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Marks & Spencer’s Australian Invasion is Probably Imminent

Rumours of Marks & Spencer’s Australian entry have been circling for over 18 months now, but fresh hints have emerged and the grapevine’s getting chatty again.

Word about town is that the UK retailer is seeking out a local ad agency, with a senior agency executive telling AdNews, “As far as I can tell, M&S hasn’t decided on which agency to appoint and in terms of opening, well, no-one knows the exact date but it will definitely happen soon,” it read.

AdNews also reported a note by Asia’s leading equity brokers and investment group, CLSA, revealing that M&S, if and when it lands down under, is looking at opening up to 30 stores in the next three years. “H&M is targeting 55, Zara 20 and Marks & Spencer (yet to enter the market) 30.” Not a great deal compared to its 700-plus stores in the UK, but it’s still a big figure for a brand which is yet to confirm any move to Australia at this point. (more…)

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Is the Moon a Planet or a Star? Isaac Mizrahi Investigates

Isaac Mizarhi is a fashion designer – not an astronomer. So you will forgive him for this hilarious exchange with QVC host Jane Treacy as to what celestial body the moon actually is (hint: it’s just a moon.) The designer was on hand to show off his latest wares for the shopping network, which Treacy seemed to think looked like a view of Earth from a planet she likes to call “the moon.” Uh, wut?

Mizrahi is quick to throw shade at the hostess’ mistake, but soon after, he backtracks. “The moon is a planet, darling,” he says like he’s sure of it. They go back and forth, until they arrive on the correct answer: The moon is not a planet.

Watch the whole hilarious exchange above, and just be glad Isaac Mizrahi and Treacy aren’t employed by NASA.

[via Gawker]

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Vanessa Friedman Is Spot-On in This Takedown of Terry Richardson

On a scale of one to “Girl…!” (10), just how wonderful is Vanessa Friedman’s takedown of Harper’s Bazaar‘s decision to bring Terry Richardson back into its loving embrace? We’re going to go with “Oh, snap,” which in numerical terms would be an 11.



If you noticed, this month’s Harper’s Bazaar cover image is of a topless Miranda Kerr, taken in Richardson’s unmistakable style, white background and all. Since last year when several models came forward accusing Richardson of sexual abuse, publications that have typically used his services have backed away from the photographer. But BuzzFeed notes that Richardson was still on contract with Bazaar.

Perhaps Bazaar was hoping we forgot that the man is an accused predator. Friedman, however, definitely remembers. In an article pondering the publication’s speedy forgiveness, she cites John Galliano’s breakdown, shunning and ultimate reintegration into the fashion community. Fashion people seem to be in a forgiving mood these days, but she says Richardson’s demons are particularly troubling to overlook not only because he doesn’t seem to have done anything to atone for them, but his alleged actions are decidedly out of line with the heart of what women’s fashion is about. 

“Fashion is an industry whose whole identity is based on catering to women and making them feel better about themselves,” she wrote. “Celebrating someone who has been accused of doing the exact opposite risks undermining the very point of the discipline.” Ouch.

“Women buy clothes to solve problems,” she continues, “of how to communicate power, empathy, femininity, ability; of how to define their place in the world. And they buy magazines to help them understand how to do that. The way a photographer interacts with and views the women he shoots goes to the very heart of this message.”

So, does that mean a fashion magazine hiring Richardson is going against what fashion is all about? Uh, we’re inclined to say yes. And that, y’all, is the shade.

[via NYT]

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Shoe Collection Is Finally Getting a Showroom

Sarah Jessica Parker just found a better place to display her shoes than the steps of 66 Perry Street. The actress launched her range with Nordstrom of footwear last year and still had no showroom location to show all her little shoesies at once. That is, until now. 

You can thank property boss Francesco Bardazzi for SJP’s new setup. The executive vice president of PD properties is putting Ms. Parker and her shoes in a spot at 156 Fifth Ave. The 3,000 square-foot Flatiron location will carry SJP’s wares and will open up during New York Fashion Week, which makes us wonder if Parker will show next season’s collection in tandem with this opening. We sure hope so!

The location is still under construction, but at least you can all sleep better tonight knowing that SJP’s found a big enough closet to hold all her branded shoes.

[via NYP]

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Fast Retailing Demands Reforms at Supplier Factories


Image: WENN

Fast Retailing, Uniqlo’s parent company, is scrambling to do damage control after a report uncovering the terrible working conditions at the factories of two Uniqlo suppliers. The Hong Kong based Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior did an investigation on two of Fast Retailing’s supplier factories in China’s Guangdong Province, finding abysmal conditions for the workers. Floors covered in sewage, too-high temperatures, unfair wages and even death were exposed as problems in these locations. The dire situation in these factories has caused parent company Fast Retailing to demand that the factories clean up their acts. 

Fast Retailing did some follow-up inspections at two supplier factories; Dongguan Tomwell Garment and Pacific (Panyu) Textiles, and found some of the same issues SACOM had initially reported. The retailer is now telling both factories to give their workers fair hours, fix conditions and, in Dongguan Tomwell Garment’s case, form a union for the workers. 

An employee from one of the factories noted that Fast Retailing did regularly send people in for inspection — twice a week, in fact. If this is true, it seems that it was the release of this damning report that caused the company to actually take action. Fast Retailing still does not 100 percent agree with all of SACOM’s findings (including the assertion that a man died of electrocution due to sewage meeting an electricity leak), but hopes that both organizations can catch up and review the situation. 

[via WWD]

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We’re Thrilled to See Snejana Onopka on Allure Russia (Forum Buzz)

While everyone has been rooting for Gemma Ward to make a comeback, a select few of us have been rooting for Snejana Onopka. There’s now a glimmer of hope that the Ukrainian beauty is about to make yet another splash in the industry as she lands the cover of Allure Russia’s February issue. Photographed by Walter Chin wearing a face full of vibrant makeup, Snejana lends her beautifully structured face, while delivering her signature stare for the beauty magazine’s most recent cover. Thankfully, Snejana can also be found in a series of images inside the issue, showcasing the latest beauty trends according to the Russian publication.

Allure Russia February 2015 Snejana Onopka


Supermodel from the 90s Niki Taylor can also be found inside Allure Russia’s February issue and there is even a Rankin feature. Both, of course, can be viewed inside our thread here.

But are members of our forums pleased with the cover? “The stare of a queen. I love the cover,” raved TREVOFASHIONISTO, making it pretty clear he’s a fan of Allure‘s new cover. 

“Their covers are extremely predictable, it’s always a close up (like really close), the makeup is heavy and they have too much text. I think Niki is beautiful but on the 4th pic she looks awful, they used way too much makeup. Good to see Snejana though,” shared KateTheGreatest, not showing much enthusiasm toward the cover overall.

Forum member burbuja8910 was quick to share her opinion: “Nice cover, but the edit is a little bit like the previous cover stories of the mag. Niki looks lovely.”

“Snejana’s cover and editorial look exactly like the rest of their usual blonde, fierce stories, so nothing new here. I quite like Niki Taylor’s feature, and that Rankin best of is just sad,” added Benn98.

Mixed reactions for the magazine’s new issue. But are you excited to see Snejana back on the cover of a fashion magazine? Take a peek inside the thread for a preview of the issue’s contents.

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