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Marie Claire Australia Launches Online Store

Marie Claire Australia

Fashion fave Marie Claire Australia is responding to the tough and fickle editorial landscape, having launched a brand new e-commerce site for a stronger online and brand presence, and, of course, to give the people what they want. 

The platform, dubbed Styled By Marie Claire, provides clothing and accessory collections for consumers, which have been put together by the title’s editors and fashion contributors.

“It’s another brand extension, it’s a further footprint, because our whole idea at Pacific magazines is about putting the customer first,” former Marie Claire editor and Pacific Magazines executive, Jackie Frank, told Ragtrader. “We are audience-centric rather than print-centric and whatever it is our audience wants, that’s where we need to play.” (more…)

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Ruby Rose and Phoebe Dahl Have Broken Up, Engagement Called Off

Ruby Rose Phoebe Dahl

Photo: Getty

Australia’s own Ruby Rose and fashion designer Phoebe Dahl have called it quits after two years together, E! News reports.

A source “close to the couple” told E! that distance made things difficult for the pair who had to spend so much time apart for work. “It’s completely amicable and they wish each other the best,” the source said.

Ruby and Phoebe’s tweets looking back on the past only add to these claims. “@RubyRose you have brought me to my best and I will always love you. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us,” Phoebe wrote, followed by Ruby’s similar sentiment only one minute later. “I will forever treasure our time together. I’m a better person because of all we shared.” (more…)

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Young Homeless Man ‘Discovered’ By Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid

Photo: John Economou Facebook, WENN

Photo: John Economou Facebook, WENN

With every model comes a great story of how they were “discovered” and John Economou is no exception. After leaving home at 19 and spending his nights on Venice Beach without a roof over his head, things are looking up for the Milwaukee-native now that Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have helped him out with a major modelling contract.

John told Daily Mail that he was just “chilling on the beach”, aka his home, when he had the chance meeting with two of the world’s most in-demand models right now. 

They were having a picnic right near him, but were being bothered by seagulls who wanted their food. He helped shoo the birds away without realising that it was Gigi, Ansel Elgort and Kendall and her manager, Ashleah Gonzalez, who had just finished filming a commercial on Venice Boardwalk. (more…)

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Kim Kardashian Is Eating Her Placenta

Kim Kardashian website

Image: WENN

If you weren’t already forking out the cash for Kim Kardashian’s website, then this recent revelation may change your ways. The reality TV star has taken to her personal online platform to share her placenta plans with us all, explaining that she’ll be ingesting the stuff in pill form, down the hatch.

Although Kim admits she wouldn’t have “ever considered” eating this organ before, she explains that she’ll be encapsulating her placenta in the hopes of tackling postpartum depression, following her delivery of Saint West. 

“I heard so many stories when I was pregnant with North of moms who never ate their placenta with their first baby and then had postpartum depression, but then when they took the pills with their second baby, they did not suffer from depression!” she said on her personal site (via Refinery29). (more…)

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These Are The Most Complained About Commercials of 2015

Rebel Wilson Stan Ad

The Advertising Standards Bureau have released a list of the top 10 most complained about ads in Australia in 2015, proving that the organisation really did have their work cut out for them this year. From Rebel Wilson’s “big pussy” to that fat-shaming, period-shaming sanitary saga, plenty of commercials caused a downright kerfuffle thanks to puns, low-range swearing, gender discrimination and more. Check them out below. (more…)

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Rebecca Minkoff’s Next Fashion Show Could Change Everything About #NYFW

Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2016 runway

Image: Imaxtree

Rebecca Minkoff plans to revolutionize the fashion industry with her new #NYFW model. In recent years, we’ve seen an uptick in fashion shows that include shoppable pieces. Minkoff is taking that concept a step further with a runway show that only features items available for purchase. And the audience will include editors, buyers and consumers.

Minkoff’s innovative approach to Fashion Week emerges at a time when consumers have unprecedented accessibility. In the past, editors and buyers would view a collection privately, six months before the rest of the world. Thanks to the advent of social media, consumers can view a collection on Instagram, Twitter or Periscope before it even leaves the runway. That immediate exposure is leading to “customer fatigue.”

“Through social media and the Internet, our customer is seeing the product at the same time as editors and influencers,” Rebecca Minkoff explains in a press release. “By the time that the product has hit retail shelves 6 months later, they are over the item that they were coveting when it originally walked down the runway.” (more…)