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Marie Claire Tries to Make Amber Heard Happen with Its December Cover (Forum Buzz)

She managed to get us hot under the collar on ELLE‘s July cover and now, Amber Heard continues to turn up the heat for Marie Claire. Last month, Lea Michele failed to do sexy, but Amber certainly commands our attention on the title’s December offering. Shot by Boe Marion, Mrs. Johnny Depp dons nothing but a chic fuchsia blazer with her hair swept over to one side and mouth apart, making for a rather compelling cover image.

US Marie Claire December 2015 : Amber Heard by Boe Marion


So, were forum members impressed? “Her again? Didn’t she ‘grace’ the cover of ELLE just a few months ago? Guess Johnny Depp’s wallet knows no bounds!” slammed an uninterested Handbag Queen immediately. (more…)

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We Smell Photoshop on Cate Blanchett’s Vogue Australia Cover (Forum Buzz)

Let’s face it, our favorite fashion glossies haven’t exactly been delivering the goods with their December covers. For the second time this year, Cate Blanchett graces the cover of Vogue Australia. One of Australia’s biggest exports should be a slam dunk for the glossy, right? Not so fast. Wearing Louis Vuitton and photographed by forum favorite Will Davidson, Cate sports a suspiciously elongated neck. Do we detect some Photoshop?

“Not the best pic of Cate. I don’t like her makeup, also the outfit isn’t doing anything for me. She looks better on red carpet pics. I miss the glamour,” shared a dismayed Nymphaea within seconds of the cover dropping.

[ See: The Year in Photoshop Fails ]

“I don’t like the cover. With Cate as a cover star and Davidson as the photographer, something much better could have been produced. This just seems lazy and uninspired,” echoed a disappointed KateTheGreatest.

Also not feeling it was t-rex, questioning, “I think they digitally elongated her neck.” (more…)

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Perfect Casting? Katy Perry Might Play Cher in the ‘Clueless’ Musical

Katy Perry Clueless

Image: WENN

Our teenage dreams are coming true. Clueless, the 1995 coming-of-age classic, is turning into a musical. And Amy Heckerling, who wrote and directed the movie, wants Katy Perry to play Cher Horowitz. We can’t think of a better casting for Cher than another California girl who looks spectacular in plaid and knee-high socks. 

Heckerling told Vulture, “I love Katy Perry but you never know what will happen, she has a whole big schedule.” Would Katy Perry pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? As if! Perry already “expressed interest” in the role last year, Heckerling said earlier. (more…)

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Ariel Winter Had the Best Response to Instagram Body Shamers


#mynieces #lovethem #fbf

A photo posted by Ariel Winter (@arielwinter) on

The Internet is great for things like new lipstick trends and clever satire accounts, but one downside that is becoming increasingly annoying is Internet bullies. These dark, cruel and woefully ignorant commenters body shame women like Gigi Hadid for her curves and Ariana Grande for being “too thin.” Recently, they set their sights on Ariel Winter who, we should remind you, is only 17 years old. The Modern Family star posted the most innocent picture wearing a bikini on a boat, with her young nieces and bullies attacked her in the comments. They made lewd remarks about her body, claimed she was “asking for it” and called her a “slut.” (more…)

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This Extreme Tattoo Trend Might Hurt Your Eyes In More Ways Than One

Eyeball tattoos

Photo: @kyliebearpiercing

If you’ve just returned from Ripley’s Believe It or Not or closed the book on a recent Guiness Book of World Records, you’re probably feeling like you’ve just about seen it all. Trust us, you haven’t.

Something new and extreme is at its peak. The newest wave of body modification is eyeball tattooing, which inks people’s sclera, otherwise known as the white area around the iris. The Daily Telegraph reports that hundreds of people worldwide, including Aussies, are undertaking this highly dangerous practice that medical professionals are calling “experimental, extreme and potentially carcinogenic”.

The irreversible process includes injecting ink directly into the eyeball, which then sees the ink spread under the eyes top layer, conjunctiva, to colour the whites of the eye. According to US-born body modification expert and tattooist Luna Cobra, the man who pioneered the procedure and splits him time between Melbourne and San Francisco, the practice is pretty much painless.  (more…)