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Interview Russia Gives ScarJo the Pop Art Treatment

Image via TFS Forums

You know what? I don't like this. Interview Russia's February cover featuring Scarlett Johansson popped up on the TFS Forums early this morning and even though there are only a few comments in the thread at the moment, they're all overwhelmingly positive. So let me tread carefully, as my opinion may be in this (rare, you know?) case, an unpopular one. (Also, sorry: have been reading so many old novels and now I fear I sound like the other other Boleyn girl — you know, the one that lives in Brooklyn and spazzes out over clementines and boys. Mmmhmm, I sound just like that.) 

I am perhaps equally interested in Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Monroe — and by that I mean, not very. Even though she's appeared in three million movies, ScarJo can't act her way out of a fuzzy fitted sweater. And that's precisely why she's famous, for wearing fuzzy fitted sweaters in expensive movies. 

Marilyn Monroe is another story, talent-wise. However, she's dead. Like, really really dead. This has been the case for a long time! We get it. Dead, not alive. Like, she cannot walk or breathe or eat or love or give interviews. Get it, Interview? Marilyn Monroe has nothing interesting to say, because she is dead! Scarlett Johansson has nothing interesting to say either, but that's not because she's dead but because she's not very interesting. 

Yet still. Here we are, staring at an image of ScarJo channelling Marilyn. Get it? Because they are both buxom Hollywood blondes — no, no one has ever before made a connection between the legendary Marilyn Monroe and a busty blonde working actress. Yes, Interview Russia is truly visionary. 

Another stroke of genius: the pop art effect. GET IT? Because there is an original Andy Warhol print of the real Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn Diptych, 1962) and also Warhol was behind the original iteration of Interview magazine in the U.S. And so pop-artifying a picture of ScarJo embodying Marilyn Monroe for the Russian edition of Interview magazine makes so much sense it's … okay, so fine, I have something nice to say: ScarJo looks really really good. Salable, sure. And if this cover does move magazines on the newsstand — which it probably will — then JobWellDoneInterviewRussiaISuck. 


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PPR Acquires a 51% Stake in Christopher Kane

Following his unexpected departure from Versace's Versus brand and speculation that he might succeed Nicolas Ghesquiere at Balenciaga, Christopher Kane sold a 51% stake in his eponymous brand to French holding company PPR, securing the London-based designer's foothold on the luxury fashion scene. 

The label joins Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen as PPR's British subsidiaries, and will likely similarly benefit from its new partner's extensive experience in developing luxury brands. 

The Scottish-born designer attended British fashion cradle Central Saint Martins before settling down to forge a career in London in 2006. Within the past few years, he's solidified his standing as a member of the city's emerging young designer scene — a group which includes Jonathan Saunders, Mary Katrantzou, Matthew Williamson and Giles Deacon — receiving plenty of praise and awards from the fashion world at large. His label now employs 26 people.

In terms of initial expansion, Kane has his sights set on a retail boutique — “A shop is a dream, a real stamp of approval,” the designer tells's Tim Blanks — and a leather goods line. Whatever's ahead, all this success is his due: Congratulations!

Image via WENN


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Vince Camuto Injects Color Into Spring Denim

Vince Camuto, a man with a lifestyle concept that first began with shoes, only recently brought his namesake line to Canada this fall, making its debut at select locations of The Bay. Obviously, if you love beautiful shoes at reasonable price points, then Camuto — who co-founded Nine West and recently added Lucky Brand footwear to his portfolio — is your go-to designer. But lately, Camuto has also been expanding into other areas, namely a denim-based collection that he calls TWO by Vince Camuto.

With a fresh fit, luxurious touches and quality execution, the TWO brand embraces a woman's zeal for life and confidence with adventurous colour choices, pairings, clever layering style and surprise embellishments. It's both timeless, intrinsic and priced for accessibility within a younger audience with the denims retailing for $89 to $109, skirts for $59 to $99, cotton loungewear and leather panelled leggings for $69 to $99, knit tops for $39 to $79, blouses and sweaters for $69 to $99, and leather jackets for $199 to $399.

Speaking on his latest line, Camuto says: "The line offers an utterly fresh sensibility. TWO by Vince Camuto introduces an elevated take on laid-back dressing and is a natural extension of the Vince Camuto lifestyle. TWO by Vince Camuto is our first foray into this space and we're excited to offer today's modern woman a perfect blend of effortless styling and downtown chic while consistently delivering on the promise of exceptional value and attention to detail for which the Vince Camuto brand is known."

The freshly dip-dyed, neon-centric concept will hit Canadian stores this spring, but if you can't wait until then, here's a sneak peek of what will be on offer, including Canada's biggest and best sellers: the laid back, comfort fit VC shirts. What would you pair them with?

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Manning Cartell’s AW2013 Collection Will Have You Wishing for Winter Already

Leave it up to the three sisters behind Manning Cartell to stuff as many of next season’s trends into one hospital-grade clean collection.

A heavily ornamented middle finger to the Australian summer heatwave, AW2013’s lookbook is a pretty good roundup of everything you should be looking forward to when the temperature drops below 20. Matchy-matchy suits? Check. Man-sized coats that seem to defy gravity? Check. Prints that remind you of both geometry lessons and art class? Check and check. White after Labour Day? Why the heck not, especially if it’s trimmed with blingy gold zippers that may or may not serve any utilitarian purpose.  

Other things guaranteed to get you noticed include a sequin jacket and two pairs of killer leather pants. The sleek, skinny black ones are Manning Cartell at their uncomplicated best, while the maroon ones are the best thing to ever feature leather, drawstring and elastic all at the same time.

The last six months have been big for the Manning Cartell sisters. They gave their Strand Arcade store a slick revamp to celebrate five years in the business in August, and six-handedly made “bridesmaid dress” a less anxiety-ridden term by launching a line just for the ladies of the bridal party. This latest collection is a pretty great example of how they’re able to do so much while looking like they’re really not doing that much at all. 



Images: 10Magazine

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Link Buzz: Blue Ivy’s 80k Diamond Barbie B-Day Present; Lanvin for Lancome

  • Beyonce and Jay-Z gave Blue Ivy an 80K diamond-encrusted Barbie for her first birthday because they knew she was going to remember that day for the rest of her life. [Earsucker]
  • Terry Richardson photographed Georgia May Jagger for H&M because I have not gotten angry enough this week. [Fashionologie]
  • Ninety-nine pictures of accessories at the Golden Globes last night — I bet you can't resist. [FabSugar]
  • Alber Elbaz created a short animated video to tease Lanvin's collaboration with Lancome, which you'd be well-advised to click though and watch. [BellaSugar]
  • Heather Graham's New York apartment caught fire but everything's okay now so don't worry about it! [Starcasm]

Image via WENN

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Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2013 Ad Can’t Decide What It’s All About

Image via WWD

For Proenza Schouler's national magazine ad debut, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough brought in photographer David Sims to photograph models Irina Nikolaeva and Julia Nobis in the brand's Spring 2013 collection.

This campaign is very likely a crucial piece of some larger overall business strategy: set to run in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and W (advertising in big-name glossies is a first for the New York label), the ads feature an updated (and rather unfortunate-looking) logo. Also, the initial image (above) was teased to WWD, signaling an unambiguous play for press. 

It seems like there's a lot riding on this campaign, but if the other images follow the one above, I don't think it can bear the weight. Any weight. Good thing scrutiny is weightless, or it couldn't even bear that. 

Let's list all the elements that make up this lumpy soup of an ad:

  • The modernist blob of a collage on the left
  • The decontextualized graffiti on the walls in the main image
  • The very traditional waterscape seen through the window
  • Model Irina Nikolaeva's robotic pose (is that a pocket or is she rubbing her lower belly?) and faded, wilting expression
  • The scaley-stiff red leather skirt suit with black geometric embellishment which, who would ever wear that?
  • Everything about the font, from the font itself to the spacing.

This is like a scene out of a very sad novel that ends with the main character huddled in a corner of her hovel, feeding bread crumbs to her pet rat. But on another planet, after the end of the Earth.


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