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An ‘Undeserving’ Blake Lively Scores Her Third Vogue Cover (Forum Buzz)

As rumored in theFashionSpot‘s Cover Rumor Thread, Blake Lively is on the cover of American Vogue‘s August 2014 issue. For the magazine’s annual “Age Issue,” Blake is photographed by Mario Testino and styled by Tonne Goodman. Shot for the cover wearing a red knit dress, which was teamed with a thick brown leather shearling coat, Blake looks radiant with her hair styled effortlessly as she flashes a welcoming smile while portraying Southwestern chic. The former Gossip Girl star previously fronted both the February 2009 and June 2010 issues of the fashion bible.

US Vogue August 2014 Blake Lively Mario Testino


Our forum members aren’t so thrilled that Blake has scored yet another Vogue cover. “I adore Blake but gosh another Vogue cover? I mean, there are talented up and coming actress you can choose from a pool who’s having their movies now but then you decided to choose Blake Lively with a story focusing on a GOOP-ish website. Oh well…” posted TaylorBinque.

“This is horrible! I don’t think she deserves another cover, but I was still expecting it and the editorial to look nice enough. The only shot I like is the one with the dog. The styling is awful,” said an unsatisfied SallyAlbright.

Sharing their sentiments was whysper: “Seriously, her? I just don’t see the ‘IT factor’ with Blake, despite the fact that she surprisingly has lucrative deals and that still confuses me to this day. She’s got hustle, sure, but nothing special.”

Not everyone is in the same frame of mind, though. A small few actually liked what they saw! “It’s a lovely classic American Vogue cover. I can almost see Linda or Amber in this same setup during their heyday. With that being said, I have zero interest in Blake. The pictures are pretty but the headline might as well read, From Gossip Girl to a Failed Movie Career. Internet entrepreneur? Give me a break,” proclaimed A.D.C.

“Stunning! Am getting that Elaine Irwin vibe and I think she deserves the cover being a fashion and beauty star,” wrote Urban Stylin.

What are your feelings about Blake’s third Vogue appearance? Check out the thread for Mario’s accompanying cover story and join the discussion here.

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Topshop is All Set for Its Melbourne Emporium Opening

We’re thinking Melbourne’s getting a little greedy. Its third Topshop store is set to launch next week in Melbourne’s ever-growing Emporium building, and it’s going to be the largest Topshop/Topman store in the Southern Hemisphere.

Taking up a whopping 2,732 sqm, the Topshop store’s stock will be in sync with London, New York and Los Angeles. There’ll also be weekly deliveries to meet consumer demand. Because it’s set to be such a huge addition to the Australian retail market, Topshop has pulled out all the celebrity-type stops to help build the anticipation.

Not only does the store have Topshop-branded MINIs riding around Melbourne, there’s also a mix of big-name Aussies posing with them for a complete Instagram takeover. Zoe Foster Blake, author, columnist and wife to Australia’s funnyman Hamish Blake, is one brand ambassador who’s taken a branded MINI for a spin.

“I’ve been zim zam zoomin around today for a fun project to celebrate the new @topshop_au opening in Emporium next Friday. It three floors. It magical. It make us very happy,” Zoe wrote to her Instagram, under a picture of Blake crouched down next to the car.

Other young-gun names on board include former The X Factor contestant Nathaniel Willemse, bloggers Lisa Hamilton of See Want Shop and Luc Wiesman of D’Marge and Puberty Blues stars Isabelle Cornish and Sean Keenan.

If previous international store openings like Topshop and Zara are anything to go by, we think the store’s going to be just fine getting shoppers through its doors on opening day. In fact, they might even get trampled on.

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Maybelline New York Dares to Go Nude With Jourdan Dunn, Devon Aoki and Staz Lindes

For a model, a little nudity is just part of the job. Just ask Jourdan Dunn, Devon Aoki and Staz Lindes, who have gone nude for Maybelline New York in a short for i-D, directed by Christian Larson. The three models dish on their new favorite makeup trend: neutral eyeshadow from Maybelline’s new NUDES palette. No, we don’t get to see the models (completely) naked, but we do get a great view of each woman’s perfect neutral makeup look, created by Alice LaneWatch the video to see Jourdan, Staz and Devon in the nude.

Sponsored by Maybelline New York 

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Flashback: UK Harper’s Bazaar October 2007 with Gisele Bündchen by Alexei Hay

I selected the topic for this week’s flashback series at random from a stack of UK Harper’s Bazaar magazines and my finger ended up on the October 2007 issue with Gisele Bündchen on the front (I wouldn’t even like to think how many Gisele covers I have, but never too many, right?). Our favorite Brazilian beauty was photographed by Alexei Hay and styled by Alison Edmond for Bazaar‘s “Power of Change” issue. Below is the cover, which was sent out to subscribers, but the same cover image was also used for the regular newsstand edition. Posing against a green backdrop, Gisele flicks back her signature glossy locks, wearing a silk tasseled mini dress from Bottega Veneta.

Flashback UK Bazaar October 2007 Gisele Bundchen Alexei Hay


Just about every magazine likes to take advantage of Gisele and this time around, British Bazaar is no exception. Alexei also shot the supermodel for a fashion story, where she showcased a range of the season’s most coveted short dresses from Paul & Joe, Missoni, Fendi, Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

The X Factor champion Leona Lewis also posed for the magazine (kind of an odd choice, though her photos are rather impressive), shot by Ralph Mecke. For the opening shot of the spread, Leona wears a gorgeous silver crystal dress from Dolce & Gabbana that was absolutely everywhere back in 2007. Naomi Campbell even wore something similar during her community service. Another noticeable set of pictures, captured by Satoshi Saïkusa, are also featured inside the 372-page issue: Model Fabiana Semprebom posed as a scandalous French maid donning body-skimming silks, sexy stockings and scarlet lips. Shot in Paris, the story just couldn’t be sexier.

Familiarize yourself with the contents of the October 2007 edition inside the thread by clicking here.

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A Florida Town Makes Sagging Pants Illegal, Here Are 9 Other Fashion Faux Pas They Should Consider

Image: Photographer's Choice RF, Getty Images

Image: Photographer’s Choice RF, Getty Images

Hope nobody was planning to wear baggy jeans on their next trip to Ocala, Florida, because you could land in jail for the fashion faux pas. According to the Ocala Star Banner, the Ocala City Council passed a bill on Tuesday barring anyone in the town from wearing low-hanging bottoms. If you’re on city-owned property and you’re caught with your pants more than two inches below your natural waistline, exposing your underwear or your butt, you could face a fine up to $500 and six months in jail.

One of the proponents of the bill is City Councilwoman Mary Rich. Rich is the lone woman on the council, as well as the only black person currently sitting. She tried to get the law passed in 2009, but didn’t have much support, mainly because members thought that the ordinance would lead to racial profiling. “It doesn’t matter what color they are,” Rich said, “they all wear their pants down. If you pull them up, you might be a better citizen because you may be able to find a job, J.O.B.”

Regardless of what Councilwoman Rich says, the law is bound to disproportionately affect young black boys. After all, the baggy pants trend started with this group of males. It’s hard not to see this law as providing police the opportunity to initiate a confrontation or possible arrest with any young black man they see going about their business. “The kids are going to say something to you because they don’t know the law,” Howard Gunn, a local teacher said to the Ocala City Council. “And then, there you go. Escalation. Now you have an assault on a police officer.” 

Besides the potential for racial profiling, the law will give police an excuse to search the offender for drugs or any illegal effects. Ocala Police Chief Greg Graham assured the council that the force “will use a great deal of discretion when we enforce it.” 

Regardless of the dangerous precedent this sets, it seems a little ridiculous to ban sagging pants just because you’re not a fan of the trend. Fashionista‘s Tyler McCall points out that other cities have adopted similar laws, but the worst you’ll get is a fine — not jail time. 

But if sagging pants is a fashion faux pas so offensive it’s literally criminal, I put it to Ocala to go the distance. Why stop at sagging pants? There are plenty of other crimes of fashion so heinous, perpetrators should be thrown in jail or at the very least, made to cough up some cash. Here are a few possible fashion don’ts that the Ocala City Council should consider:

  • Rat tails
  • Tights as pants 
  • Anything Ed Hardy
  • Workout shorts as regular shorts
  • Toe shoes
  • Ill-fitting suits (so unprofessional and disrespectful)
  • Crocs
  • UGGs with skirts 
  • Camel toe

We doubt Rich will be petitioning for a law against any of these. We all hate baggy pants — nobody wants to unwillingly see anyone’s boxers. But just because you don’t like something, doesn’t make it a good reason to criminalize it. “We are not looking to charge people,” City Attorney Patrick Gilligan claims, adding that the law will function as more of a “warning.” Only time will tell if this actually happens.   

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Karen, Candice, Lily, Anja and Joan Land Covers for Vogue Korea’s August Issue (Forum Buzz)

The August 2014 issue marks the18th anniversary of Vogue Korea and the publication went all out. The team behind the glossy mag selected five of fashion’s finest faces, Karen Elson, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Donaldson, Anja Rubik and Joan Smalls, to front the celebratory covers. The girls showcase a range of looks from Nicolas Ghesquiére‘s debut collection for French fashion house Louis Vuitton. This is how it’s done — V Magazine should take note.

Below is one of the five covers, this one featuring Lily, whom we hardly ever get to see on magazine covers these days. The British model’s last cover was for the July 2012 issue of Vogue Russia, so she’s an unexpected but welcome choice!

Vogue Korea August 2014 Lily Donaldson Louis Vuitton


Our forum members cannot make up their minds which cover is best and some aren’t even interested, strangely enough. “I only like Joan’s cover, the others look bland,” wrote Bertrando3.

“Karen’s cover is a standout. Joan is fine too, and the others are kind of bland… Anja’s cover doesn’t even look like a Vogue cover,” added MyFavorite.

Miss Dalloway states her best and worst: “Joan and Karen for me, all the rest have unfortunate face expressions.”

“Now seeing all the covers, Karen’s cover is still the best. Great seeing Joan and the others’ covers though!” responded TeeVanity.

MyNameIs just isn’t feeling any of the covers and posted, “Don’t like any of the covers. None of the models look particularly good, all posing kind of awkwardly. I guess they tried to go modern with the styling and the color scheme, but it looks depressing. For an anniversary issue — very drab. Which brings me to their use of LV, the main reason these look so sad to me. All those browns and blacks, leather and heavy textures, wrong for the summer and wrong for the cover.”

Which is your favorite? Do you even admire any of them? Check out the thread for all the covers in HQ and join the discussion here.

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