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Why I’m So Excited That H&M’s Coming to Paris Fashion Week

H&M has just announced they'll be showing their Fall 2013 collection — both men's and women's designs — at the Musée Rodin, a popular Parisian runway venue, as part of Paris Fashion Week on February 27.

The Swedish retailer last showed a full collection on the catwalk in 2005, although it did host a big splashy event to show the Lanvin for H&M capsule collection in 2010. 

If it's not immediately apparent why this development is a really, really exciting one, I direct your attention to Exhibit A, the picture illustrating this post. That is Vogue Nippon Editor at Large and editor of my heart Anna Dello Russo walking in a flouncy hot pink cocktail dress with one giant shoulder, elbow-length black gloves, a furry head pouf, ankle ribbon heels and PINK FISHNETS for Lanvin for H&M in 2010. The runway is bookmarked with pre-Raf flowers and her companion is a really high rent poodle that's totally above it all. Wait, can we talk about her hair?

Can we hope to see Dello Russo at the February show? We can hope. 

Other hopes we can have: Beyonce, Lana Del Rey, David Beckham, Every Model, more poodlez. 

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Survive the January Blues in Style with GWYNEDDS

All of this cold January weather just heightens those winter blues and makes us want to do nothing more than snuggle up inside. But when cozy time arrives, what do you wear

We’ve found the perfect lazy day solution in the form of the casual brand GWYNEDDS which aims to create clothing (as in the pic below) that is so soft and comfortable that it’ll remind you of your snuggly clothes back from when you were a kid, yet at the same time, all of their pieces are injected with a cute and sexy, more grown up edge.

We're digging GWYNEDDS’ mantra that you should ignore trends and simply live by the rule of having fun being yourself and dressing to reflect this. So, if you’re a carefree girl who demands wearability from your wardrobe, then you’ll love their new SS13 collection which is comprised of an array of soft jerseys, silks and cottons in a palette of muted brights and lighthearted prints.

From laid-back sweats to cool scarves, their pieces are perfect to layer up in and head outdoors. Yes, lazy day clothing that you can be caught outside wearing!




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Karl’s Chanel Couture Show Closes With Two Brides In Support of French Marriage Equality Law

Image via BoF Instagram

It's a custom of French couture shows to close with a bridal look, but tradition has to change with the times, which was part of the reasoning behind the finale of Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Couture 2013 show in Paris earlier today.

To support the recently passed and highly contested marriage equality law in France, the Kaiser sent two brides down the runway together. His move mirrors one by French Elle, which recently took a similar position on the gay rights debate in France with a "Marriage for All!" issue — the cover shows two women locked in an embrace. 

Karl's four-year-old nephew walked down the aisle runway with the designer's two lady-brides, after the show, but Lagerfeld told the Associated Press that although he supports gay marriage — "I don't even understand the debate. Since 1904 the church and state have been separate." — he's not in favor of a provision in the law which makes adoption legal for same-sex couples. He didn't say why, although in my understanding that's not an uncommon position. Although LGBT adoption is a relatively uncontested aspect of gay family creation in the U.S. (there are about two million children currently being raised by gay couples in America, although some states don't permit same-sex adoption), it's not a common practice in France. 

I don't really get how someone like Karl Lagerfeld can support gay marriage but still feel that a traditional hetero two parent household is something the state needs to protect and preserve but — not my country, not my problem. And honestly, I'd rather abolish marriage for all and loosen the adoption laws. It's because of the wedding gowns. I hate them. Say NO to the dress!!

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Jenna Lyons Says J.Crew Will Retire Michelle and Malia Obama’s Inauguration Pieces [VIDEO]

Maybe even surpassing that whole second term of her husband's presidency thing, Michelle Obama's style was one of yesterday's most important stories. The New York Times' coverage of the inauguration this morning has prominently featured a piece about the First Lady's fashion choices on the home page right alongside a news analysis of the President's inaugural address. In a Daily Show segment, Jon Stewart's attempts to cover the President's statement yesterday were continually interrupted by correspondents that preferred to discuss Mobama's new bangs. 

It's times like these that The Today Show really shines. [Ahhhh it is impossible, though, to write about The Today Show without repeating the words "today" and "show" too too many times. Watch this:] Today's edition of the morning show [GAAH!] included interviews with two of the three designers responsible for Mobama's epic day of fashion. (Thom Browne was presumably still at a sales meeting in Paris. Get it together Thom — due to something called "term limits" there will not be another inauguration!)

Jason Wu showed up to talk about the long red gown the First Lady wore to the Inaugural Ball last night. It's not his fault that the wunderkind schtick has gotten old, but it's gotten old, okay? We get it, Michelle Obama is so obsessed with Jason Wu, she's now worn his gowns to two inaugurations in a row. Credit to Wu: He's not even sort of a brat about it. Still, bored. 

More interestingly, the creative director of J.Crew, Jenna Lyons — the subject of a big profile in this Sunday's New York Times Style Section — came on to talk about her inauguration experience. The First Lady converted a bridal sash from the retail brand into belts (classic Mobama move if we've ever seen one) and wore one over her Thom Browne. Like mother, like daughter, Malia Obama wore a J.Crew coat.

Lyons took the opportunity to inform the American public that if any of us were hoping to actually wear these First Family-approved garments, that's just not going to happen. The retailer has decided to retire both Mobama's sash-belt accessory and Malia's coat: "The lady day coat that Malia was wearing has been in our line for years, and we’ll continue that, but we’ll retire the color. We won’t do the color again, just out of respect for the first family.”

Both pieces were sure to be best-sellers, so it might come as a shock to hear that they're being taken off the market. It's a bold choice, but also a brilliant one. Michelle Obama has basically been living and sleeping in J.Crew since before Barack Obama was president, and she's done so much for the retail brand that any single item sales record would inevitably be, in comparison, a pittance. "Respect for the first family," no kidding. 

Watch the full Today Show segment below:


Image via Getty

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Crystal Renn and Olivier Zahm Go to the Gas Station for Agent Provocateur

Image via WWD

If you ever plan on pumping gas in a retro-inspired monokini, make sure you're Crystal Renn doing a lingerie shoot with Purple mag founder and photographer Olivier Zahm

Agent Provocateur recruited the duo for its Spring/Summer campaign. Even though I could say lots of words about Zahm's seeming aesthetic/moral promixity to ultimate creepster Terry Richardson, Renn's high fashion sex appeal and the way she telegraphs invincibility make this a pretty genius pairing. 

Wait, did you look at that picture? Hot/haute. 

Maybe too hot? Zahm told WWD: “The gas station is a fetish, a place to have fun and stretch your legs after hours of driving, a place where you can accidently meet a handsome stranger." Woah ladies: please do not go looking for handsome strangers at gas stations. There are coffee shops for that sort of thing! The best you're gonna find at gas station is someone like Olivier Zahm and … [shudder] I personally wouldn't want a proverbial piece of that. 

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Camilla and Marc’s Autumn/Winter Offering Makes Drop-Crotch Camo a Wardrobe Staple

If drop-crotch trousers and camo-print bombers are your idea of basics, then camilla and marc’s latest collection will give you plenty of excuses to justify spending entire paycheques in the name of building wardrobe staples.

Their Autumn/Winter offering is named Fundamentals and is filled with a whole slew of pieces and prints that seem immediately at odds with that title. The core print is a stripey mash-up of chains and florals that features first on a mini dress and then on a rather graphic three-piece suit. Elsewhere there are asymmetrical dresses of origami-level complexity, and disassembling the outfit combining a camo-print bomber with matching pants and a camo peplum top would hardly make any of the pieces more fundamental in any day-to-day sense of the word.

More likely is that camilla and marc are getting back to their fundamental design principles, which are bold dresses and covetable separates that serve the utilitarian function of making you look irresistible while sipping cocktails and standing in line for clubs. The thigh-skimming cerulean jumpsuit would be perfect for either activity, as would a black lace top and matching boot-cut trousers — provided you’re wearing appropriate underwear. And if you’d rather sink beers than wait in line to get anywhere the cropped pants and military coats will make you the best-dressed person in the bar.

The lookbook is modelled on Australia’s Next Top Model alumni Montana Cox, who does actually do a pretty good job of making drop-crotch military pants seem like a necessity.   




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