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Teen and Tween Designers are Getting Their Own ‘Project Runway,’ Hosted by Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano Project Runway

Image: Getty

Big news for America's most acne-prone design talent: teen and tween designers are getting their own fashion reality competition on Lifetime. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network has ordered up the new series, Threads, from the producers of Project Runway. The series will be hosted by reality TV star Vanessa Simmons and Project Runway alum Christian Siriano

Lifetime is also developing a dental extreme makeover show (Smile), a hairstylist show (Worst Stylist Ever) and a docu-series from Gene Simmons (Ugly Models).

This confirms my theory that reality television exists to prove that the idea of progress is a comforting myth, and not the fulcrum of our civilization. 

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Watch: In 1939, Designers Predict the Clothing of the Future

Like a true neurotic, fashion is constantly looking back at its own past and repeating it, but designers are equally fascinated with what's coming next. The video above satisfies both urges. 

In this 1939 newsreel, American designers predict the clothing of the future, imagining what women would wear in the year 2000. Although some were false forecasts (the convertible dress has sadly not yet become a wardrobe staple), other predictions were surprisingly accurate. One designer created a dress made out of "transparent knit" (a.k.a mesh) probably worn, the announcer says, "to catch the males."

And although skirts have hardly disappeared "entirely" as another designer predicted, the white jumpsuit included in the video looks surprisingly modern. So does the styling, which consists of a pair of "cantilever heels" (wedges) and a wide belt. (However, the designer thought the belt would be more than merely decorative, with a technological component that would "adapt the body to climactic changes." We are obviously not there yet.)


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Link Buzz: Bags for Beauty Junkies; Are You Obsessed with Designer Labels?

Breakups to Makeup Etsy

Image: Instagram/BreakupsToMakeup

  • If you consider yourself a beauty junkie, you might want to check out the Etsy shop Breakups to Makeup, which offers cute T-shirts and clutches emblazoned with clever makeup-related quotes. [BellaSugar]
  • Speaking of T-shirts, the Wall Street Journal profiles the holy grail of retail: the so-called perfect tee. [WSJ]
  • Suzy Menkes writes a column on the prohibitive college costs, pointing out that a young Alexander McQueen never could have attended fashion school today. [Vogue]
  • A maternity retailer is selling a shirt for pregnant women that reads, "Wake Me Up When I'm Skinny." Offensive and inappropriate? Yep, probably. [Jezebel]
  • Chloe Sevigny explains your Nineties obsession. [ELLE]
  • Zara's designer copycat strategy is really paying off. [NYTimes]
  • Are you obsessed with designer labels? You probably don't need to take a quiz to answer that question, but should you want to, here you go. [FabSugar]


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The Madewell Fall 2014 Collection Heralds the Return of Comfy Denim

A curiosity piquing piece in Huffington Post this week once again rattles on about the long-term decline of denim sales in Canada, putting the blame squarely on the likes of Lululemon and the rising popularity of activewear. According to data from consumer tracking agency NPD Group, the dollar value of sales of jeans in Canada dropped by 5 percent in 2013, with sales of kids’ jeans dropping a full 10 percent. Only Ontario bucked the trend, with denim sales flat for the year.

What does this mean for fashion? Well, exactly what you think it does, denim is appearing less and less in collections, with designers opting for athletic looks, like the hugely popular leather jogger of the moment. I can’t really live with people wearing Lululemon yoga or sweatpants to work or brunch, but what I can offer a nod of approval to is the return of the loungey denim pant. The scuffed up, sloppy, relaxed style that offers the same amount of comfort as a jogging pant, but with ten times the style.

Madewell fall 2014 collection

Since J.Crew alum and Canadian born Somsack Sikhounmuong took the reins last February at Madewell, that’s exactly what he’s been offering: Beat up denim, flannels tied around the waist, elevated sweats, tough leather and suede moto jackets. The Fall 2014 collection is an ode to brisk autumn days, where jeans get dressed up in heels or down in daps for a very sporty, tomboy, college-appropriate ensemble.


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The 9 Most Epic Takedowns of Australia’s Hideous Commonwealth Games Uniforms


Image: Getty

Australian fashion has positioned itself as a market to be reckoned with in recent years. But all it takes to convince the world we actually suck at design is one horrendous Commonwealth Games Uniform. And here we have eight of them.

Granted, the uniforms were not expected to incorporate any of that youthful athleticism championed by the likes of Dion Lee Line II. They were designed by Australian Defence Apparel, a company with a background in designing combat gear for Australian defence troops. The sports direction is a new one for the ADA – and not one they will probably continue to move in considering the uniforms are bringing attention to Team Australia for all the wrong reasons.

It’s not just fashion finding fault with this intergalactic take on rest home normcore either. Everyone from designer Charlie Brown to Twitter to the Sydney Morning Herald has an opinion, and the best thing we can say is that at it’s reminding people that the Commonwealth Games still exist. Here are the most hilariously epic takedowns:

The jackets have a "Captain Kirk from Star Trek" look to them – Australian fashion designer Charlie Brown to the MailOnline

"This is why Olympians used to perform naked. Were these uniforms designed by a graduate of the Whitehouse Institute on a scholarship?" — Elle deputy editor Damien Woolnough to the Sydney Morning Herald

"…could well come in handy should our Glasgow-bound athletes need to defend themselves against heinous fashion crime allegations from other nations." — Daily Life fashion editor Georgia Safe

"Seriously, the Australian Commonwealth Games uniform will become a hipster's collectors item." — Racing Ahead host Shane Anderson

"The Australian Commonwealth Games Committee would like to thank Kath & Kim for their uniform design efforts." — Twitter user @WilkieScottJ

"The Worst Sporting Uniforms of All Time" — The New Daily

"New Australian Commonwealth Games uniform. I don't think they have enough logos." — Twitter user @Carolyn_Barry

"No, grandma didn't send the knitted Chirstmas jumper to the wrong address. And as far as we know, there are no Star Trek conventions planned for Scotland next month." — Sportal

"The Driza-Bone-trackie hybrid replacement looks more suited to an afternoon hike than presenting our elite athletes to the world." — The Australian

So long, state of Australia's fashion reputation. Maybe Christopher Esber can provide a fresher take on the knitwear trend next year?


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Alexander Wang Debuts New Balenciaga Fragrance

Anna Ewer shown posing topless for Balenciaga's new fragrance B

Image: Balenciaga

Alexander Wang's latest for Balenciaga includes a brand new fragrance, B. Balenciaga, which is set to hit shelves in mid-October. The brand currently offers two fragrances, and for this third one, Wang looked to the archives to help build the new scent.

The fragrance is housed in a crackle-glass six-sided bottle, a nod to the flooring in Balenciaga's old salon at 10 Avenue George V in Paris. Spray it on, and you'll experience top notes of violet green leaves accord, lily of the valley bell (inspired by the bridal bouquet of Wang's friend Vanessa Traina Snow) and green edamame accord.

The campaign, lensed by Steven Klein, features a black-and-white topless shot of model Anna Ewers wearing nary but a few bracelets and a delicate veil. You'll be able to find the fragrance at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, as well as at select Sephora stores once it drops. 

[via WWD]

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