly thrown in his direction during the cake championship. Jonas told EW, “We were thinking of ideas and turned around and said, ‘Why not put a massive cake on the beach? It came together really quickly and were really excited about it because it’s just something that I think is wacky and fun.”

Jonas has been teasing the new song on social media for the past few weeks and so far so good. Fans seem to be all about it, including Hadid and Ciara, who were recently caught singing and dancing to the song on Instagram.  (more…)

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You Can Attend This Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for $17,500


Image: Getty

Ever dream of seeing an Angel in person? Well, now’s your chance, if you’ve got $17,500 laying around that is. VIP Concierge has a pair of tickets (that’s $17,500 per person) to both the star-studded Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in NYC and the equally celeb-packed after-party up for grabs on its site. Sure, it’s the cost of a sensible sedan, but how can you put a price on watching models dance down the runway in bedazzled wings and sexy lingerie while rocking out to the likes of Rihanna, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd? You can also just spring for the after-party, which will only run you $6,500. Pocket change, right?

Even better, if you’ve got the right moves (and are proficient in Femme Funk/Street Jazz, whatever that is), you can audition to be a backup dancer for the show. If none of these options suit your needs, you can always join us on November 10 for our runway coverage. It’s completely free and dancing shoes aren’t required.

In the meantime, enjoy last year’s festivities below: (more…)

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Michelle Phan Makes List of Highest-Paid YouTube Stars

Forbes just announced its list of the highest-paid YouTube stars and it comes as no surprise that makeup tutorial guru Michelle Phan, with over 8 million subscribers and counting, made the cut. Prerequisites for making the list? A minimum of $2.5 million pretax earnings for the year ending June 1, 2015. It was reported that Phan made $3 million for the year, putting her at number seven on the list.

According to Forbes, “One of the only commonalities of the group is their youth: Most are under 30, and thus only slightly older than their target audience members, many of whom are of the generation that prefers YouTube to old-fashioned television.” Michelle Phan definitely falls into all of these categories. “She’s playing a long game; she reinvests most of the money from her projects—including her cosmetics line and ipsy, a monthly makeup-subscription service—right back into her business.” 

[ Read: Michelle Phan Talks Success, Her New Book and Miley Cyrus ]

“I thought, if [YouTube] is going to be the global television of the future, I need to build my brand here,” she said to Forbes, when speaking of her first YouTube video that went live in 2007. “Within the first week, 40,000 people watched it and hundreds of comments came in and that’s when I realized I’d found my calling.” (more…)

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Lara Worthington Stars on Harper’s Bazaar Australia’s Effortless November Cover (Forum Buzz)

When it comes to our forums being biased toward certain publications, Harper’s Bazaar Australia hardly ever comes under scrutiny. There’s no denying that this edition of Bazaar has been on a complete roll lately, tapping the likes of Jessica Hart and Elle Macpherson for previous issues. Sticking with local Aussie beauties, Lara Worthington stars on the magazine’s Freedom Issue for November 2015. Photographed by Russell James wearing Victoria Beckham, Lara wanders the great outdoors and we’re loving it.

Harper's Bazaar Australia November 2015 : Lara Worthington by Russell James


“It’s most likely a subscribers’ cover but it’s beautiful nonetheless,” admired A.D.C. the moment the cover struck, prior to it being confirmed the cover above is indeed for subscribers.

“Great subscribers’ cover! It’s simple and fun,” justaguy shared.

Benn98 was quick to admit, “Wow, that’s beautiful. She’s actually quite beautiful, a far cry from [Michael] Clarke’s overly tanned arm candy. The dress looks really nice on her too.”

Sharing the same attitude was MON: “I love it. The beauty of freedom and how it was expressed in different ways in both of the covers is just so well executed. You can feel the emotion and its impact. Stunning. I love the vulnerability.”

Harper’s Bazaar Australia always excels with such effortless cover shots. I cannot believe this is the same Russell James who usually shoots such awkward covers for Vogue Mexico,” stated an amazed Benn98, returning once again to the thread.

The portfolio of Lara is just as beautiful. Check out the cover story, see the regular newsstand cover and be sure to drop us a comment here.