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Rihanna to Debut Her River Island Collection at London Fashion Week

Rihanna's first-ever fashion collection for River Island will debut at London Fashion Week this February. I know. That's like, tomorrow.

This is the most highly-anticipated designer debut since Kanye West's Dw clothing line launched at Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2012. Just kidding. The only reason anyone was looking forward to Kanye's Dw brand launch was because from the moment it was announced, it seemed like it was going to be a hilarious disaster (unfortunately, it was merely a disaster). A Rihanna x River Island line, on the other hand, will probably be wearable and good, as River Island has actual experience in making clothes and Rihanna is simply great. 

The Barbados-born pop star told Vogue UK: "Launching at London Fashion Week is a dream come true for me. I have wanted to design my own collection for a long time and to present my collection for River Island alongside all of the other great design talent at LFW is a real privilege. I can't wait to see the reaction from my fans and the fashion press!"

Her fans and fashion press will all probably be like, "Yeah, good job Rihanna!"

The collection will launch on March 5 and be available at Opening Ceremony in the US and Japan. 

Image via WENN

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Tommy Hilifiger Sketches Inauguration Outfits for the Obama Daughters

Tommy Hilfiger imagines Malia and Sasha Obama's Inauguration Outfits

WWD asked designers to sketch possible inauguration outfits for birthday girl Michelle Obama, and three of the twelve designers that participated (Bouchra Jarrar, Nanette Lepore, Chanelalso included some fun looks for Sasha and Malia Obama, whose much-discussed election night frocks have apparently made them fair game for the fashion industry. But one of the people consulted by WWD — Tommy Hilfiger — went a step further: skipping over the First Lady entirely, the iconic American designer focused all his efforts on the younger Obama set. You can see what he came up with above. 

Hilfiger told WWD: “My designs for the first daughters are inspired by American spirit with bold pops of color in classic red, white and blue. Sasha’s cropped tux jacket over an A-line silk dress takes a youthful twist on her mother’s classic style. Malia has great style, and I thought it would be fun to see her in a fashion-forward tuxedo jumpsuit.”

His "tuxedo jumpsuit" is cool, but totally outside of the realm of possibility. Hilfiger designed something for a fashion plate — someone other than Malia Obama, a 14-year-old schoolgirl whose father just happens to be the President of the United States. It's a little disturbing how easy it is for a designer like Hilfiger to envision a child like Malia as a luxury mannequin. I'd like to introduce you to fashion's often distorted worldview, I don't know if you're acquainted?

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Karlie’s New Hair Cut Poised to Change Hair Forever

Because this is going to be the fourth time we've featured Karlie Kloss' no-longer-brand-new shortish bob on The Fashion Spot, you might think we really, really like it. Well, I can't speak for everyone else, but at least personally, I'm not like, obsessed with it or anything. It's just hair.

"Just hair?!" I know, I know, I'm talking crazy.

Well, how about this: I think it's kinda mousy, sry. Karlie can, of course, afford to look a little mousy, I'm just saying it's not her finest look. And the reason we've been bringing it to your attention has less to do, I think, with the actual style, and more to do with its news value. Karlie Kloss, Top Model, Cut Her Hair. Bam! Aren't you interested in the fact that Karlie Kloss did something, anything, to her hair? Yeah.

So is The New York Times

Today we have to talk about Karlie's hair because the paper has 1) given it a name — "The Karlie" #howcreative and 2) foretold that we'll soon be seeing The Karlie everywhere we look. Hello, self-fulfilling prophecy! If the long bob hadn't been a trend before — just kidding, the long bob is not a new thing at all. We first ran an article about "The Lob" in May 2011, after a crop of total nobodies like Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and January Jones started clogging the wire photo agencies with their sleek sorta-short hair. 

I think maybe I have no sensibility for beauty trends, because sentences like this one — "The Chop marks a turn away from the beachy waves ubiquitous on everyone from Hollywood actresses (think of Sofia Vergara) to suburban teenagers" — sound (to me) to be among the stupidest you could ever construct in any language.

Since suburban teenagers imitate Hollywood actresses, isn't it natural that they would have similar hair styles? And since Karlie Kloss is a high fashion model, belonging to a style universe that stands apart from the mainstream, does her hair really mark "a turn away" from the kinds of looks favored by TV stars? Most importantly, haven't people been wearing their hair in different ways since like, forever? The only difference between Karlie's hair now and her hair before The Big Cut is seven missing inches. It's a generic style and there's nothing wrong with that, it just seems far less radical than if she'd gone for a pixie cut, even.

On the other hand, if Karlie Kloss ever gets a half-shave, I'll be all like, "Let's shut down the entire Internet to talk about it!!"

Image via Getty


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The Model in Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 Ad Campaign is Really White (Forum Buzz)

We’re used to seeing Malgosia Bela with long flowing hair, and a natural-colored skin tone (most of the time), but leave it to Alexander Wang to subvert the model’s image for his Spring 2013 ad campaign. Steven Klein was brought in to shoot the campaign, which was art directed by Pascal Dangin – the campaign marks the first time they have worked with the label. The stark images feature an alternately blonde and brunette Malgosia with skin painted white to achieve a ghostly pallor; though perhaps the intended effect was something more along the lines of a resemblance to a marble statue?

Alexander Wang Spring 2013 ad campaign - Malgosia Bela photographed by Steven KleinAlexander Wang Spring 2013 ad campaign - Malgosia Bela photographed by Steven Klein

“The mop on Malgosia's head is an absolute disaster but aside from that it's a great [campaign],” Elfinkova posted. “Wang is one of those designers who, because of their insane popularity, have the privilege to produce a stark, artsy ad like this. I really appreciate campaigns that don't blatantly try to shove a lifestyle down my throat and instead produce interesting, eye-catching photos.”

“I am speechless this is so good, Malgosia is amazing,” elle_gb shared. “This is unique and intriguing.”

Alexander Wang Spring 2013 ad campaign - Malgosia Bela photographed by Steven KleinAlexander Wang Spring 2013 ad campaign - Malgosia Bela photographed by Steven Klein

Other forum members couldn’t get past the hair, the skin, or the overly editorial feel of the campaign, but I appreciate the effort to not rest on convention and present images that make us think and maybe even make us feel uncomfortable (aggressive crotch shots, I’m looking at you). Alexander Wang is innovative, provocative, and not afraid to try something different in his quest to outfit the urban warrior woman. Those are all traits that should serve him well now that he’s added Balenciaga to his résumé.

Alexander Wang Spring 2013 ad campaign - Malgosia Bela photographed by Steven KleinAlexander Wang Spring 2013 ad campaign - Malgosia Bela photographed by Steven KleinAlexander Wang Spring 2013 ad campaign - Malgosia Bela photographed by Steven Klein


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Milla Jovovich Covers the February Issue of Vogue Paris (Forum Buzz)

Vogue Paris February 2013 - Milla Jovovich photographed by Inez & Vinoodh

Vogue Paris strayed from their norm (if they have one) for the February 2013 issue, photographing model-cum-actress Milla Jovovich in a look from Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent Paris collection with the New York City skyline behind her. Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin were on hand (as usual) to get the cover shot. This may not be my favorite Vogue Paris cover of all time, but I can’t hate on Milla. She looks great in the Saint Laurent Paris look, and I love that she hasn’t been Photoshopped into looking like the 20-something that she isn’t.

“I like the realism,” iluvjeisa agreed.

Miss Dalloway exclaimed, “Gorgeous! Perfectly framed, love everything about it!”

Nepenthes called the cover “absolutely perfect! Milla just gets better with age; I love her so so much,” he shared. “The styling is on point, I love the hair and I love the location. This cover is a breath of fresh air. Way to go, VP!!”

I have to say, what I’m taking away from this cover – and the magazine's last few covers – is that I love Vogue Paris’s celebration of older women. (Milla shouldn’t be considered old by any normal stretch of the imagination, but she’s admittedly ancient in modeling years.) The magazine has recently featured Carla Bruni, Stephanie Seymour, Lauren Hutton and of course the now 39-year-old Kate Moss, among others. They could do with a bit more diversity on their covers overall, but I love that they’re showing a range of self-assured women who feel comfortable in their skin rather than relying on 15-year-old waifs who haven’t made it all the way through puberty yet.

Image: Vogue Paris


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IMG Poaches All the Models; Inks Deal with Foxtel’s Australia’s Next Top Model

The latest development in IMG Models’ planned takeover of the entire country is that the world’s number one international modelling agency has inked a deal with Australia’s Next Top Model

According to WWD and a #OMG BREAKING NEWS announcement on Australia’s Next Top Model's Facebook page, IMG Models will be on board for the eighth season of the hit Foxtel reality series. Previously ANTM winners, including Cycle 7's Montana Cox (shown here), received contracts with Chic Management.

It’s interesting timing considering IMG poached perennially-babyfaced catwalk wunderkind Gemma Ward from Viviens only a couple of weeks ago. In recent months they’ve also taken Miranda Kerr and Nicole Trunfio from Chic and Bambi Northwood-Blyth from Priscilla’s. Frockwriter hinted back in July that Trunfio could be in the running to be Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 8 Host, but beauty queen and television presenter Jennifer Hawkins has since taken out that title to become a slightly-less-hated version of Tyra Banks.

One of the pilfered models could, however, be up for a guest spot. It probably won’t be the mind-bogglingly successful Kerr unless ANTM can offer her hundreds of thousands of dollars plus her own koala and a lifetime supply of alkalised goji berries. But if Gemma or Nicole nabbed a guest judging spot on just one episode, it could considerably reduce the current pannel’s overall dislikability factor. The universally loathed Alex Perry and unfortunate trolling victim Charlotte Dawson will be the returning judges this cycle.  

Australia’s Next Top Model is the most successful of the Top Model franchise, with Alice Burdeu and Montana Cox among the protégés. And now that the winner will be signed to the illustrious IMG, her bankability factor will presumably be even bigger.

Image: Chic Management

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