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Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton on the Keys to Their Success

This past weekend played host to yet another highly anticipated Vogue Festival, which was filled to the brim with fashion and beauty opportunities, master classes and inspiring interviews with industry insiders.

We headed to the festival Sunday afternoon to watch makeup entrepreneur Bobbi Brown and the current face of her brand, supermodel Kate Upton, talk to British Vogue editor-in-chief Alexandra Shulman about building their dreams.

Bobbi and Kate couldn’t seem any more chalk and cheese, but what they do have in common is an inspiring approach to both life and business, and an unprecedented amount of success in their professional lives spurred on by the fact that they are both firm advocates of natural beauty. In a world that’s filled with fake beauty and societal pressure to always look good, it’s refreshing to hear Bobbi’s disdain for Kardashian-style contouring and profess that she likes “to enhance natural beauty and not change someone.”

Similarly, Kate’s naturally voluptuous figure has broken the painfully thin supermodel mould and she was quick to remind us that she hasn’t “paid for any of it” and “it’s all about dressing for your body shape and enhancing your natural beauty.” (more…)

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Bruce Jenner Threatens to Sue over Dress Pic, Larry Wilmore Fails Epically at Discussing Trans Issues

Bruce Jenner

Image: Getty

This weekend, Bruce Jenner sat down with Diane Sawyer to come out as a transgendered woman. But just before the big interview aired, the New York Daily News published an image taken by a stealthy paparazzo outside Jenner’s secluded Malibu pad. The image shows Jenner smoking a cigarette outside in a long, striped maxi dress. Though we can all agree Bruce looked pretty great in the frock, we can also agree that it was a total invasion of privacy and given the sketchy lengths at which the paparazzo went to get the picture, it’s no wonder Jenner is threatening to sue.

The images were reportedly taken with a telephoto lens, which allows one to zoom in on a subject from a long distance. Apparently, the paparazzo snapped the photo of Bruce from as far as a mile away, making the picture even creepier than we thought. Also, it’s illegal in the state of California to use a telephoto lens to take photos of people in a “personal or familial activity.”

CNN and the Daily News obtained the photos from X17, but pulled them once they realized the image was illegally taken. According to Jenner’s attorney, “Bruce Jenner is going to enforce his right to privacy.” 

Meanwhile, as the world grapples with the news of Jenner’s transition, we think we’ve found the worst media reaction, courtesy of The Nightly Show. Larry Wilmore spent much of his introductory monologue expressing his complete confusion over whether or not Jenner is male, female, gay, straight or asexual. Though Jenner clearly outlined how he identifies (as a woman, not gay but for now asexual), the concept was still lost on Wilmore who then went on to a cute little segment in which Pinocchio, played by Colin Quinn, talks about the troubles he’s faced transitioning from a puppet to a “real boy.” Because that is totally equivalent to transgender people overcoming adversity to live their lives as they choose.  (more…)

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Gisele Bündchen Goes Completely Nude for Vogue Brazil (Forum Buzz)

We’ve been anticipating the release of Vogue Brazil‘s May 2015 cover, as rumors circulated Gisele Bündchen was set to front the issue in conjunction with the title’s 40th anniversary. Not only does the issue mark a celebratory occasion for Brazilian Vogue but Gisele’s successful career hits a momentous two-decade spot this year also. Going all out, the highest earning supermodel posed totally nude on a podium for Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin, who captured the image in black and white for dramatic effect.

Vogue Brazil May 2015 Gisele Bundchen Inez & Vinoodh


Are our forum members enjoying the view? “Her body looks so uncomfortable. The pose is totally awkward. I guess she is still not getting used to posing nude,” criticized congacon within seconds of the cover being posted.

Tinsley V slammed, “Completely unoriginal,” not feeling it.

“This is amazing. When you have a powerful picture (although I do admit the pose is slightly awkward), you don’t need much text on the cover,” KateTheGreatest enthused while switching up the mood a notch.

“I absolutely love the image – it reminds me of an athletic sculpture – but I don’t really like the cover design, something seems ‘off’ about the proportions of the title in relation to the shot itself,” shared tigerrogue.

Kokobombon certainly showed the cover some love. “I’m extremely biased but imo this has potential to become an iconic cover for her and the mag. I love the pose, very high fashion and her body is so toned – amazing!” she raved.

In agreement was TeeVanity: “Love it, Gisele is everything.” Things are looking up!

“Absolutely divine and powerful!” Nepenthes hailed.

Does Gisele’s new cover of Vogue tick all the right boxes? Add your comment here.

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Victoria’s Secret Announces 10 New Angels

Victoria’s Secret just hit the refresh button on its roster of certified angels. Since losing Karlie Kloss and Doutzen Kroes, the world has been wondering which lucky set of beauties would be honored with their very own set of angel wings. Now we have our answer. Victoria’s Secret has just bestowed Angel status on 10 new girls.

You’ll notice a lot of familiar names, Victoria’s Secret regulars who have posed for the brand but haven’t been given the lofty Angel title until now.  and Taylor Hill have signed on as Victoria’s Secret’s new crop of heavenly bodies.

Naturally, most of these women are white, which is not surprising, although it is a tiny bit disappointing. Victoria’s Secret had an opportunity here to add a diverse group of new faces and they seem to have come up short, content with only two women of color. It would have been nice to see an Asian or Middle Eastern or Native American model. With the way people are buzzing about Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel campaign, adding a plus-size model like Robyn Lawley (who actually isn’t a plus-size person, just larger than the majority of straight-size models) to the mix could have been quite a powerful statement. 

But politics aside, we can’t help but be happy for each of these women. A Victoria’s Secret contract for some is the difference between being a face only fashion people know to being a household name and each of these women are gorgeous, have worked hard through their careers and deserve credit for what they do. This is Victoria’s Secret’s largest group of contract models ever, so it is still a big moment for the brand, which mentioned in a statement that it is “substantially increasing its international distribution.” 

[via @victoriassecret, tFS inbox] 

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Kate King Does Dolce & Gabbana Justice on Vogue Mexico (Forum Buzz)

What else would Kate King be wearing on the cover of Vogue Mexico? It should come as no surprise the Canadian beauty dons pieces from Dolce & Gabbana on the magazine’s recently-unveiled May 2015 cover. Kate has become a firm favorite of the Italian fashion house, having fronted both the mainline collection and cosmetic products on numerous occasions. She’s a natural at selling the allure of the Mediterranean, standing before the lens of photographer Martin Lidell and doing the brand justice.

Vogue Mexico May 2015 Kate King Martin Lidell


Opinions in the thread from our forum members were left divided. “Beautiful covers!” announced Handbag Queen, kicking us off on a positive note.

“This is a lovely cover,” contributed Nomar soon after.

Also showing enthusiasm was justaguy who was quick to share, “The clothes are very appropriate for the market and Kate looks great in both shots,” acknowledging the two covers Vogue Mexico produced for the issue.

“Beautiful just like every month! I always love the concepts of Mexican Vogue, they are always trying and do not need celebrities. Pity their airbrushing is not always the best,” noted GlamorousBoy having some doubts.

“I love what she’s wearing, but the pose is too Cosmo. At least their layout improved and this is better than their previous offerings for 2015,” appreciated MON.

Forum member littlekiki wrote, “I can’t imagine Kate King wearing anything but D&G.”

Meidude suggested Vogue had hit the nail on the head this month: “Good choice of model and good shots.”

Check out the second cover for Mexican Vogue‘s May issue and drop us a comment here.

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Dior Celebrates Fine Jewlery Launch with Short Film Series

Wealthy Dior addicts all over the world are finally getting brand name baubles to go with their Lady Dior bags. The French fashion house is delving into the fine jewelry game and is getting the world ready with a campaign that is positively French and quintessentially Dior. To pump you up for the pricey fine jewels (which will set you back between $1,465 and $8,700), the design house is releasing a series of short films. 

The animated shorts draw inspiration from creative director Victoire de Castellane’s sketches of her hanging out with Mr. Dior himself. The first film, La Rose des Vents, shows Castellane in a ball gown and Mr. Dior in a very smart suit lighting up a 70s-style ballroom with a chandelier and tunes to go with it. Silhouettes of Dior’s medallion light up the walls. 

Dior’s fine jewelry line is expected to drop in France on May 11, extending to the rest of Europe on May 18 and making its way beyond the continent June 3. Take a look at one of the animated spots above and try to tell us it isn’t the most adorable thing you’ve seen so far today.

[via WWD]

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